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  1. Didn't care for "Island in The Sky". Probably liked some naval films as well as any such as "In Harm's Way" and "The Sea Chase".
  2. Been told he did that frequently so he knew when he reached the middle and belt was half empty. Don't know when he actually would have reloaded, but that is the story I've heard.
  3. 1. Lee 38 short/long colt dies. $20 shipped. SOLD Pending Funds. 2. Lachmiller .44 special dies. $12 shipped. SOLD Pending Funds. 3. RCBS .38 short colt dies. $20 shipped. SOLD Pending Funds. 4. Lyman .38 special/.357 dies. $20 shipped. SOLD Pending Funds. 5. 1 gallon bag of .45 Schofield once or twice fired brass. $20 shipped. SOLD Pending Funds. 6. Some .44 Russian brass. $8 shipped SOLD Pending Funds. 7. Some .44 special brass. Free if you get something else. SOLD Pending Funds. 8. Some .357 Sig brass. GONE 9/10. Some .38 Long Colt and .38 Short Colt brass. $10 shipped. SOLD Pending Funds. 11. .38 special 158gr cast bullets and brass. Whole plastic coffee can of brass. Bullets you see. $12 shipped. SOLD Pending Funds 12. .380 auto brass and bullets. Free if you get something else. GONE 13. .45 caliber bullets totally new boxes. $10 each shipped or will combine for less. SOLD Pending Funds. I can combine any of the above items to lessen shipping some. I am not new fangled so will take check or MO. First to PM me will get preference. Thanks for looking and stay safe. Paisano
  4. whooooooop! Lower case and quiet. Answering for Claytie Williams.
  5. Thanks for your thoughts. Glad SASS events are not being cancelled.
  6. Wednesday afternoon Mayor Turner shut down the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and a lot of Houston. Immediately, people began to come into the Academy Sports and Outdoors gun counter, where I work, to buy guns and ammunition at a stunning rate. Many first time, I don't know anything about guns buyers. Pistols and home defense shotguns all but gone in two days. All 9mm, 40, or 45 ammo gone in two days. I am pretty sure you can't shoot the virus, even if you are dead-eye dick. I read the papers and some internet chatter yet I have NO clue what is causing this. Afraid of looters stealing toilet paper or what? Any thoughts or facts?
  7. Got the Indian Head pennies and they are great! They got here very fast and for a terrific deal. Thanks, Paisano

  8. Look at the top of the page when you are logged in. Beside your picture (or where it would be) is your alias. Click on that for a drop down menu that contains your Messenger. That is where the PMs are. Paisano

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