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  1. Jimmy Spurs in NH. Willie
  2. Sorry wanted to no if SASS ever had a no shotgun make up rule, and how you would feel shooting and match with no shotgun makeups.
  3. How would you feel shooting a match with no shotgun makeups ?
  4. Just looked at VTI gun parts , they list at least four different part # for the magazine tube , octagon , 1/2 rd. , round , plus a few different lengths. Length would be no problem but if there are different tubes for different barrel configurations it might be cost prohibitive. Will have to do a little more research, unless someone knows if they are all the same except the length. Willie
  5. Might take a couple of weeks to get the info. Maybe I could have the whole mag tube made with the inside dimensions for .38 with my allen head plug made out of anodized aluminum. Dont know if there would be a call for the whole thing or not, or just the S.S. insert. Wilie
  6. I'll look into having them made , if there is enough call and at a reasonable price I'll have them made to go along with my allen tube plugs. willie
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