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  1. If you look at JW's hat cord in various movies, you will see that it is dark in color, not bright yellow.
  2. The guy wearing the John Wayne costume is wearing the wrong color cavalry cord on his hat.
  3. My first car was a 1949 Studebaker Champion
  4. A few years back I was at an Air Force Police reunion and a fellow there was wearing a ball cap that said.....I'm a senior and I want my damn discount.
  5. When we asked why the name Hornet was dropped, that was their explanation. All previous RCAF aircraft had English names and the CF-18 was the first aircraft that came online after Canada was declared a bilingual country, where everything connected with the federal government must have everything in English and French. Canada is currently looking for a replacement to the CF-18 and it appears to be the F-35. I will bet if it is the one that they purchase, it will be the 2nd and last RCAF aircraft without a name, just because it will need two different names in two different languages, and it is easier to just forget that part. As the old Red Rose Tea commercials used to say, "Only in Canada you say.....pity."
  6. I just watched Centennial with Robert Conrad, for the 2nd time in about 6 or 7 years. His French Canadian accent was pretty decent until he pronounces the city of Montreal a couple times. He pronounces it in English. Of all the French Canadians that I served with in the Air Force, when they spoke English they always pronounced Montreal in French. In English it is pronounced Mont-ree-all, in French it is pronounced Moe-re-al. Not a big deal nor am I knitting picking, but only an English Canadian that hung out with French Canadians would notice that. Conrad's role in that show was my favorite part of the whole program, a very good actor. There are English words that do not have a French equivalent. I used to chuckle when a couple of French Canadians would be speaking in French and the odd English word would pop out, such as Teenager, or weekend. Every RCAF aircraft since 1924 had a name that went with their model number, until the CF-18 came on line. It was to be called the Hornet however, there is no French equivalent for the word Hornet, making the CF-18 the only aircraft in the history of the RCAF not to have a name, it's officially just the CF-18.
  7. I liked the story of the Revenant but, I didn't like the way it was filmed. There was only one scene where the sun was out. The director said it was intentional to film it that way. I like the old Jimmy Stewart westerns where the sun is shining and the picture is bright with beautiful scenery and pretty girls. I have not seen the Green Book.
  8. We still have Olivia de Havilland, one of the major stars of Gone With The Wind (1939), who is also 103 years old, and is currently living in Paris, France.
  9. When I mentioned to the wife about the Henry being unloaded and the "66 had the fore stock removed to make it look like a Henry, her comment was, "I don't care, I just want to watch the show."
  10. Hey! I'm and old guy I meant to say '92 but, my brain was saying '94.
  11. I was watching an episode from the newly released 10th season of Bonanza, in which the Ben Johnson character (an army deserter) was holding Little Joe, at bay with a Henry '60 rifle however, you could tell by the location of the button that it was empty. He kept Little Joe approx 5' apart at bay for quite a while with this empty Henry. Ben's wife was carrying a Winchester '66 with the fore stock removed. In one scene she was carrying the empty Henry then back with the '66 in another scene. I was thinking that before I got involved with cowboy shooting, I would have never noticed any of this. I have watched the Duke in the Searchers several times, but it wasn't until after I got into cowboy shooting that I noticed that when they were chased across the river by the Indians and then set up a defensive position on the other side, that Duke was firing a '94 carbine and in the next scene he was firing a '94 short rifle, then back to the '94 carbine.
  12. The guy on the bottom right is Gordie Tapp, a Canadian from London Ontario.
  13. Mud, the plot was to kill as many Germans as possible, before they killed us.
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