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  1. Time to tell on myself, when my father said he was going to start shoot CAS and SASS events I thought he went daft. I remember saying “Dad there has been soo many better guns made since 1873 why????”. Now several thousand dollars later and too many smiles to count I’m in and so is my 11 year old daughter. And as a jarhead I was stuck on that “tacticool” phase, but I haven’t had as much fun with an AR as I have with my 1873 Short Rifle.
  2. SASS Alias: Buffalo Kay SASS #: 108686 Where are you from?: Silver City, NM How long have you been cowboy action shooting?: 4 Months and 1 real shoot under her belt.
  3. SASS Alias: Owen No One SASS #: 109100 Where you are from: Silver City, NM How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: About 3 months
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