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  1. This Uberti Rifle 357 mag. has not seen a match in ten years sitting in a safe. Used but new condition. Action work done by Drifter. Trigger job is very nice and the gun is short stroked. A new aluminum carrier was added. The hammer is lighten.The Rifle is set up for 38 special 125 truncated bullets. Octagon barrel 18” length. $ 1800 shipped to FFL. Sold pending funds.
  2. Thought I’d check with the sass crowd to see if anyone has one ! Before I buy on eBay!
  3. Match Directors - Deuce Stevens and Cowboy Carty Sept 15 to 18 - Cedar Valley Vigilantes - Morristown MN 12 main match stages over two days 2 days Side Matches - Speed, Quick Fire, Buffalo Hunt, Wild Bunch Lassiter free seminars - Stage Writing and SASS Guns Pros and Cons with range Demonstrations All events on site - On site camping - On site food truck - Costume Contest Thursday Evening Pot Luck - Friday night Side Match Meal and Awards Saturday night Banquet and Awards All registration forms on website www.cedarvalleyvigilantes.com Qu
  4. I got a single shot will bing to next cedar valley shoot. She can try it out. kidrick
  5. looking for some 380 brass If your sitting on a pile.
  6. These will fit L frame and round butt frames. Like new condition. $48.00 shipped. SPF Wild Willi
  7. Anyone have a original 97 butt plate laying around.
  8. Hi they are original and have not been sanded. Send e-mail to siskidrick@gmail.com and I will send closer pics thanks kidrick.

  9. R .Anderson 3010 18th Ave NW Rochester MN 55903 

    1. Oregonian


      I made a mistake- I thought #2 was XXL just noticed it is XL.

  10. HDHoss passed on the shirts you can have both for $35 if you like or just the one he thought his middle to round for xl

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