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  1. Back in the 50's Calgary Police carried the wobbly Webleys with one chamber empty, they called it "safety of the public" whatever that meant.
  2. We got TV in 1956, the shows then were Tug Boat, Ed Sullivan, Dragnet, Roy Rogers, Sea Hunt, Wild Bill Hickok, Father Knows Best, The Honeymooners, Lassie, Perry Mason, Howdy Doody. The Millionaire, Our Miss Brooks, December Bride, My Little Margie, Soldiers of Fortune
  3. They even gave us the time that the ash would start falling at Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. We went and parked overlooking the river valley and sure enough, it started coming down like snowflakes right on time. Moose Jaw is approx 1000 miles from Mt Saint Helen.
  4. The Searchers She Wore a Yellow Ribbon Hondo The Horse Soldiers I have all of his westerns on DVD from the early 1940's except Circus World. Have a scattering of his poverty row westerns also.
  5. Now that is putting it into perspective
  6. A couple of weeks ago I was in town picking up groceries and as I was putting them in my truck 5 RCMP vehicles, 2 peace officer vehicles, 1 fire chief vehicle and 3 fire trucks all with lights and sirens going entered the store parking lot and continued on through. It turned out they were just doing a salute throughout the town to the medical staff at the hospital. The RCAF Snowbirds arobatic team is touring all over Canada over the next couple of weeks, it is supposed to be a public moral builder.
  7. You can get Sons of Liberty in Blu-ray DVD from Amazon.
  8. Never squat with your spurs on. Intelligence is like a river, the deeper it is, the less noise it makes.
  9. Payers on the way from north of the Medicine Line. Take care.
  10. Reading a book and it referred to Pennsylvania and Wisconsin as the Rust Belt states, curious as to why that is. I know Pittsburgh is heavy into steel, is that why?
  11. The Bank branch, where we deal at, the tellers do not have a cash drawer. if you make a withdrawal the teller goes to the rear of the teller area where they use a personal pin card to open a cash drawer to withdraw money from, then brings it back to the wicket. Most people today withdraw cash from the bank's ATM. Just as an aside, I haven't handled any cash for over a month and a half due to Covid-19. Stores want you to use credit or debit card only and preferably with a tap capability instead of using the buttons.
  12. I have the DVD, it's called "when the west was fun".
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