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  1. A couple of years ago Central Alberta CO-OP took all of the hunting and gun magazines off the shelf and when they got a new manager, they all reappeared. All the major drug stores here have gun and hunting magazines on the shelf. Now, having said that, most stores have removed all magazines and greeting cards from the shelves because of COVID-19.
  2. Back in the late 1950's when I was in high school, I worked as a grocery packer at Safeways after school and on Saturdays and the front doors were not automatic.
  3. We watched tht two seasons of Yellowstone that are available on DVD and the two seasons of Yellow Rose. We prefer Yellow Rose because of less graphic violence and a good story line. Too bad it only lasted 2 seasons.
  4. This is a result of last week when a black woman went over the balcony from the 24th story building while police were present. The demonstrations in Montreal are related to George Lloyd.
  5. I was surprised that it was the ejector, but before it would not eject the last live round and only about 2 maybe 3 empty casings out 0f 10. Now it's doing it 10 for with both the last live round and the last empty round. What can I say?
  6. I would have to take a course on how to post photos. When you lay both ejectors side by side, the new one the spring curled up 3/16" higher at the tip than the one that was in the gun. The spring in the old one was more compressed than on the new on.
  7. The George Floyd syndrome has sneaked across the border. I read yesterday that a police officer in Toronto in a Black neighborhood was refused service at a drive thru because she was a white cop.
  8. Exactly. 3/16" wider. The extractor spring was really strong and I couldn't see how that was the problem. The hook was sharp and clean, so when I had my parts out, I noticed that the arch on the current ejector was less than the new one, so I switched it and viola.
  9. Got to look on the bright side Bob, Your wife is on the mend and you will be back on the Lazy Bob Ranch in no time. Take care, both of you.
  10. While I was waiting for Widder's reply, I replaced the ejector and guess what, it solved the problem. It will now eject the last empty 10 out of 10 times and same with the last live round. Who would of thought it was the ejector. Anyway, thanks to everyone who took the time to help out an old cowhand. Cheers everybody and stay safe.
  11. Hello Widder. The pin looks like it is narrower on one side over the other. The narrow side is indented slightly and the thicker end is flush. I tried both ways and it wouldn't budge. I assume the indented narrow side is the one to punch. It's hard to move it. It's like it is welded in the hole. So should I just be a bit more aggressive in punching it out? Thanks for your time
  12. Thanks folks, I try the cleaning as soon as I get home and see if that works.
  13. I have a Marlin 94 in 45 cal. It will eject all live rounds except the last one. It will eject all empty casings except the last one. When I levered it slow motion so I could see what was happening, I noticed that the exractor pulled the last live round or the last empty round about one inch to the rear and then drop it down onto the elevator. Any suggestions as to the problem and how to correct it would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  14. Back in the 50's Calgary Police carried the wobbly Webleys with one chamber empty, they called it "safety of the public" whatever that meant.
  15. We got TV in 1956, the shows then were Tug Boat, Ed Sullivan, Dragnet, Roy Rogers, Sea Hunt, Wild Bill Hickok, Father Knows Best, The Honeymooners, Lassie, Perry Mason, Howdy Doody. The Millionaire, Our Miss Brooks, December Bride, My Little Margie, Soldiers of Fortune
  16. They even gave us the time that the ash would start falling at Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. We went and parked overlooking the river valley and sure enough, it started coming down like snowflakes right on time. Moose Jaw is approx 1000 miles from Mt Saint Helen.
  17. The Searchers She Wore a Yellow Ribbon Hondo The Horse Soldiers I have all of his westerns on DVD from the early 1940's except Circus World. Have a scattering of his poverty row westerns also.
  18. Now that is putting it into perspective
  19. A couple of weeks ago I was in town picking up groceries and as I was putting them in my truck 5 RCMP vehicles, 2 peace officer vehicles, 1 fire chief vehicle and 3 fire trucks all with lights and sirens going entered the store parking lot and continued on through. It turned out they were just doing a salute throughout the town to the medical staff at the hospital. The RCAF Snowbirds arobatic team is touring all over Canada over the next couple of weeks, it is supposed to be a public moral builder.
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