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  1. Also, if there were new shooters or guests present, that shooter is not being a good ambassador for the sport.
  2. I have been the match director for 15 state matches here in Montana, I have never had a split pistol stage that I can recall. They are very rare in Montana.
  3. Bought this shotgun new and had it tuned by Bill Ogelsby, some may remember him from shooting shows as a trick shooter. Bill was also a very good gunsmith. Gun has 20 inch barrel, walnut stock that has been cut down and a Pachmyer Decelerator recoil pad installed. LOP 12 1/2 inches. serial number has a 030 prefix. Gun is in very good condition as it wasn't shot much, was my back up. $795 Shipped to your FFL $750
  4. Everything deleted as program deleted the ad
  5. 45 ACP should be taper crimped, not roll crimped
  6. Greetings,  I'll offer you $2200 for your USFA's

    1. Snake-eye, SASS#45097

      Snake-eye, SASS#45097

      Thanks for the offer but someone else made a higher offer. Looks like it’s sold.

    2. Jeb Stuart #65654
  7. Hi Frio, Do you have the dies? I have a set of RCBS dies and maybe 6 empties.
  8. General, haven't heard from you yet, are you still wanting to sell the rifle? I have sent you three messages. Jeb
  9. If you PM me your contact info, I'll get a check coming to you. Jeb
  10. I have 21 sets of reloading dies, 19 are RCBS, 1 Hornady and 1 Lee. These dies are all in very good to like new condition. No plier marks on any of the dies 1. RCBS 41 Mag 3 die set (not carbide) like new $25 2. RCBS 17-223 Very good $25 3. RCBS 22-250 Very good $25 4. RCBS 222 Rem Very good $25 5. RCBS 22 Rem Jet Very good $50 6. RCBS 243 Rem Very good $25 7. RCBS 257- Roberts Very good $25 8. RCBS 264 Mag Very good $25 9. RCBS 280 Rem Like new $25 10. RCBS 7MM Mag Very good $25 11. RCBS 32-40 Like new $50 12. Hornady Custon Grade 32 Win Spl Like new $25 13. RCBS 7.62X39 Like new $25 14. RCBS 3 die set 30 Carbine Very good $40 SPF 15. RCBS 30-30 Ackley Improved Like new $50 16. RCBS 30-30 Win Very good $25 SPF 17. RCBS 30-40 Krag Very good $25 SPF 18. Lee 356 Win New $25 19. RCBS 35 Rem Very good $25 20. RCBS 45-90 Win Like new $50 21. RCBS 460 Weatherby Mag Very good $50 SHIPPING I can ship one or two die sets for $12, over two will be $16 BRASS 30 Carbine 300 once fired military, cleaned $50 SPF 38 Special- All brass (no nickel) is sorted by head stamp, and polished. Most all is once fired, a few may have been reloaded once. I can ship up to 2000 pcs for $16, over 2000 will be $21 Win 600 pcs $30 SOLD Win 600 pcs $30 SOLD R-P 600 pcs $30 R-P 500 pcs $25 R-P 500 pcs $25 Fed 850 pcs $43 SPF Military 500 pcs $25 SPF One factory box of 20, Remington -303 British 180 grain soft point Core-Lokt $25 SPF
  11. Only the head stamp, military is marked where it was made and the year it was made, civilian brass is marked by manufacture and caliber. Other than that they are identical. Most all of the brass I have was made by Winchester.
  12. I have 4000 once fired military 38 special cases, most is Winchester manufacture. Is polished and has the primers removed. $60.00 per 1000 shipped
  13. Guy I bought rifle from over 30 years ago was a Lt. Col. in the Air Force and had it made on base in the machine shop.
  14. Good suggestion, I have a 577/450 Martini-Henry that has a machined sleeve in the chamber so I can now shoot 45-70
  15. Thanks Dead Eye Jake, glad you had a good time. Jeb
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