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  1. Ford Canada owns Hertz Rentals up here, not sure if the same in the U.S., and they replace the Hertz vehicles every year. Now you have a bunch of one year old vehicles on the Ford lots with low mileage, with a reduced price and still on Ford warranty. My wife has bought 3 of their ex rental Ford Escapes over the years all in basically new car condition.
  2. The Queen publically stated about 2 yrs ago that Charles would succeed her. There are people that would rather that the throne be turned over to William but, it's not in the cards.
  3. The Queen is looking pretty frail, I wouldn't be surprised if she turned over the Throne to Charles before the end of this year. Just a guessin' mind you.
  4. Doug Sayewich said that Heffley Creek cancelled all of their 2021 shoots.
  5. Yesterday a neighbor told me that the NRA in the U.S. declared bankruptcy. Is that true? I always thought that was one of the strongest lobby groups in the U.S. I remember film clips of Charlton Heston holding up a musket at the NRA convention saying, "From my cold dead hands."
  6. Wasn't Karen Black one of the Bond girls with Sean Connery?
  7. He didn't mince words, he called as he saw it. RIP
  8. We were so poor that my Dad would give us kids a quarter if we didn't eat supper, then he stole it during the night and gave us kids a heck the next day for losing it.
  9. After being an MP for 27 yrs, I did 10 yrs as a civilian LEO (traffic cop). The one that would pop up every once in a while was, "Your radar has to be wrong as my speedometer showed that I was within the speed limit." Another one that used to pop up was, " I'LL SEE YOU IN COURT!" My answer was always, "That's great, as I get time and a half for going to court. see you there." Then of course there is the old, "I'll have your job." Ah, the good old days, gone forever.
  10. When I retired from the military 34 years ago, we settled on 47 acres 5 miles from town, and during that period I saw one garter snake (harmless critters) and that was 5 years ago. My son's in laws farmed in southern Saskatchewan and was a haven for those harmless garter snakes. He just hated snakes period and had a 410 shotgun mounted on his sit down lawnmower when cutting the grass.
  11. Sorry to hear that Bob. My grandmother had it about 50 years ago, back then it wasn't referred to as Alzheimer's, it was called going senile.
  12. My wife and I are watching The High Chaparral series now, we finished the color version of Gunsmoke and are on the last disc of the High Chaparral when I saw that Mr. Darrow had passed on. He was my favorite character on that series. It seems that he always saved the Cannons a$$ from either the Apache, Comancheros or just about any situation that the Cannons got themselves into.
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