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  1. Lantana Lady and I just got our Real ID's 3 weeks ago. We made an appointment for this, then waited 3 months for it to roll around. It took me about 2 1/2 hours to finish with my appt, and my wife had to get more info and so had to drive home, get the info, and drive back, so it took her more time. It cost us $38 each. The people without appointments had a much longer wait with several complaining loudly that it was their 2nd day trying to get an ID! Also easily overheard several others arguing with staff over issues concerning the specific documents brought or not brought in order to get their ID's. I already had one gun shop waffle for 30 minutes because I did not have the Real ID yet, they said how do they know if I was "legal" or not....! They eventually decided "it was not 2020 yet, so go ahead". I heard last night that Gruesome needs more taxes, $100 million, to yet again fix the DMV. The whole thing was a big hassle that should have never been required if the problems that caused it were addressed earlier in the process!
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