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  1. I have an Uberti 1873 357/38, 20 " barrel. Is the magazine tube insert worth purchasing? Aluminum or carbon fiber? Does anyone have the specs for the tube, diameter, thickness, etc. I have a McMaster Carr supply about 2 miles from me..... Thanks Bloody Glen Bob
  2. I FINALLY got the screw to break free. I turned the lever bring to the inside of the receiver and it relieved all the tension. Now to get hardened screws. Thanks again for all the input and help!! Bloody Glen Bob
  3. Thanks for all the helpful comments. I did rotate the lever spring off the lever, but the screw still won't break loose. Very frustrating. I guess the next step is to use an impact, although I don't want to do that unless it's last resort. Would it help to apply heat to the screw or lever?
  4. I just purchased a used Uberti 1873 rifle in 357/38. I want to replace all the soft screws with hardened screws. Who makes the highest quality hardened screws for this rifle? Also, one of the lever spring screws is not coming loose at this point. I'm using hollow ground screwdrivers, but no luck so far. I've tried various things, and getting very frustrated. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Bloody Glen Bob
  5. Has anyone ever owned or have knowledge about a nickel plated Uberti 1873, 357 with 20" barrel? Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Bloody Glen Bob
  6. Looking for a Ruger New Model Stainless Steel Vaquero 357, 5 1/2". Thanks
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