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  1. After all of us kids had left home my dad bought a gray parrot like bird and they kept it in the living room. Dad used very colorful language most of the time and the bird picked it up. Whenever I’d bring the practice wife and kids up to visit my mom would stick the parrot in their bedroom because she didn’t want it cussing in front of the kids, dad could get away with it but not the bird.
  2. I built a little sled for my bandsaw that does an excellent job of trimming the hulls. I trim 400-500 every now and then and it takes an hour or so. I then use a homemade skiving tool in the drill press to thin the end of the hulls that I’ve trimmed.
  3. Exactly and when it doesn’t it’s not real Eggs Benedict.
  4. The slow cooker and Noz method ends up with the same result, I do it four or five times a year and it’s very tender brisket.
  5. I’d put it in the crock pot with a little chicken or beef broth and let it cook on low until dinner time and it will be very tender and delicious.
  6. James must have hit the books during his vacation, he isn’t missing very many. I though that other guy might have a chance early on but like most challengers he faded fast in Double Jeopardy.
  7. I asked Jesus (Haysoos) why the bird didn’t speak Spanish because that’s what they talk around there most of the time and with a perfectly straight face he says “He doesn’t understand it”. That was the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time.
  8. My little local liquor store, which prides itself on having over a hundred different selections of single malt scotch, has a parrot whose life I saved early last winter. When I first went in there when the bird was new I noticed that it was freezing to death because they leave the doors open from open until they close. Well this poor bird was in a cage shivering like a naked Eskimo in Alaska. I brought the store clerks attention to the matter and he, Jesus (Haysoos) said that he had just got the bird and didn’t know much about them so I told him to put a cover over the cage and sit a heater underneath to warm the bird up and sure enough the parrot survived. Well a few months ago I started saying “Jesus (Haysoos) where’s your scotch” every time I went in there, two or three times a week and no not always for scotch. Anyway I went into the store today to get a bottle of scotch and the bird says “ Haysoos where’s your scotch”? and it sounds just like I do. I asked Jesus (Haysoos) if I could teach him how to say other stuff and he told me only if there wasn’t any swearing so I said “You bet your a$$” when I walked by the parrot cage this afternoon.
  9. Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the main match are the best days for visitors to attend, IMHO, of course. All of the vendors and food vendors will be open and there will also be performers at some venues. The public is welcome on those three days. Sometimes vendors aren’t present and set up before Wednesday and on Sunday most of the vendors are packing up and leaving.
  10. The all star episodes might just be him the way he’s going. It’s going to take someone special and a big mistake or two by him for him to lose, IMO, of course.
  11. My mom was a pretty good cook but her gravy was not so good. I told myself when I left home that I’d never eat biscuits and gravy again and I think in the last 48 years I’ve tried it a couple of times and I still don’t care for it, probably the early training. Her biscuits were good but the gravy not so much.
  12. James is James. Makes it look easy. I still say one of his big early wagers is going to be his undoing, we’ll see.
  13. Yep, no matter what you say some folks will still doubt the economy of reloading. I haven’t bought a factory loaded round since 2007 and haven’t bothered to compute the savings because I don’t want or need to. Have I saved money? I don’t care. I love reloading.
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