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  1. Kind of off topic but which Sig did you switch to? I have a P938 and am happy with it. Thanks Jed
  2. I heard a news story about this. Seems that some of the price gouging laws go into effect after a national emergency is declared. Not sure if the timing when amazon pulled the plug but it would make a difference in some states. If Amazon reserves the right to control their sellers then it would be within their right to do so. Apply this to any potential Corona Virus vaccine....would it be ok for the Pharmacy to sell only to the highest bidder ? Jed
  3. I don’t mind paying top dollar for something if I can justify it to myself but that is up to each individual. I don’t regret my $300 spotting scope one bit. I shoot sub 500 yards and it has done what I’ve asked of it. For me spending another 500 to 1000 would have been a poor choice although I’m sure it would have been nice. Kind of like saying you need a $1000 laptop to send email and browse the wire vs a $100 tablet. Those shooting under different circumstances I’m sure can more than justify buying the best and I probably would have done the same. The OP didn’t specify his intended use just his desire to find something inexpensive. As often happens the lack of details and circumstances in the original question opens you up to a multitude of responses which all have their merits. I usually don’t let my self get sucked into these debates but I guess I let my self slip lol I do know that everyone is just trying to help in their own way it’s just up to each individual to sort it out and decide which way to go Jed
  4. I only installed a lighter spring because I shoot duelist and it easier on my when it comes to cocking the hammer. Jed
  5. Check to see that the cylinder base pin is in all the way. If it’s not it can cause the transfer bar to be locking you up.
  6. + 1 on this. I just put new springs in my NMV a few weeks ago. Stock was 17 and I replaced with a 14. I use federal primers and have had no issue yet. I tried some ammo I had loaded with Win primers and only about 3 out of 5 would go off. I did do a little polishing while I had it apart to replace the springs. I went with the Wolff kit that included a 14# hammer spring and a 30 oz trigger return spring. I bought extra 15# springs just in case but I gave the 14s a try first and so far have stayed with them Jed
  7. I picked up a Konus spotting scope from optics plannet several years ago and I have been very pleased with it. Decent glass and it has held up very well. I see they have them in the 200-300 dollar range still. They were recommended to me by a couple guys I know that shoot CMP long range matches. Good luck Jed
  8. +1 For Guy and Maes. I remember going there as a kid and getting them and they came wrapped in news paper. Don’t seem to be quite as good these days as I remember them being but still fantastic. Jed
  9. What is the diameter of the bead? Is this a stock sight with the bead epoxied on? thanks Jed
  10. Could you tell me the blade length and the overall length? Thanks Jed
  11. Sounds great. So far I’ve only made a few matches at PCC but I’m right in between there and Parker. Just waiting on some decent weather like everyone else.
  12. Ya, 3 Shot Shamrock first put the bug in my ear lol.
  13. I’m slow as molasses right now any ways so everyone is faster than me lol. I’ve seen that there are indeed some extremely fast guys out there in CC but was just thinking in general. I dabbled in some IPSC some years ago I I know they factor in for guys shooting in the major power vs minor to level the field a bit. Winter seem long already so I just have too much time to think.
  14. I can understand that for sure. I’m just getting started so that’s why I was looking at the minimum requirements and build up from there.
  15. I’m good on the guns and calibers. I’m shooting 45 colt and my goal getting started is not to be the fastest, just to have fun. That being said it seems the fastest guys out there generally shooting 38/357 so I figured I might as well get myself in a category with guys shooting the .40 or larger calibers...
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