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  1. Jack Daniels and George Dickels Distillery. Willie
  2. Hey Max, With all the reloading you do, you could definitely use this!
  3. I discussed this with RO (TO) before we started the stage , and we ALL did it right on our posse!!!
  4. Our posse did it right I knew the rule !!!!
  5. Bill there were no penalty assed to the one's that did not holster , fair ?
  6. Bill this happened this weekend , I discussed this with the RO and it was decided since the stage did not say to re-stage or holster,that the pistoles should be holstered according to the stage conventions. I know other posses returned them to the sill or holstered them at their discretion. I don't think it is a safety issue , advantage? Willie
  7. I'm sure this has been covered but I can't find it. Pistoles staged on first window sill, second window rifle , shotgun third. Shooter starts at any window (rifle not last) . The scenario DOES NOT SAY that the pistoles can be re-staged on the window sill. So if the shooter starts with the pistoles must he holster them before moving to another gun or can he re-stage the on the window. The call was that he must holster the pistoles if he started with them since it did not say that he could re-staged them. Thanks Willie
  8. Kidd trigger assembly Boyd’s stock Fedderson barrel Mueller scope Total about $1,000
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