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  1. We still have lots of snow up here in Red Deer County. We are at the edge of the chinooks.
  2. This maybe a bit off the intent of the topic but, But it is railway. The title reminded me that in Dec 2021 the Canadian Pacific Railway bought out the Kansas City Southern Railway for US$30 billion. It is now called the Canadian Pacific Kansas City Railway (CPKC). The CPKC is the first and only single line railway connecting Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. I haven't seen any KCS rolling stock go through our town yet but, almost every train going through has at least one KCS engine. I suspect that there will be a new rolling stock color scheme in the near future. Sorry if this is the wrong spot for it.
  3. Happy Birthday, Forty, all the best. I reach the same age in August. In 2022, they had to create a new age category for me, called it EL' PATRON. Guess what? I got first place, that is only until the next 80 yr old enters the fray.
  4. I found and bought it on Amazon about 6 months ago in DVD, it was my first time viewing it and I really enjoyed it.
  5. Minus 40 in both F and C outside right now in Red Deer County
  6. This is the first year that I put up the outside Christmas lights while wearing a short-sleeved shirt. Normally it's -20.
  7. Trudeau had the gall to stand in an open forum and tell a wounded warrior, to his face, who lost his leg from stepping on a land mine in Afghanistan, that "You are asking for more than we can give." I had to stop watching that video as it was too hard on my blood pressure.
  8. OK, I took another look. At first glance I thought that was a foam cooler and couldn't figure out what would make those marks on a foam cooler. Now I see that it is a full size freezer and of course those are hockey puck marks. Hey, I'm old. I can remember my Dad coming home from WWll.
  9. I'm a Canadian, and I don't know what made those marks. Do I have to turn in my citizenship?
  10. Normal people don't. It's the WOKE side of the house that vote for him, along with all the women out there that still consider him to be in the rock star category.
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