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  1. Fast Eddie and crew put on a 1st class match. The shooting and camping facilities are great. I'm all signed up to camp on the range.
  2. The beading eyes and pointy head are very similar. Yea, I see a resemblance.
  3. In Capt. BB's defense I'd like to add.........oh, never mind.
  4. She's obviously gone bipolar. You just need a maglight to repolarize her.....right across those knuckles would probably do it.
  5. While the magic words in law enforcement is "probable cause", the magic words in the insurance industry is "acting in bad faith". Make sure you get the person's name you are talking to with the insurance company, supervisor if possible, and if you are getting shuffled around, accuse them of acting in bad faith. That triggers triple damages in some states and is something that wakes them up and they start paying attention. This only works with insurance companies. If your dealing with the VA, good luck.
  6. As soon as you said 5th wheel and I saw the injury, I knew exactly what happened. Our travel trailer slide is pretty low to the ground so I have to work at banging my head into it. Pool noodles are your friend when it comes to 5th wheels. I hope you heal up quickly.
  7. While I'm very impressed that he made it through P.I. at age 50, I'm wondering why the USMC allowed him to join up at that age? I passed through there at age 18 and it was quite the challenge. Was Paul Douglas famous before joining the USMC? If he made Lt. Col. in 5 years, he must have had some powerful politics.
  8. It's been my experience that things stored under the kitchen sink will move around and knock the sink plumbing loose while towing. Keep this in mind when putting things under there.
  9. Just finished watching Reacher. Good series. I'm just wondering why they filmed it in Ontario Canada when Georgia has such a large film industry here. I hope they make a Season 2.
  10. When we get snow in Georgia, we just shut everything down, declare a state of emergency and hide in the house until noon. Then it's all gone. The body shops and wrecker services love snow and ice storms in Georgia. The police, not so much.
  11. Badlands Bob will be there. I've had a lot of work done on Brisket during the off season and she'll be there too but not shooting. We'll be camping in the range. Looking forward to it.
  12. Wow!!! Your TV channels are way better than mine.
  13. What "if" the carriers had been at port in Pearl Harbor during the attack. The Japanese may have actually attained their goal by eliminating the U.S. Pacific fleet for the next couple of years.
  14. I visited the USS Alabama last weekend down in Mobile Bay. They also have a WWII submarine that you can climb around in. Very cool. Best $15 I've spent in a long time.
  15. Some young guy bought the Cerro Gordo mine in California and has done a bunch of Youtube videos about him exploring the giant silver mine. Pretty interesting to watch but I don't think I'll be going down there with him.
  16. What could be simpler than an Excel spreadsheet? That's what I use.
  17. Football season ended two weeks ago when UGA whooped Bama. The NFL is just a bunch of noise as far as I'm concerned.
  18. As far as I'm concerned, football season ended a couple weeks ago.
  19. It's a lot easier to climb onto the throne of an F-150 than to squat down and slither into a Camaro.
  20. I think moving the National Championship to the middle of the country was a good idea. I'm looking forward to this one.
  21. I certainly didn't take any offense at what Kid Rich said. I've shot with him several times and consider him a friend. We are blessed with lots of good matches around the southeastern U.S. We generally shoot about 7 big matches a year and try to camp on the range, if possible. Actually, part of our selection process includes the availability of range camping. I'd love to be able to travel the county endlessly and go from match to match. However, I married my sweetheart about 38 years ago and she has her limitations. She's not willing to give up the house for a nomadic lifestyle. She's ok with about 3 weeks as long as most of that time is stationary. Actually stretching the range out to Oklahoma is pushing my luck but we've done Commin a cha several times. That was my argument anyway and it worked this time.
  22. I got to go to my first End of Trail this year and will get to shoot my first National Championship next year. I'm glad some of these matches are being held closer to the center of the country. I just can't justify hauling my camper all the way to Arizona. It'll be interesting to watch the logistics of a 750 shooter match. My hats off to the workers of this match.
  23. Yee Haw!!! I'm on the who's coming list so I guess my application did arrive. I never did receive any email confirmation and the who's coming list shows me living in Colorado instead of Georgia, but that's little stuff. I guess I'll wait and see if I got a hook up camp site or do I need to bring the generator. I've got almost a year before I need to worry about that. It's just good to be on the list.
  24. A little Google-foo research shows that this Brian Worley works at a pool company. Is that the same email address that he sent the Paypal payment to? Contact Everclear Pool & Backyards Co https://www.everclearbackyards.com/ 8133 E Brainerd Road Chattanooga , TN 37421 Get Directions Main: (423) 499-2700 Mobile: (423) 320-6620 brianworley@epbfi.com
  25. I mailed my application and check last Saturday and no confirmation yet. I hope it didn't get lost in the mail.
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