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  1. Google it. He retired as a Captain but he was a part time officer in a resort community
  2. I stopped a kid doing 90mph in a 45 zone I had him call his mother and tell her what he did. Mom asked me to wait until she got there. Both parents showed up and thanked me. Dad immediately took out his knife and cut the kids license into pieces and took his keys. I never saw the kid who was local driving again
  3. When he did is seminars locally we called his students Ayoobs boobs. He lost me at the beginning when he claimed to be a police captain when he was actually a part time auxiliary officer in a resort town as a summer employee
  4. Both the Jeeps I owned had serious electrical issues that even the dealers couldn’t solve
  5. I’ve got a couple boxes of the Black Talon put away in cling wrap as collectors items
  6. Let’s see would it be the Gremlin x that blew the main bearings at 45000miles or maybe the Oldsmobile Cutlass that by 60000 miles was on its third transmission but maybe it was the Honda Accord that I bought new and rusted away before it was paid for. Tough choice
  7. My apologies I let my own prejudices overcome my brain
  8. Genetics or not you must deliberately make the decision to use illegal drugs it’s a choice you make. I have no use for junkies I’ve seen the cost of their irresponsible behavior to society as a whole and their families in particular. The only thing that they care about is themselves and their next fix. I watched my niece abandon her children for the needle and my sons best friend lost his brother and still chose drugs over his child. It’s all about choices. Make them good ones because you live and die by them
  9. The only way you are born with addiction is if your mother was an active addict during pregnancy. Addiction is a choice
  10. So he was just waiting down the street and someone sneezed on him and he innocently caught addiction
  11. That’s why I’m known as the old curmudgeon
  12. It took me three tries to actually get through it
  13. Here we go again making a hero and role model out of a junkie
  14. I was about that same age when I first read that great book
  15. As a college student I couldn’t afford anything but a six cylinder chevy Nova. My cousin who was close as a brother drove a 1969 Chevelle SS 396 convertible. Man that car was powerful. It would explode out of the hole but it had no top end, miserable brakes terrible road manners. My 1988 Corvette would’ve left it in the dust
  16. Congratulations you survived. Enjoy your well earned retirement
  17. Sorry mine are hunting guns and I like that safety. Working the lever would scare every deer within shooting range here in Pa and way to many hammers have dropped because of frozen fingers and gloves leading to deadly results
  18. Nope rebound spring from a S&W model 19
  19. I learned the hard way that when taking spring loaded things apart to do it in a clear plastic bag saves a lot of obscenity
  20. They made a Model 96 in 44 magnum for awhile. It looks a lot like the 10/22 rather than the lever. actions that you are thinking of. I don’t know why it failed it’s a light slick little brush gun. I’m not getting rid of mine any time soon. I shot my last deer with one
  21. My Remington 700 Dbm in 7mm mag will be the last deer rifle that I will ever sell. As a Pa deer hunter I keep it loaded to 7mm Mauser loads which is plenty for deer. It’s everything you could ask for
  22. I spent summer camp there with the guard in about 1974 I really don’t remember anything that makes it stand out
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