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  1. Hi LawMan, I'll take whatever quantity fits into a medium flat rate box Jeb
  2. The serrations on the front of the slide are necessary if you have the type of red dot mount the prevents you from gripping the rear of the slide. There are many professional shooters that need front serrations because of their scope mounts. I'm sure they would take exception to being tagged as only having an 1/2 ounce of sense. Also, if you are racking the slide from the front, it is normally done when gun is empty and you are chambering a round, which would be quite safe.
  3. Hi Renegade, I would be interested in the 3 1/4 inch 38 S&W barrel from the Iver Johnson if you are parting them out. Thanks Jeb
  4. I have a Lyman 450 sizer that I'm asking $50.00 for. Takes the same sizing dies as the RCBS
  5. I'll take it. Let me know where to sent the money. Thanks
  6. So, are we doing shorties or 25-20's next weekend? I just received my 25 cal bullets yesterday.
  7. Now that right there is funny!!
  8. I'm having my 7X57 Remington rolling block re-bored to 9X57 because the bore is shot. Does anyone have a set of 9X57 dies sitting around that they would like to part with? Thanks Jeb
  9. One advantage with living in Montana. If you have a carry permit, you pick out your firearm, fill out the 4473, show them your carry permit, lay down your money and walk out with your new toy.
  10. Hi Mike, How accurate is it? Am looking for a 38 S&W for side matches. Jeb
  11. Hi Jabez Yes the Montana SASS state Championship is still on, July 16-19 Jeb
  12. Couldn't shoot yesterday as I had already committed to helping with the MRSA's ladies group. Today I had to many jobs I had to clear up. Glad your 25-20 ran OK. When you come up for the May shoot we'll do 25-20's on one of the days.
  13. Boy, you either have a great memory or you don't get over things easily. How was the shoot today?
  14. Was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, I am familiar with humidity, one big reason I now live out West
  15. I have read before on the wire from others that Pyrodex is bad for many reasons. I shot Pyrodex Cartridge for years in my 45-70 Trapdoor with no issues. Is the rusting issue maybe due to you living in Mississippi and I'm in Montana, very low humidity in this state.
  16. Hi 3 Foot, My most current edition is #5 (1985) There is the 25-20 listed as a modern cartridge, no mention anywhere about a 25-20 Marlin, or 25-20 High power. In the obsolete section there is a 22 Savage Hi power, but the case dimensions are completely different from the 25-20. Book also gives complete honors to Win for the development of the 25-20. Marlin is only credited with making rifles chambered for it after Win developed it. Jeb
  17. Well, that sure explains the premium that they charge for them
  18. What makes these "cowboy dies"? What is the difference between these dies and just a regular set of RCBS dies? Thanks
  19. Widder, Tried to send PM to you, Says you can't receive messages. Can you PM me? Jeb
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