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  1. If your loading 38 spl, your case feed tube adapter should be orange. Looking at your picture, it looks like yours is green, which would be for 9mm. This is how my Dillon conversion colors run.
  2. Most of the cans I buy these days have pop tops. For everything else, there's the electric can opener.
  3. I would go to the range and turn them into practice rounds. If they don't go off, you can pull them. If they do go off, then you save the effort of pulling them and you get a little practice in. It would be a lot easier to pull 75 duds than 700 live rounds. I'd probably use them in my pistols and get keep a squib rod handy.
  4. If you decide to use the pins, the best way to get them out of your cases is using water and your media separator. Just run the hose over the media separator into a large tub or bucket. The pins will all end up in the bottom of the tub. If you can totally submerge the brass in water while inside your media separator, it will work even better. You can the pins dry and then pick them up with a magnetic transfer tool. Using the SS pins will make the inside as shiny as the outside.
  5. I'm not allowed to cook brass in the kitchen oven either. I just put them on a towel on a Tupperware tote lid and put them out in the sun. They mostly dry in a couple of hours. I then leave them on my workbench for a couple of days to finish drying before I put them in the appropriate tub. I'm not normally in a rush to reload them anyway. I have lots of brass.
  6. I use a 9mm case of Lemishine and a good healthy squirt of Dawn dishwashing liquid. About 90 minutes does a good job. I have abandoned the lizard litter tumbling mess.
  7. I'm surprised he couldn't sell a well established business like Magma Engineering. Maybe it's not scalable in it's current configuration. There are only so many commercial bullet casters.
  8. I've been buying Rigid cordless tools at Home Depot. They have held up well so far. The best feature is they have a Lifetime Service Agreement. You must register your tool, battery and charger by serial number along with your Home Depot receipt after you purchase the tool. The batteries, tool and charger are covered for life. I don't think they are as good as Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee but they work just fine and I really like the warranty. I'm not in construction but I do use my cordless drills a good bit in the workshop.
  9. Filing your sites will have the same effect as having your alias engraved on the backstrap. Lower the value of your gun for resale.
  10. Yea, I haven't brought it up yet. Probably wouldn't be healthy.
  11. There's just something about that belt fed upper receiver that is calling my name.
  12. I had 3Cut repair one for me. The problem is, the broken tab is probably just the symptom and not the cure. Chances are your rifle is out of time, which causes the cartridge to come up early and broke off the bolt tab. The out of time is often the result of shooting a round out of battery or forcing a stuck round, thus bending something important inside. I would recommend sending the whole rifle to the gunsmith so they can fix the timing after they repair the bolt.
  13. I've heard stories of mechanics smoking a cigarette while discharging freon. Sort of like welding with a big lighter in your shirt pocket. Not a good idea.
  14. As I recall, the original JM Marlins were pretty rough right out of the box too. The Marlin 94 is a lot cheaper to slick up than the Uberti 73. Good video. I'm glad to see Ruger producing a good rifle for SASS.
  15. Sorry. Copywrited. But for a small franchise fee...
  16. Sometimes you can find shot sold by local gun clubs. If you can avoid shipping costs, you'll come out ahead.
  17. I've had some luck finding these things on eBay from time to time. Usually, I just break down and buy it from Dillon and pay the price. Good luck.
  18. Camping World has a horrible reputation in the RV community. They are fine for buying sewer hoses and black tank treatment tablets but I would never consider buying an RV from them or taking my RV to them for service. They are the modern version of a sneaky used car dealer. You're much better off either doing your own maintenance/repairs or finding a mom and pop dealership you trust. Camping World. We're not happy till your not happy.
  19. I'm glad to see some Cowboys taking over Waimea's bullet business. I'll be topping off my Outlaw Bullet reserves as soon as they get up and running.
  20. I like it. Now you need to get it threaded for a suppressor.
  21. Being of a suspicious mind, just where and how long are these images store? I'm sure they didn't set up this system for my convenience. Are they transferred to that big NSA database out west that George Bush built? Hmmmm
  22. Do components like primers and powder fall under this DROS background requirement or is it just loaded ammunition?
  23. If you can find Tite Group locally at a decent price, ($30/lb is a good price) then that's a great powder to use for all your pistol rounds. You can even use Tite Group for loading 12 gauge shotgun shells. For 125 gr. 38's, load 2.8 - 3.4 gr of Tite Group, depending on how wimpy or manly you want your rounds. Tite Group is all I've used in pistols cartridges for 15 years. Works great. Hodgdon even has a recipe for loading .223 with Tite Group to get subsonic loads. https://hodgdonreloading.com/rldc/
  24. Unfortunately, the only thing a "Them" does is design clothes that nobody can afford and cut hair.
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