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  1. Canadian French is not Parisian French, it's bastardized French and with different dialects depending where in Quebec that you live plus a lot of slang with a few English words thrown in as there is no French equivalent such as, teenager or weekend. I knew one Corporal in the Air Force that didn't speak English when he joined up. He said that when he was stationed at Metz, France, the locals thought he was an American trying to speak French.
  2. Is Jayhawk Doc's brother? I remember Doc's brother shooting at Rocky Mountain House when their Dad, Wildrose was alive but, I haven't seen him since.
  3. The AFS president believes it is the Edmonton group that lost their range at Spruce Grove. He mentions the alias Jayhawk as being connected to it. I might know Jayhawk to see him, but the alias doesn't ring a bell.
  4. AFS has posted their dates for 2021. May 28-30 June 18-20 July 30 - Aug 02 Sep 10-12 I'll check with the AFS exec to see if they have any info on the CHAS. I'm wondering if this is the Edmonton group that lost their range at Spruce Grove a couple of years back. Will advise
  5. Wow! Glad to see that you are OK Jabez. All the best, take care.
  6. About 25 or so yrs ago I was in Cody, WY. As I was leaving town, I stopped to gas up. I pulled up to the pumps and a kid came out to fill it up. I went into the gas station and when the kid came in to tell the guy behind the counter how much the price of the gas was, I handed him my Visa card and he had one of those machines where you had to put a card with a flimsy on top with a carbon in the middle. Then had to put the Visa card on top and run a lever across the card and receipt. and then had to fill out by hand the state and lic number. The 1st three letters of my plate was JZP. I ga
  7. I see that there is a Canadian connection. Is it pronounced C Zee or C Zed ? Asking for a Canadian friend.
  8. How long have they been filming season 4, maybe her scenes haven't come up yet. Just wondering, as she was one of the main characters.
  9. I liked him as the Int Officer in the movie Midway. The old Midway, not the recent one.
  10. JW in SWAYR - "You will learn to never apologize, it's a sign of weakness."
  11. When they moved the location from Montana to Alberta it saved $2 million in production costs due to the exchange rate. The sets for the ranch were the Rafters Six Resort (since dismantled) between Canmore and Calgary, AB. The ID badges on the army uniforms were of the forerunner of the Calgary Highlanders. Several current members of the Calgary Highlanders (current Militia unit in Calgary) played the soldiers in the movie. Most of the cast stayed in Calgary during the filming.
  12. He was at the Canadians at Rocky Mountain House back in 2011 + or - 1 yr and he wore his period USMC whites
  13. As John Wayne said more than once in the movie, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, "You will learn never to apologize, it's a sign of weakness."
  14. We are 350 miles north of Missoula as the crow flies but, we only had 55 to 60 mph wind gusts however, a tree fell and missed my horse shelter by literally inches. Lots of branches on the ground though.
  15. Unofficially, we used to call them pukes.
  16. Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier and Treasure Island.
  17. I used a straight edge and they are all either perfectly level or below level. Since they are only a small amount I'll put them in with my pistol ammo. Thanks again guys for your assistance.
  18. I had a senior's moment and put about 15 large rifle primers in 45 Colt large pistol primer cases. I then noticed that oops, wrong primers but, they fit with no problem. Is there really a difference or can they be interchangeable? I set them off to the side and won't use them until I get some advice on whether to use them in my pistol or pop them out. Or, am I concerned about nothing. Appreciate your comments
  19. We haven't been to a theater since Clint's Unforgiven, 29 yrs ago. moved up this Cristmas from a 50" TV to a 60" TV, that's good enough for us. I watched the Searchers in Blu-ray the other day and on the 60" TV, you feel that you could walk right into the picture it was so clear and distinct.
  20. That was a fun read, thanks Allie. Or, as Bob Hope used to say, thanks for the memories. Cheers!
  21. The former RCAF Penhold doesn't belong to the government anymore, it is now a hamlet of Red Deer County and the name was changed from Mynarski Park to Springbrook, with many new housing developments. The old Provincial Gov't bunker was destroyed as they were afraid that an outlaw biker gang would take it over. The airfield is now the Red Deer Regional Airport. The old hangers are being used for Water Bombers and private outfits including a flying training school. It is basically a bedroom community of the city of Red Deer. We are I5 kms from Springbrook in the opposite direction.
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