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  1. Got Frankfurt Arsenal Vibra Prime like two years ago never used when I tried on March did not work (still on the pack) so keep using the sticks. Which are tedious on long runs but works.
  2. czhen

    New holsters

    JP splendid work just beautiful.
  3. For some people any excuse is good to get a booze.
  4. In one way or another, everyone that play, compite or just enjoy our wonderful legacy is a hero keeping alive history and traditions of American life.
  5. Long distance lights, mostly placed to be steeped with left foot. I had that on Ford Falcon model 66
  6. Prayers sent for God speed recovery.
  7. I wonder how many years of re education therapy at the local University Campus you get if your phone has some unhealthy videos. Sad at least, but expected.
  8. Was lucky that the projectile did not hit him.
  9. Springfield Loaded 9 mm and 45 ACP. No complains there any case.
  10. I don't about the quality device, but the commercial is great.
  11. Ours is a fine art electronic device collecting dust.
  12. I was a kid during the show, but I loved the show. RIP Mr. Conrad
  13. Yeap is valid, Only goalkeeper can touch the ball with hands. Once the ball cross the line is a score. czhen FL
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