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  1. Wow! I'm sorry to hear that, prayers on the way Miss Allie
  2. My wife won't watch modern westerns because of the graphic violence. She likes the westerns from the 50s and 60s where, when you shot a bad guy, he just fell over without blood, guts, and brains flying in every direction. She has watched the complete series of The Virginian twice.
  3. I notice that in many of the TV westerns, there is no need to reload as a lot of them are empty to begin with. Gun smoke and Larado in particular.
  4. And we also know that Hollywood is a stickler for accuracy.
  5. For those into useless trivia, when Duvall is standing in the street facing the bad guys just before the gunfight, There is a mountain directly behind him. Out of view between Duvall and the mountain is the Trans Canada Highway that is between Calgary and Banff. The opening scene to the movie was filmed just a couple of miles from the area that the Unforgiven, Monte Walsh and Crossfire Trail was filmed.
  6. So that's where the movie, The Great Locomotive Chase with Fess Parker came from.
  7. I don't think I would like to work on that ranch. You would always wonder if you were going to get that ride to the train station.
  8. I actually had a military medical officer tell me after reviewing my annual medical, "You are in pretty good shape for a 42-year-old." That was 37 years ago.
  9. The exact same thing is happening up here north of the Medicine Line. They are finding that some of the ones collecting free Covid money are willing to work, only if they are paid in cash so that they can still collect the free government money. Businesses have to turn them down or end up facing the tax revenue people.
  10. If he is supposed to be playing a 90 yr old in the movie, maybe he is playing it as what people think a 90 yr old would act like and, that he is really more agile in real life. Just a guessin' mind you.
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