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  1. You do have the occasional rifle reload and I keep a couple of pistol reloads on there also.
  2. Nope, by myself. I found an orange Afro wig and added some paper flames to it, blackface, bell bottoms, denim jacket and platform shoes and wide collared shirt and I was him. Probably wouldn’t go over to well today.
  3. Yep, they were “deleted”, my point.
  4. Tombstone Leather makes the Tupelo Bando, that’s what I got and then had the leather loops replaced with single elastic loops by Double Diamond. With the Tupelo Bando you don’t pull the shells, they tilt out, leather or elastic loops. Here's a couple of pictures of mine. The back side is the leather loops and the front side is elastic loops. The shells in the back counter balance the ones in the front so that the bandoleer pretty much stays where you want it to.
  5. Once you’ve used the bandoleer you don’t look to see where the shells are your draw hand will automatically find them when it’s time.
  6. I dressed up as Richard Pryor with his hair on fire one year and everybody thought that was a hoot, wonder what the reaction would be now days? My how things have changed.
  7. Are Phantoms compliments criticisms or are his criticisms compliments?
  8. At some places if you hit the target stand it’s a hit.
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