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  1. That is the way Canada is today. There isn't a Liberal Member of Parliament from Winnipeg, MB west to Vancouver, BC. Eastern Canada has all the socialists.
  2. I was stationed at Moose Jaw, SK for five years. Just as an aside: Moose Jaw, SK was where Art Linkletter of "Kids say the darnedest things" fame was born. When I was there during 1975-80 the front part of his house was a barber shop.
  3. I saw one a few years back that belonged to a dentist, 2TH DR
  4. The official protocol for the Canadian flag is that it always flies alone. I thought that it was the same protocol for the U.S. flag or, any national flag for that matter. If it isn't, it should be.
  5. To me, the best pirate is Robert Newton as Long John Silver
  6. If California has banned lead projectiles, what do the cowboy shooters use at their matches?
  7. I'm going to dig out the DVD and watch the movie, The Battle Of Britain again. Gudda Gudda Gudda.
  8. Billy Bishop, a Canadian, shot down 72 enemy aircraft during WWI. His Son served during WWII and after the war he used to enjoy telling that between him and his Dad, they shot down 73 enemy aircraft.
  9. Years ago I attended a Police conference and it included a tour of a Brewery. They said that beer (lager) 5% alcohol, has a shelf life of 40 days.
  10. At first I thought you were talking about Canada, same scenario.
  11. 50,000 Canadians fought in the U.S. Civil War, most served on the Union side.
  12. If one didn't see the original, then the Bing Crosby version was a good movie. It was like the remake of Angel and the badman with the Duke. If you didn't see the original, the remake with Lou Diamond Phillips was a good movie.
  13. A racist is a person who is winning an argument with a Liberal.
  14. It's getting so that one cant say anything anymore for fear of being crapped on..
  15. You are going to have to emigrate to Canada. Our Prime Minister is going to have a Throne Speech on Sept 24 and it will include a guaranteed income for everyone. If it passes, no one will have to work anymore. And, it looks like it will pass. God help us from a socialist government.
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