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  1. The officer just did was expected to do enforce the law wrong or right IDK. If the guy just cooperate I am sure wouldn't be any video. People tend to believe that a camera/phone extrapolate to rightness condition. However, the rightness of the Law can be discuss forever. But, littering is worst than ever everywhere. Visiting South FL you will have more chances of crashing with an abandon shopping cart than have a sunny day. czhen FL.
  2. I am sorry about your pain, knee replacement react in very differently, are you diabetic. Have you had any MR or CT on ER, they might gave you some antibiotic that helped you. CZhen FL.
  3. How many time you reloaded the brass, how do you clean them and when. Just to begin with the long list. I'm not an expert reloader. czhen FL
  4. Subdeacon Joe I had to learn the resistors scale value of on my High School about 77/78'. You just refresh my memory how old I am. Funny, I ended up in the medical field czhen FL
  5. Beautiful as was posted above, respectfully and passionate. Btw, they are coming to South Florida told the wife to go. czhen FL.
  6. Santee Thank you, I found your channel family oriented, funny and respectful of the historical events. czhen FL.
  7. Your brain is fine. You never heard my accent, Italian, German, Spanish and English, living abroad you pick up everything.
  8. Vaping device has a battery and produce heat, I guess no way. I would like to see their brochure. No a smoker here so they are just my presumptions. czhen FL
  9. I see a solid family and clear respect for values there. Still there is hope around.
  10. Colt Faro Congratulations, amazing performance. czhen FL
  11. Colt Faro, SASS Jerry M. has a great amount of followers in Youtube, making a race with Matt Black will be amazing to watch and outstanding promo for the sport and firearms in general. Allow me to link which bring me to SASS, beside my firearms attraction since Lucas McCain (got my confession there) Light 'Em Up || Cowboy Action Shooting Promo https://youtu.be/BXPB8I1FuF8 Btw. Since I have the opportunity here I would like to say thank to the maker, for an energetic, funny and family oriented short film.
  12. That would be an epic and will be the most seen youtube video match ever. We need that for our SASS/CAS spot, I hope someone develop the prom idea. czhen FL
  13. I took more time to lower my speakers volume than he did for the stage Kudos for him.
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