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  1. My vote For Classic Cowgirl is for Boss Shamrock. Kim is a real diamond in the rough. Anyone who knows Kim can back up the “diamond” part of that statement and anyone who knows Three Shot can attest to the “in-the-rough” part. (Just kidding Darren) but even he would agree that Boss shines like a diamond through a lot of adversity. In Classic, there is no one I have witnessed work harder to maintain the true spirit of the category. Three-shot and Boss, I owe a lot to you guys. Thanks, Kim.
  2. Some of you out there may know me as Lucky Drover MO and there is a Classic Cowboy whom I feel strongly exhibits the attributes of the classical cowboy spirit and I second his nomination. I have not been shooting for very long but I have been blessed by a heap of nice Cowboys and Cowgirls who have been tolerant of my mishaps. However, this man stands out from the rest, helpful to me during my struggles and sympathetic to my needs. I bought my first '73 Winchester from this enthusiastic and kind-spirited cowboy who worked with me through understanding why a '73 would be such a good st
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