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  1. Hey, you opted to life at 7000 ft. in Colorado it snows in Colorado! Just smile and think about how many toilets you are enabling to flush in Phoenix and LA.
  2. Ed, you don't let us know what the Doughboy and Teddy Roosevelt is in the Wild Bunch. I'm clueless about the Tom Horn and Bounty Hunter reference in BP as well.
  3. 38 special 105 gr. coated bullet 3.2 gr. Clays International moderate to heavy crimp no issues. Could be said that at that level some might describe it as leaving slightly more carbon than Clays, Clay Dot or Trail Boss.
  4. Been coming to Ben Avery a long time, this match has always been quality the measuring stick for all others. This year was no exception except for the retirement of two major players. The replacements worked hard and the result showed that there was no loss of quality but an improvement in many ways, love coming to Ben Avery.
  5. It's not odd at all but certainly a lot more trouble
  6. Another great match at Ben Avery. The retirement of Blackjack Zack and Nine toe Joe was quite a blow to the match, but the Rangers rose to the occasion. The course of fire was not only challenging but extremely shootable. There were no memory traps, it was straight forward and as complicated as you wanted to make it by that I mean they allowed for a certain amount of creativity that backfired on some and smiled on others. Stages were beautifully done explanations covered what they needed, and footing was excellent despite a little rain the day before. Good vendors with prices in line with today's economy. Some of the old timers were gone but others filled in nicely, the ice cream lady was gone but ice cream was available not as many flavors but nice helpings and you could sit in the sun and enjoy talking to your friends thank you Rangers for a down right great match.
  7. Yipes, I've been demoted from 12 to 3. Thank you everyone I sincerely appreciate your best wishes. It's been a long haul with my new hip failing, covid, cancer and my wife's failing health. I particularly would like to thank my wife of 54 years for her patience and help. Noah Cash for the Saturday morning breakfasts and the strong arm to help me up when i needed it which was often. To Bull Dog Ric and Lady Bull dog for their smiles and encouragement. And to many, many others that helped me thru both at home and on posse 33. Thank You all.
  8. I've been loading on a 650 for 30 years. Don't really know how many loaded but I shot IPSC, and other games before starting SASS in 2000 with a volume of conservatively 15k a year. High primers are not one of my concerns although I do check my match rounds.
  9. Happy Trails Johnny you are one of a kind.
  10. I cannot add to the tributes except to say he was a friend and a role model. He has left a hole in my life that will not soon be filled.
  11. Ship them. Furthermore, the Sockeye are running so bring a fishing pole.
  12. I believe the Iowa class Battleships guns could be aimed independently.
  13. Anywhere in the 3.0 to 3.5 range gives enough splash for the counters and plenty of power for the knock downs.
  14. I was in civics class and thought it was a silly joke too bad it wasn't.
  15. Those that know Pat know that the 22-pound turkey will have a table load of company. I'm so blessed with a wonderful wife and a great cook. Six of us will enjoy her labors. Four friends and us, truly thankful for the bounty that this great country provides to each of us.
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