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  1. Hi Willie, how ya going,. You want em?

  2. So OK none of you on this thread ever buy any new loaded ammo. So if no one is buying new loaded ammo then how do the likes of Choice Ammunition, Ten X and Bullets by Scarlett keep in business? Sooner or later you need to replace the brass you've lost, so why would you buy just brass when you can buy newly loaded cowboy ammo with new brass and you get to shoot what you've bought and save the reloading time.?? Those companies are selling new 38 special with Hi Tek coated bullets with cowboy power factors for 68 cents/round =$680.00/1000 The reason I ask is that I have approx 1000 rounds of new ammo (same spec as Choice or Scarlett's stuff) with 125 and 158 I'm never going to use and only asking $500.00 And all packed in Caseguard boxes plus shipping or transported to a range near you or it can be arranged. Hit me up.
  3. Yep always a great match, we've done it about 6 times as it was always the weekend after EOT, and Kathouse Kelli's birthday on the 4th July. Check out Kat's blog on FB at Adventures of Jack n Kat.
  4. Where you getting bullets at $25.00/500 and where are you buying primers at$ 60.00/1000 ????? Inquiring minds would like to know.
  5. So cowboys, with all the higher prices now for almost everything how has it affected your cost to reload? Be interested to hear what y'all have worked out to reload 38 special with a 125 gn and/or 158 gn pill. Cost must include new brass as sooner or later you're gunna haveta replace your split and lost brass. Brass, powder, primer, & projectile.
  6. Any one have one of these lying around? I know Goatnek was usually the source for these, I wonder if Travis see this he might be able to help. Thank.
  7. Yep, no punctures at all, and I can still deep breath without any pain now, pains have subsided substantinally, only come on if all of a sudden I think I'm superman and do stuff I shouldn't be doing and it comes back and gives me a kick.
  8. Well saw the doc and got the scan reports, I actually have FOUR broken ribs 4,5,6,7 First scan didn't pick it up. And no shooting either for a while, so I'll just browse around looking for a nice tourer.
  9. Yep, when we lived in OK RCD looked after all our guns, he is really good, and I had the octagonal barrels put on mine also by that Snake Oil sales man too. They were excellent, were sold to a cowboy in CA I think.
  10. SPG, I short stroke Rugers and I have never found that I had to put stronger springs in unless you're using a hard primer. Federal or even Winchester work just fine with mine and in fact I usually replace the hammer spring with an even lighter one. Just need to get the spring length right. In fact I have a pair of consecutive number NMVs Rugers for sale right now on the wire and are in fact a bargain I think. Considering that a Boogie SS kit will cost you in the region of $500.00 when I last looked, in addition to the gun itself, these are great buy.
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