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  1. Sportsman guide. Has a dell notebook carry case new for 10 bucks, Cdnn has,carry for gun about 14$ green or brown. CZhen
  2. In addition, to Nate Kiowa words which agree a well done crown is crucial to accuracy as well resale value. So, if your chopping skills missed the point with hacksaw, how do explain the weird tad less than 20" length at resale point. czhen
  3. I am very advance on my first solar powered gun cart design.
  4. I love when someone face the hipocrecy with humor. Same here, sometimes humor / irony is another tool to say the true.
  5. Sadly, he will hit the unemployment office. Hope he has a plan B.
  6. Mediocre actress, high level whore living on last name fame.
  7. Thanks God you can relate the accident. Glad you are intact, bet some bucks on the lottery. czhen FL
  8. Per my Queen, if I do right, was something involuntary appropriate. czhen
  9. I have also an issue with mine I found my forehand grip too thick for propper handling, solid so far, but uncomfortable to open fast. In the foreseen future I will modify the contour.
  10. it called my attention the front sight. How does it work the adjustable sight, in the same way a rear one. It is my first time seen that, please If someone can educate me. czhen FL
  11. Nowadays the only way to make the kids to save money is with the word NO.
  12. You must see the 9mm pile.
  13. Short, clear and right on the money, I liked for a guy with not much in six guns like me, sound good. czhen FL
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