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  1. I can just envision Genghis hanging around the campfire enjoying the music.
  2. I joined the USMC in 1978. At that time they were asking specifically if I was joining to get out of a criminal conviction. The recruiters told me that judges often gave that option and the Marines didn't want any criminals. Send them to the Army or Navy. That was back during the Jimmy Carter administration and after Vietnam. They were reducing forces and I guess they were getting more picky.
  3. The stand is just a standard cast iron pedestal stand that I can move around if necessary. Because of the weight, it's a very stable setup. The CBN wheels are for sharpening HSS tools. They are kind of expensive but if you take care of a CBN wheel and only use HSS on it, it will last a lifetime.
  4. I bought an 8" Rikon 1 hp slow speed grinder (1750 rpm) last year and I've been very happy with it. Rikon also has a 1/2 hp grinder that works well with the standard AO wheels. Different grinders can be set up for special purposes. I use this one for sharpening wood lathe tools and it has CBN wheels on it. A slow speed grinder would also work well with buffing wheels.
  5. Lots of the big matches around the S.E. are big and close but they usually have multiple shooting positions.
  6. This is my reloading bench in the hallway leading to my workshop. The best feature is that it in a climate controlled basement. I do all my reloading standing up.
  7. I'd like to welcome Remington to the great state of Jawja. Keep Georgia green. Bring money.
  8. I love how the media has come up with the phrase 'Human Trafficking". It's just a more politically correct term for prostitution. The oldest profession in the world.
  9. We've been banking with local bank for the past 40 years. They have been sold and merged 4 times. The last one was Ameris Bank. Soon after they took over, I got a letter in the mail telling me that my monthly checking account fee was going to be $20 unless I jumped through a bunch of hoops. I changed over our banking to USAA. They don't have a local branch but I haven't needed one. They have been great and someone actually answers the phone if I call with a question. I'm through with monster mega banks.
  10. If that was my kid, there would be a dog crossing that rainbow bridge in short order.
  11. The most important tool used in all those techniques is a good vise to hold the strut.
  12. I was actually more concerned about getting an RV site than getting a spot in the match. However, after this year's EOT registration experience, getting a spot in the match could also be a timing race.
  13. Around here, they keep the sinus medicine locked up but the ammo and spray paint is on the shelf.
  14. I hope this trial goes on long enough to capture the whole country's attention. I want to see all the facts accurately represented and IF this case was prosecutorial over reach based on politics, I want to see the DA hung out to dry and publicly shamed out of office and disbarred.
  15. Put round shells into the gun. Get a 12 gauge shell case gauge. If the shell won't drop into the case gauge and dump out freely, it probably won't drop out of the shotgun chamber after you fire it. I was getting a 40% failure rate out of factory AA shells. I ended up spending a little more on Remington STS and lowered my failure rate to about 5%. I used the ones that didn't pass the case gauge test for Wild Bunch since the pump doesn't seem to care. I don't use any lube on my shells cause I have a hard enough time holding on to them as it is. I sure don't need for them to be slippery.
  16. South Georgia has its own political hot potato trial starting up now. It's the trial of the three white guys who tried to detain a black guy who they caught at a house under construction. The altercation was recorded where the black guy was chased down the street and then he tried to grab a shotgun from one of the white guys and another white guy shot him. At least one of the white guys is associated with law enforcement and the DA tried to squash the case. Small town politics at work until the national media and the state got involved. It'll be interesting to see what the jury does with this one. Having this case and the Rittenhouse case recorded on video takes a lot of the "what happened" and "who did what" out of the equation. The jury now just has to decide "why" it happened and was it legal. While I have armchair quarterback opinions on both of these cases, I know that the media either doesn't know or is not telling us everything. Therefore, I'll just rely on the wisdom of the jurors and the legal system to work this out.
  17. What really bothers me is that those elections were as close as they were in Virginia. I guess when you start messing with people's children, they actually find time to go to the polls.
  18. The effects of "woke" politics doesn't take long to wake people up. Congratulations Virginia.
  19. That's a pretty good return compared to what I'm getting with a bank savings account.
  20. Once you're accepted as part of the pack, you're in, no matter what you look like.
  21. I have a 2015 F-150 and the bottom of the seat flips up and there is storage there. There is also a latch behind the seat so you can fold the seat forward and access the small amount of space behind the seat. With so much room in the back seat area, I've never found the need for the 4 inch behind the seat.
  22. Well, I guess we'll be seeing you at the next Wild Bunch match. I deserves to be shot. Beautiful gun.
  23. Which is why many of those firearms are no longer around today. The ones that have survived well over 100 years are the ones that were kept in the nice dry house.
  24. Wow!!! Now I know what I want for Christmas.
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