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  1. It sounds like northern lights, but, you are pretty far south for them. We are 60 miles north of Calgary, and we get them periodically, especially during the winter.
  2. In Canada, we have the $1 and $2 coins and the vending machines accept them. Our paper money is now plastic bills. Plastic bills keep their body and last a lot longer. A worn out plastic bill doesn't feel like a piece of limp tissue paper. It was a good move to go to $1, & $2 coins and plastic paper money
  3. We always called protestant clergy Padre however, we called catholic clergy Father.
  4. I was an MP for 25 years but, today I would choose another trade.
  5. The higher up you are in the police hierarchy, the more political correct you have to be.
  6. I read somewhere that he was attacked by Piranha while swimming in the river.
  7. I believe it is NATO standard, the Canadian Military and the RCMP use; Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Echo, Delta........The Brit military also use it.
  8. We use Bravo Zulu in the Canadian Military, and use BZ as the abbreviation for it.
  9. The Alberta Frontier Shootists had their last shoot two weeks ago however, there is still lever action silhouette at Trochu on Oct 6th if there isn't any snow on the ground.
  10. A BluRay DVD player will enhance a regular DVD.
  11. It is spelled correctly, its when they crossed the "T" it just went over the top of the "I".
  12. We give our oath to the Queen. "I __________ do solemnly swear true allegiance to Her Majesty, the Queen, Elizabeth the Second, her heirs and successors, so help me God" Nothing in there about the government. As an Australian army general once said, "A soldier serves his Queen, not his government." I guess that all oaths of office regardless of where you are from, come down to the same thing in the long run. You are swearing allegiance to whomever you are working for. Or, in cowboy land, you are riding for the brand.
  13. He wasn't my Mom but, I always liked Col Sherman Potter's "Horse Hockey".
  14. The front license plate on my truck was the three Earps and Doc walking toward you in black silhouette with a silver revolver on either side with the caption top and bottom saying "Justice is coming and Hell is coming with it. I picked it up in Tombstone back in 2011. Most walked by and looked at it with no reaction except women, they had a tendency to kind of screw up their face in disgust. I replaced it the other day with one that has a Head and shoulders picture of the "Duke" wearing a cowboy hat and the caption says, "GRIT...pass it on.
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