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  1. It is spelled correctly, its when they crossed the "T" it just went over the top of the "I".
  2. We give our oath to the Queen. "I __________ do solemnly swear true allegiance to Her Majesty, the Queen, Elizabeth the Second, her heirs and successors, so help me God" Nothing in there about the government. As an Australian army general once said, "A soldier serves his Queen, not his government." I guess that all oaths of office regardless of where you are from, come down to the same thing in the long run. You are swearing allegiance to whomever you are working for. Or, in cowboy land, you are riding for the brand.
  3. He wasn't my Mom but, I always liked Col Sherman Potter's "Horse Hockey".
  4. The front license plate on my truck was the three Earps and Doc walking toward you in black silhouette with a silver revolver on either side with the caption top and bottom saying "Justice is coming and Hell is coming with it. I picked it up in Tombstone back in 2011. Most walked by and looked at it with no reaction except women, they had a tendency to kind of screw up their face in disgust. I replaced it the other day with one that has a Head and shoulders picture of the "Duke" wearing a cowboy hat and the caption says, "GRIT...pass it on.
  5. We have gamers that do this all the time before they are called to the firing line. Some still do it while on the firing line before they say that they are ready to shoot.
  6. Yellowstone is approx 300 miles ENE of Boise. If Yellowstone decides to blow, I'm not sure if 300 miles distance will be enough or not. Prevailing winds are from the W and WNW so that might help. We were stationed at Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan (yes, it really is a place) when Mount St. Helens blew and we had ash falling a week or so later, ENE and a distance of 865 miles as the crow flies. Fingers crossed.
  7. It seems that the safest place to reside in the U.S. from floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and forest fires, would be Boise, Idaho. Never heard of any catastrophes in that area.
  8. Our Minister of the Environment has actually come out and said, that if we don't take climate control seriously, that the world will end in 12 years. But, she is a rabid climate control freak. She actually calls it a climate emergency. We are hoping to get rid of our communi, er, socialist government during our federal election on Oct 21, 2019. 49 days and counting.
  9. There was an old bumper sticker that said, "Hire a teenager while they still know everything".
  10. During Air Force boot camp, we took a one day course on the "Introduction to Technical Tools". "This is a hammer, it is used to hammer nails into wood, notice the claw on it? It is used to pull out nails.. One thing that I did learn was that a flat bladed screwdriver is called a "Gordon" screwdriver to go along with the "Robertson" and the "Phillips" screwdrivers. Other than on that course, I have never heard anyone ever call a flat bladed screwdriver a Gordon. I'm sure that if you asked someone to hand you the Gordon screwdriver, you will get, "Hand you the WHAT???"
  11. North of the Medicine Line, I say turn signal. Up here north of the Medicine Line we say turn signal, holidays, tap, and lawyer.
  12. They say that a horse will not "Intentionally" step on you. When I had horses I got stepped on a couple of times only because my foot was in a place that the horse couldn't see it and "Ouch". Talking to rodeo cowboys, they say that a bucking horse will almost break its neck trying not to land on you, only if they know you are there. If they don't know you are there and their feet land on your head, it was an accident, not intentional. Now a Brahma bull ,that's different, it will buck you off and then try and kill you.
  13. Whenever I use #9, my wife yells out, "Are you cleaning guns again, can't you do that outside?"
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