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  1. They are also knocking over Statues in Canada. Our first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, Queen Victoria and even our current Queen Elizabeth ll.
  2. I have always said it is supposed to be fun, not an endurance test.
  3. For those into useless trivia, the signature gives it away. Her signature is, "Elizabeth R" short for Elizabeth Regina. Regina is Latin for Queen.
  4. With all due respect, sir. Weir asked Reno for permission to go to the sound of the guns, Reno denied it. Weir then went to Benteen who also denied Weirs request. Weir went anyway and Godfrey assumed that Weir had permission and followed. Reno and Benteen then decided that the whole command would go but their pace was slower than Weir and Godfrey as they were taking the wounded. When the Hostiles left LSH towards Reno's command of which part of it was already at Weir Point, Reno's command did an about turn back towards Reno Hill. The withdrawal was slow due to transporting the wounded,
  5. Reno and Benteen attempted to go to Custer but only got as far as Weir Point. What they witnessed from that point was the dying minutes/seconds of Custer's last stand approx 3 miles distant. The Hostiles saw them at Weir Point and advanced towards them. Reno decided to return to his original hilltop position and set up a defensive position. He lost one man during that Weir Point maneuver.
  6. June 26, 1876 The remainder of the 7th Cav at the Little Big Horn River came under heavy fire at the Reno/Benteen defensive position, 4 miles south of Last Stand Hill (LSH) at dawn on this date. Custer and his 5 companies are dead. Late that afternoon the Hostiles struck camp and headed south. It wasn't until the morning of June 27 that the reason for the withdrawal was clear. The Montana column led by Terry and Gibbon arrived from the north. On June 28 an effort was made to move the wounded to the steamer Far West which was located at the mouth of LBH River (where the town of Hardin is l
  7. I'm a Custerphile. I have studied the Little Big Horn (LBH) for the past 70 years. Been to LBH approx 15 times over the years. I have 2 1/2 shelves of books, notes, essays, maps, articles etc on the subject. About 10 years ago, I gave an impromptu guided tour of the Reno/Benteen upper defensive position aka Reno Hill, when the self-guided tour pamphlets ran out. That was before the current pictographs were in place that replaced the pamphlets. Going back again, probably for the last time on June 25, 2022
  8. $3000? I paid $450 at Costco, mind you, Health care paid for most of the original price.
  9. I forgot to mention that with hearing aids you don't have to hold your cell phone up to your ear as the sound goes straight thru to your hearing aids and you can actually set the phone on your desk or table and talk without holding it, as long as it is within a foot or so from your mouth.
  10. I got mine 2 1/2 yrs ago. I can hear birds chirping that I hadn't heard for years, The TV volume went from 15 down to 9, I can go walking and listen to those old radio shows through the hearing aids via my cell phone. The app is only approx $10. per year for thousands of radio shows. Numerous westerns such as Gunsmoke with William Conrad as Matt Dillon and John Dehner as Paladin in H.G.W.T. Roy Rogers, Hopalong Cassidy with William Boyd and Andy Clyde and many many more. Before I got them, I found cutting grass (3 acres) on my lawn tractor was boring as Hell, but, with my over
  11. That is known as the politically correct 10 dollar bill, Left to right, Anglophone, Francophone, Female and Indigenous Person. let me guess who the fifth one will be on the next issue.
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