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  1. I use once fired hulls, typically either STS, or the red Winchester AA's. Also started roll crimping since I had a hell of a time dealing with sticking shells at one State match a year ago, rarely, if ever, stick now. Also mop out the chambers after each stage.
  2. Shooter's Handbook is not clear on what could be considered protected regarding shooting style, costumes, or propellant. One MD I spoke with said D, GF, CC, BW, and BP categories are base and protected (except when age breakdowns happen), while other MD's say they are not. It's just not the best then when you arrive for a match, and find out you got moved into another category, because the MD didn't want to honor your 'base' category. And as a GF, it sux extra because there's no other category to shoot GF in (besides BW).....
  3. Can't shoot gunfighter in any category other than Gunfighter or B-Western, also Wrangler is aged based, so yes, that could get rolled down to Cowboy. when @mean gun mark mentioned 'base' categories, I am under the impression that he meant Gunfighter, Duelist, Classic Cowboy, B-Western, and Black Powder categories. Of which I'm under the impression they all are 'base' categories, that would always be offered. Yet, re reading the rule book, I'm not so sure.
  4. oh boy, things are getting real now........sounds like I need to make plans for this match, and get a new bib!
  5. Bingo. Maybe black powder will come back in style in a big way.
  6. I use the Original. https://www.amazon.com/Crocodile-Cloth-Industrial-Cleaning-Wipes/dp/B084RRMPTM?ref_=ast_sto_dp&th=1&psc=1 It's pretty big package, depending on your cart size, a thing of wet ones might be an option to consider. I used them before, wipe down my guns, and my hands.
  7. Once a year, or maybe every other year, I break down the guns and clean the guts. After matches, hot soapy water if available, other wise I use Crocodile Wipes to clean the outside, the barrels, and cylinders. Then just a quick pass of Balistol on a patch through the barrels and cylinders. As for the shotgun, I wipe out the chambers, and the action area. I'm not concerned with snake skin buildup in the barrels. Crocodile Wipes > https://www.amazon.com/stores/CrocodileCloth/Homepage/page/4233B6D2-06A6-486E-821E-943B2995B173
  8. Preppin' some Critter Loads for PA State?
  9. It was explained, and shown to me years ago. When you pull the hammer back with your thumb, and hold it, the cylinder slightly over rotates, thus potentially throwing the alignment off the firing pin and primer enough to get light/no hits on the primer. If I recall, it was explained/shown to me by some fast draw shooters at Winter Range on why their guns get setup such a way.
  10. Cemetery


    Aren't the Charles Daily and the CZ are basically the same gun with cosmetic differences, and name.
  11. Any particular reason for this? I mean, I put in the pins Shotgun Boogie makes, because I took it apart to clean it, and just thought 'why not?'
  12. I've used one exclusively since 2019, love it. Very light. Takes some time to get used to full house black powder loads, if that's your thing, because it's so light. As more smokeless stuff, I personally keep it at 1200fps or less.
  13. Is there gonna be a posse dedicated to black powder?!?
  14. Times like this where my wallet snaps closed, and won't let me open it.
  15. How did everybody go about finding the doctors they decided to go with for their spinal surgery? I have spinal surgeon I have seen for my back pain, and I decided on him based on the fact he did spinal surgery on a friend of mine, and she has had no issues with her back since.
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