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  1. We used to eat fatback. It is the 1" layer of fat on a hogs back with the rind still on. It is sliced and fried like bacon.
  2. In the summer of 1965 I was 13. I bought a Sears 12ga bolt action shotgun for $2.50 at the local second hand store. In 1968 in stead of buying a class ring I bought a Model 98 Mauser 8mm for $28.00 delivered, from the Spiegel Catalog. Still have both of them.
  3. GOOD bread needs nothing but eaten! My Mother made GOOD bread, So does my Wife. Never put anything on it.
  4. Plenty of hogs and cattle in the country. Some pork producers are considering killing their hogs because they can't get anything for them. The problem is that the processing plants are closed or short staffed.
  5. It looks like a Remington Model 30. Basically a factory sporterized 1917 Enfield.
  6. The Krieger conversion converted the original magazine to be detachable. On mine the magazine is serial numbered to the rifle.
  7. For your viewing pleasure. I have my Great uncle's 1940 model 81 in .35 Rem. with take down case. An engraved Grade D model 8 in .35 Rem. made in 1908 with a take down case made by AL Furstnow of Miles City Montana. I wish it could talk. 1922 Model 8 with tang sight and Krieger detachable magazine conversion in .32 Rem.
  8. I will take . 1) MI GARAND OWNERS GIUDE SCOTT DUFF $15 2) M14 COMPLETE ASSEMBLY GUIDE VOL 2 KULECK-MCKEE $15 Sending PM for payment info. TJ Bones
  9. Why would they follow a stay at home order? There is no enforcement or penalty for violating the order. The orders rely on people taking personal responsibility and staying home as much as possible. Personal responsibility is becoming a thing of the past, especially in the younger generations.
  10. I am looking for a single shot 32-20. Let me know if you have one you would be interested in selling. Thanks TJ Bones
  11. Feds Add Gun Companies to ‘Essential’ Business List Amid Coronavirus Outbreak https://freebeacon.com/issues/feds-add-gun-companies-to-essential-business-list-amid-coronavirus-outbreak/
  12. CB's are still in regular use around here when we chase and shotgun coyotes with pickups. Yes it is legal in Kansas to chase them with a vehicle.
  13. I will take 34. Powder funnel with adapters $1.00 36. RCBS bullet puller $10.00 38. Brand new Lyman #55 powder measure $35.00 39. Used #55 Ideal powder measure $25.00 47. Military after market 2 mag 1911 pouch $5.00 48. Redding balance beam scale $10.00 Sending PM for Payment info T.J.Bones
  14. All the restaurants, bars, and beaches should be shut down in the spring break locations. The spring break locations have the potential to spread the virus all over the country.
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