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  1. As John Wayne said more than once in the movie, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, "You will learn never to apologize, it's a sign of weakness."
  2. We are 350 miles north of Missoula as the crow flies but, we only had 55 to 60 mph wind gusts however, a tree fell and missed my horse shelter by literally inches. Lots of branches on the ground though.
  3. Unofficially, we used to call them pukes.
  4. Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier and Treasure Island.
  5. I used a straight edge and they are all either perfectly level or below level. Since they are only a small amount I'll put them in with my pistol ammo. Thanks again guys for your assistance.
  6. I had a senior's moment and put about 15 large rifle primers in 45 Colt large pistol primer cases. I then noticed that oops, wrong primers but, they fit with no problem. Is there really a difference or can they be interchangeable? I set them off to the side and won't use them until I get some advice on whether to use them in my pistol or pop them out. Or, am I concerned about nothing. Appreciate your comments
  7. We haven't been to a theater since Clint's Unforgiven, 29 yrs ago. moved up this Cristmas from a 50" TV to a 60" TV, that's good enough for us. I watched the Searchers in Blu-ray the other day and on the 60" TV, you feel that you could walk right into the picture it was so clear and distinct.
  8. That was a fun read, thanks Allie. Or, as Bob Hope used to say, thanks for the memories. Cheers!
  9. The former RCAF Penhold doesn't belong to the government anymore, it is now a hamlet of Red Deer County and the name was changed from Mynarski Park to Springbrook, with many new housing developments. The old Provincial Gov't bunker was destroyed as they were afraid that an outlaw biker gang would take it over. The airfield is now the Red Deer Regional Airport. The old hangers are being used for Water Bombers and private outfits including a flying training school. It is basically a bedroom community of the city of Red Deer. We are I5 kms from Springbrook in the opposite direction.
  10. We just added a new category this past summer called "Outlaw". You shoot at all targets from the hip. So as not to slow the pace down, on the shotgun targets you shoot the number of knockdowns from the hip and if you miss any, then the extra shots are done from the shoulder.
  11. No Christmas concerts or much else in Alberta for the next 30 days. Effective 00:01 hrs 13 Dec 2020 all events are closed down, restaurants can only serve take out, the bars are closed, barber shops, hair dressers, all closed until mid January and only if the Covid numbers come down. No family gatherings at Christmas, only persons allowed in your house are when you need a plumber or a electrician to repair something. Family not living in your residence are not allowed in. Mandatory masks at all times when out in a public area or a business that is still open. Stores that are allowed to st
  12. I am guessing that they are period combat boots that you are wearing. If they are, I noticed that the laces are criss crossed. If so, do U.S. troops lace them criss cross or straight across. We always laced them straight across as it was easier and quicker to cut the laces if attending to a foot wound. Just wondering, not criticizing.
  13. I had finished my basic training and was waiting to go on the Air Force Police course. Laying on my bed listening to my roommate's radio when it was announced.
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