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  1. Don't worry. I won't lose any sleep over it. But in case any of you feel the need, the following is from the Go Fund me page for the "deceased armed robber". Donovan was called home on December 26, 2016. This is a very tragic and unexpected blow for the family. He was very loved by the community and family. We are asking for friends , family and anyone who had love for Donovan. To help out any way they can. Everything is greatly appreciated. Help spread the word!
  2. Just compare the news babes from Fox news to the trolls on CNN or MSNBC.
  3. Pretty much any sound bar will be a vast improvement over the tv speakers. The flat screen tv's do no have enough room in them for the thicker speakers that bass requires. We bought a sound bar for about $79 and it made a lot of difference. You can spend as much as you want on one.
  4. They are also stealing manhole covers. Often with the utility or city name on them. The scrap metal dealers don't seem to care. We had problems several years ago with people going into foreclosed houses and stripping the wiring and copper plumbing out. They would destroy the house in the process to get several hundred dollars worth of scrap metal. They were cutting catalytic converters off of certain types of SUV's for their titanium content and pulling the wiring out of light poles on the interstate. There is no end to the ways someone will go to make a crooked dollar.
  5. I'm innocent I say. I ain't done noth'n. I want my lawyer and I want to see the video.
  6. I'm glad to see that Craftsman tools is establishing a market outside of Sears and Kmart. Those two boats are sinking fast. Craftsman makes some fine hand tools. I hope they survive. As far as Sears and Kmart, well, I'll never miss them.
  7. I think Birdgun nailed a big part of the problem. I can't imagine trying to police in that environment.
  8. I retired at 55 years and 3 days. From the looks of things, I got out just in time. Now I spend my time camping, cowboy shooting and taking naps. Pensacola this Winter, Yellowstone next Summer and Key West next Winter. I've got to go qualify Thursday so I can keep my nationwide carry rights. Busy, busy, busy.
  9. 762 is just the number they found. The "missing person" cases are not calculated into that number. No body, no murder.
  10. This has created quite a dilemma for me. Is it possible to root against both Clemson and Alabama in the same game?
  11. You'll find it's a lot easier to get good campsites Sunday thru Thursday. Go home and rest up over the weekend and head out again on Sunday. I retired a year ago and I find that I was born for retirement. Best job I ever had.
  12. I'm not really one to chase the latest expensive gadget or improvement. I still shoot my Vaqueros without any shortstroke kit and they still have the transfer bars. I don't have a sleeve in my rifle mag tube and there is a 3rd generation shortstoke kit in my 10 year old 73. About 3 years ago my slicked up Stoeger started coming apart. I found an SKB at a local gunshop for a decent price and had Fast Eddie work his magic on it. It turned out to be the best money spent since the rifle action job and short stroke kit. I'm certainly not near the top of the food chain when it comes to speed but it did shave my average stage times from 25 seconds down to around 22 seconds. I guess I was fumbling with that Stoeger more than I thought. An SKB is expensive but I haven't heard of anyone who regretted the upgrade.
  13. Or you could chug the bottle and THEN don't drink for a couple of weeks.
  14. I saw one of those holes at Warwick Castle in England. It was a hole in a stone floor of the dungeon that was about 12 feet deep. Bottom of the hole was about 4'x4'. It had a metal grate over the hole. It would be easy to forget about you down there.
  15. We never had anybody to clean our guns for us. I guess that was a perk in the old days. I see they only used one hand to shoot the revolver. The FBI use to train to shoot one handed because you could turn your body sideways, presumably making for a smaller target.
  16. Judging from the description of things they work on, I'd say they gave up their gunsmithing FFL.
  17. Eventually when they get all of the Star Wars movies made, your great grandchildren will be able to watch them in order. Of course, the actors change so they might need a cheat sheet to keep up.
  18. Who cares where the 6 million went. It came out of gullible liberals pockets. That's 6 million they don't have to spend on gun buyback programs and other stupid causes.
  19. Georgia went up on their carry permits a few years ago. It now costs about $85 for a 5 year permit. It varies about $10 depending on which county Probate Court you go to. Fortunately, us old retired police get it free. Active and retired LE also have nationwide carry rights under Federal Law if you pass the state qualification course every year..
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