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  1. That thing looks like it spent some time in a leaky barn. I think a Stoeger would be a better purchase.
  2. He may not have to produce I.D. but I bet he has to produce a fishing license if he's claiming he's fishing. No fishing license, huh? Well, well, well....
  3. Shipping companies have pirate insurance and the insurance companies jack the Somali pirates around for over a year sometimes before they pay the ransom. I've never heard of an individual having kidnapping insurance but I guess anything is insurable.
  4. 2023 is the year of the Water Rabbit. Maybe he has something against Rabbits. Upon further reflection, it appears that he had a hare trigger. Sorry, too soon?
  5. If I was the real shooter, with a plan, I would leave a suspect in the van to take the blame for it. I might even doctor up a Facebook page for him expressing his dislike for whoever he shot. Leave a manifesto in his shirt pocket or something.
  6. It must be the gas stoves that make those people crazy.
  7. My first choice would be Scarlett just because I like Scarlett. She's a gunfighter. https://bulletsbyscarlett.com/shop/ols/products/38-special-cowboy-cartridges/v/COW38 Georgia Arms makes some good cowboy ammunition. I shot a lot of their loads before I got into reloading. https://www.georgia-arms.com/38-special-125gr-lead-round-nose-flat-pt/
  8. The best dogs don't know when they were born.
  9. I now know everything there is to know about changing my flight numbers.
  10. Looks like they are all round barrels. No octagon barrels. At least they are still making them out of walnut and steel.
  11. My crystal ball is a little fuzzy on the outcome, however, I don't like Alec Baldwin and I hope this gives him ulcers and many sleepless nights. i also hope that he gets "cancelled" by the very Hollywood bunch that he aspires to be.
  12. I have a Mec Jr and I can load 400 rounds in about a week without rushing.
  13. And for short people who slide their seat up close to the steering wheel, they can expect to have their face blistered by the airbag.
  14. I can personally find a lot of other things to do with my time other than defending a company who sells rubber chicken suckers. I certainly don't have any issue with rubber chicken suckers but I'm not going to waste my time, phone calls or emails supporting them. Maybe the world needs more rubber chicken suckers and it's people like me who don't care enough to defend them. Maybe, I'm the problem? Nope, I still don't care.
  15. UGA won the national championship last Monday. Football season is over.
  16. There are very few problems that cannot be overcome with the proper use of a VISA card.
  17. My local Home Depot has a parking lot full of gasoline powered lawnmowers. Must be a local thing. They also still sell gas stoves. I understand that's going to be the next "green" issue.
  18. I think they only have reporters in two places now. Hollywood and Washington D.C. All they do is report on what some idiot said about another idiot. The local news is just a quiz show asking who the kid is in the blurry photo.
  19. I'm glad to hear a positive story about CTD. I kinda wrote them off several years back when they were doing the ammo price gouging thing. Maybe they have changed their ways.
  20. As I recall, a phone call and a $100 check should solve the problem.
  21. There is NOTHING safe about staying in a hotel in India.
  22. If it gets bad enough, maybe the Chinese will quit trying to weaponize germs they can't control in labs with substandard controls.
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