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  1. I went to Russia to see the soccer World Cup in 2018 and saw the German vs South Korean game, next to me was a fan with the full garment as Ancient Korean Royalty that spoke perfect Spanish (born in Argentina return to SK for studying). Behind me, Germans fans talking and sipping beer with the sadness of loosing the game, per my son words. Mostly all of us had a great, but kraut obviously.
  2. If I'm gonna pay that much money I don't want my box get tossed it in the back of a truck, I will get it as a vacation trip.
  3. I would finish the med school for family doctor or MD Radiology. I am a retired A.A.RT. RT. CT. MR. mostly my career was done on trauma centers, I love my profession even retired still buying books med related. Administrative part of the business not so much so BS didn't appeal to me. czhen
  4. In one way or another, everyone that play, compite or just enjoy our wonderful legacy is a hero keeping alive history and traditions of American life.
  5. Pm sent with tracking #



  6. Santee Thank you, I found your channel family oriented, funny and respectful of the historical events. czhen FL.
  7. Very well exposed points, politicians used words to express their concern and thrive by interest now and them. In the past, freedom from British Empire was the goal, they knew their people were at the mercy of the King because had no arms to dethrone it. They didn't want that happen in a new soil, blessed with opportunities, the only chance to assure it was put that in a paper for the years to come. The history around the world proved that fact, Europe, Asia, South America, Middle East, Australia and Africa politicians only fear the mad plebe when they can not provide the promised pseudo welfare. Therefore, disarm them is the only chance for them to survive for decades of cruelty and empty stomachs. Are we less quality than, Belgians or Switzerland absolutely no, but they keep their traditions, standard of education and respect for others individuals. Politicians mixes their words to sound edible, but the only goal for them be safe on their high seat, telling you what is the best for the plebe.
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