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  1. Just remembered that The Texas Troublemakers in Brownsboro shoot the first Saturday of each month. Brownsboro is in the Tyler area and not real far off of I 20. Haven’t shot there myself so I don’t know about RV Parks etc.
  2. The Texas Tin Horns near Leonard TX shoot the first weekend of each month. There is an RV Park in Leonard. I think the name of it is Five Rivers Motel and RV Park. Leonard is about 40/50 miles northeast of Dallas near McKinney TX. That’s the only place I know that shoots the first weekend around the DFW area.
  3. Several folks here in Texas have used various 4 wheelers to mount gun racks on. You will see several at either Cleburne or Leonard or Bar 3. Don't know where you are from but if possible you might check out one of these clubs. Ben Scalped
  4. Looked in the mirror, going bald, became Ben Scalped
  5. I know Winter Range normally sells out in December but I haven’t seen anything on it this year. Does anyone know if it is sold out?
  6. Two Gun Johnnie, Rio Concho Kid and I are signed up!
  7. Hey Mike, Good to hear from you. Working on the insulation but not much help yet. We will be at WR and glad to see all of you again. Sure wish it was more often.
  8. I hadn't made a monthly in a while but sure am glad I made it Saturday. T Bone and the gang put on another great time for all. Got to shoot with several shooters I hadn't seen in a while and met a few new folks. The stages were a lot of fun and I think everyone that was there had a great time. I still think I should have got bonus points instead of what I got for shooting the rifle targets with my pistols on that Texas stage, but thats not gonna happen. After the shoot there was a really great good feed and then a gift exchange that was a lot of fun. I just wasn't brave enough to stay and shoot today in the under 20 degree temp. A special thank you to T Bone, Ellie, Honey, Ed and all the ret of you for making it such a fun day. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you and may the next year bring all of you all the happiness you can stand. Ben
  9. Reading all this sure makes me glad I signed up early for once. don't have to worry this time if I missed the cut off or not. Already can't wait. Sure hope to make it up there this month.
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