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  1. According to her, Calamity was a Canadian (from Manitoba), and they did not want the registered alias of an American old west icon like Calamity Jane outside of the U.S. She gave up CAS and returned to figure skating competitively for her age group. She was a figure skater in her younger days. I used to enjoy reading her posts as they were so well done, and she played the Calamity Jane part to the hilt.
  2. Someone once said that this was the view from Canada.
  3. "I may stop shooting". And, that is what the Lefties are hoping for.
  4. I saw one that was 2TH DR. Obviously a dentist.
  5. When I was stationed a RCAF Stn Val d'Or, Quebec back in the early 60's, there was a USAF Captain whose actual name was Dusty Rhodes. I knew another fellow who used to be jealous of people who had neat sounding names, he had to put up with Doug Funk.
  6. Thanks Doc, that reference explains it all. A real interesting read.
  7. Did Mark Slade quit the High Chaparral at the end of season 3? we started watching season 4 and his name doesn't appear in the credits any longer.
  8. Just read on the CAS City site that PJ Hardtack passed away from complications of cancer treatments. PJ was mostly on the CAS City SIte
  9. If you go on Amazon you can see the bills and they really look real from a distance. That's where I got them.
  10. You can buy what looks like real U.S. and Cdn bills that at a glance look like the real thing. I bought some U.S. ones before I knew that there was a Canadian issue for the grand kids. Up close there are several red flags that only a drunk or a dumb azz would not see that they were phony. Various letters in the serial numbers, wrong presidents names, In God We Thrust, serial numbers in the wrong location, printed on plain paper, on the right hand side of the $100. bill, in the yellow area, it says It's not money it's a joke. etc. They were advertised for theatrical purposes, teaching c
  11. In Clayton Moore's book, "I Was That Masked Man" he stated that the Hollywood trick to keep one's hat on during a horse fall or a fist fight, or galloping a horse at top speed during the B western era, was to put a narrow piece of hospital tubing under the sweat band and then jam the hat onto your head.
  12. I'm glad to see that I am not alone. Up here if you phone a federal government agency, 9 times out of 10 you will get an East Indian on the other end, and then I'm really lost.
  13. Both of our parents are deceased, so I guess that makes us orphans, but, For the mother of our children I will be making Cornish game hen with wild rice stuffing, peas, cheese pull apart buns and for desert, Saskatoon pie with vanilla ice cream. Pre-dinner cocktails will be a British Columbia Chardonnay with an Australian Shiraz during dinner and finished off with a Bailey's for me and a brandy for her. I know it sounds like putting on the Ritz, but she certainly deserves it for putting up with me for the past 53 years. .
  14. Back when I was a civilian LEO, we had a seminar on how to handle a loaded cattle liner involved in a vehicle accident on a highway, where the animals got loose and were wandering on the highway. They said that you have to remember that pigs cannot jump, if you want them to board another vehicle you must build a ramp. If you have two horses on one side of the highway an 10 on the other side you know that the two will want to join the 10. The best way was to cut the farmers fence and herd them through it to get them away from the highway (provincial government will pay the farmer/rancher for
  15. Another one to steer clear of is a Brahma bull.
  16. That was the year that I started with SASS.
  17. Due to our proximity to the mountains, we don't put out annuals until June 1st. Got stung with frost too many times planting right after Victoria Day. I remember being down at Fort Abraham Lincoln, ND and they said that May 17 (called Custer Day) was the 1st day for planting crops in North Dakota. The 17th of May 1876 was the date that Lt Col Custer and the 7th Cavalry left Fort Lincoln heading west towards the Little Big Horn River.
  18. Yesterday it was 68F at our place, not bad for this time of the year north of the Medicine Line. Places east of us are a little warmer as they are further from the Rockies than we are.
  19. I watched it to see how the virtual set up was going to work and as soon as I saw that I clicked on the DVD for The High Chaparral.
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