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  1. On March 16, 2011 there was only one player in FJ. There was one game in the Art Fleming days where all three players were at $0.00 or lower after DJ so there was not a Final Jeopardy question that game.
  2. James was $1,800.00 away from being the only contestant in Final Jeopardy. I wonder if there has ever been only one player left for FJ?
  3. He’s rolling tonight. I feel sorry for the lady on the end.
  4. Yes it was and some jack a$$3$ had to criticize the officer anyway.
  5. Yeah so do I but I don’t mind running the generator. Someday I’ll add solar.
  6. You have couple of young uns you could pedal but then you’d lose the tax deduction.
  7. Yep, had em on my RV but haven’t needed solar bad enough to spring for it on the Casita, someday maybe.
  8. That’s what I did in my little trailer. My little Honda generator works out very well for 99% of my needs. I never watch TV when I’m camping at matches, to busy with other stuff and my IPad will suffice for movies if I get bored. I read a lot too and that doesn’t draw much current from the trailer batteries, all of the lighting is LED.
  9. Yeah, James didn’t seem to be all there last night. Seemed slow and preoccupied.
  10. I sold my RV and now have a small travel trailer without an inverter. When I had the RV I would run the microwave oven, toaster and TV/VCR on the inverter. When my wife was along and we were boondocking she’d use it for her hair curlers or curling iron. Hope this helps.
  11. It proves he’s vulnerable and a good player like they had tonight will do it. He played the same way James did.
  12. After all of us kids had left home my dad bought a gray parrot like bird and they kept it in the living room. Dad used very colorful language most of the time and the bird picked it up. Whenever I’d bring the practice wife and kids up to visit my mom would stick the parrot in their bedroom because she didn’t want it cussing in front of the kids, dad could get away with it but not the bird.
  13. I built a little sled for my bandsaw that does an excellent job of trimming the hulls. I trim 400-500 every now and then and it takes an hour or so. I then use a homemade skiving tool in the drill press to thin the end of the hulls that I’ve trimmed.
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