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  1. Some things can by DYIable if can work some tools. Easiest thing to do right off the bat is swap out the hammer spring, and firing pin springs for aftermarket lightened springs for easier cocking and firing. Doing a shortstroke is easy on paper, but lots disassembly, reassembly, testing, then repeating until just right. Though this requires one to accept risk of mistakes, and thus starting over from scratch with a new kit.
  2. I have a pair of Kirst 45LC for my ROA's, they dropped right in, no fuss no muss, and work great. Had them no for like 6 years. Just picked a pair of Kirst 45acp to diddle with, the drop in, no fuss no muss so far, have to wait a few month for a match to try them out.
  3. For cowboy guns in NJ? Nobody I would trust, and I tried a few. Best bet is to literally find somebody out of state and deal with the two way shipping.
  4. Guess the natural gas companies don't 'donate' enough to the DNC........
  5. I have been using a 45acp case full of lemishine, and scrubbing bubbles shower automatic shower cleaning liquid (though I think it might be discontinued now), with SS pins in my tumbler for 90s mins. Then I change out the water and go another 60mins with wash & wax car wash liquid I got at Autozone.
  6. So you use no tumbling media whatsoever? Just the brass, water, and cleaning fluid/powder?
  7. Sometimes, people may put in a lightened hammer spring for easier cocking, but the original handspring might be a tad stiff, so as the hammer falls, the hand spring, being stiff, slows everything down, by requiring more downward force to compress itself, than what could be delivered with the lightened hammer spring, which can result in lite primer strikes and/or failure to fire. So that's another reason people go for the coil spring conversion. I think @Coffinmaker explained it to me like that one time. I noticed the difference when I DIY'd the coil spring conversion on my Uberti 1860s a number of years back.
  8. Oooooo..............night shoot with my 'special' loads!!!
  9. Also try reaching out to Mike Beliveau, he has some DIY videos of smoothing action work, and has also recommended gunsmiths for C&B work. https://www.mikebeliveau.com/
  10. Glad to hear you had a good time. Next up, the Dark Side.
  11. I found this Canadian company a number of years back, and they have this project called 'Royal Crown' that has nice embroidered ammo bags, which are rather pricey. They start at $30USD, can only be found in liquor stores, but come with a free bottle of rye whiskey! Bigger the bag you buy, the bigger the bottle of free rye whiskey. Dangest thing I've ever come across for ammo bags......
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