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  1. Three. The ones in the red plastic box above the cardboard sleeve in the picture. Looks like the box says 2, but there are 3.
  2. Sin sity, you got them. Will PM. Bad Company, they are yours. Will PM.
  3. Got some used brass. Been tumbled but not deprimed. Probably got 200-250. How about $17/100 shipped?
  4. Howdy Paisano, Would like the .30 expander die. Where do I send the funds? And is a personal check ?


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    2. Cpl. Henry B. Tolate

      Cpl. Henry B. Tolate

      Jersey Kid,

      Just sent the $50.00 through Pay Pal thing.  Let me know if came through ok.

      My address is:   Steve Crone,  732 Township Rd. 1524,  Ashland, OH  44805

      Thanks again, Cpl. Henry

    3. Cpl. Henry B. Tolate

      Cpl. Henry B. Tolate

      Jersey Kid,

      Just checking, did you get the Pay Pal $50.00 for the holster ?

    4. Jersey Kid, SASS #287

      Jersey Kid, SASS #287

      Yes - I will ship this morning thanks!!

  5. First the dies. Lyman 30 short neck expanding die. $25 shipped. SOLD!! Lee .44 Russian 3 die set. $45 shipped. Can reduce shipping if you don't want the round packaging. Hornady 7 x 57 Mauser 3 die set. $30 shipped. SOLD! .280 (7mm express) 2 die set. $30 shipped. Pacific 7x57 Mauser 2 die set. $30 shipped. I have 2 7mm factory crimp dies. SOLD! RCBS Quick change powder dispenser. New in the box. $75 shipped. SOLD!!! Now for all of the brass. 280 Remington 70+ brass and 20+ nickel. $65 shipped. SOLD Not sure, you can guess from the picture.... 44-40 brass. Needs to be deprimed and tumbled. SOLD! New, unprimed 45-70 brass 50+ pieces. $65 shipped. SOLD!! .44 Russian new unprimed brass. 100 pieces $45 shipped. SOLD .45 Schofield new unprimed brass. 100 pieces $45 shipped. SOLD!! 100 + various pieces of 7x57 mauser brass. $65 shipped. SOLD And finally, 150 or so 7mm (.284) bullets for .280 or 7x57 mauser. $50 shipped. SOLD I will combine shipping if anyone takes more than one item. Thanks for looking. Paisano
  6. Both belted pants are 50/30. $10 each shipped. Suspender types are 50/30-31. $20 each shipped. Thanks, Paisano
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