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  1. Only load nickel for my Revolvers. I also mark my brass cases so that I can keep track of how many times I reload cases for my rifle. Being marked, if I get someone else's brass, I put it in the practice pile. Also, I have noticed that the nickel cases that I shoot in my USFA's last a long time as the cylinders are cut to very close tolerances
  2. I also just received mine from Longhunter. Great Gun, very nice work done by Longhunter. Haven't shot in a match yet, but when I took it to the range to try it out, worked great with the single trigger. Tried it on 10 flyers, powdered all of them, fits me great.
  3. Pictures added. I don't have a very good camera for those kinds of pictures. If you send me your phone number I'll text you some. The chambers were polished with 1200 wet/dry sandpaper. The chambers and barrels are shiny like new.
  4. Local cowboy, M.T. Jughead He does a lot of SXS and 73 rifles for the shooters in our area. He is a 3 time Montana State SASS champion. Jeb
  5. I have 125 pieces of Starline 40-65 for $65 plus shipping
  6. Here is a Model MP220 Baikal 12 gauge. Has 20 inch barrels, L.O.P. between the triggers is 13 1/4 inch. This gun has been tuned, chambers are funneled, lever is bent and triggers have been reversed. I hated the wood to metal fit on the Baikals, so I refinished the stock and fore end, sanded the wood down so the wood to metal fit was better, and installed a Pachmyer decelerator 1 inch recoil pad. Then wood was stained and finished with Tru-oil $650.00 shipped
  7. Yes, FFL's to can transfer to any other FFL
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