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  1. You got it. I'll PM info. Al
  2. It is off an original Winnie, but I used the long screw to put on a stock to fit me. Al
  3. '97 BUTTSTOCK THAT HAS BEEN CUT DOWN FOR YOUTH OR A SHORT ARMED PARD. 10.5 IN OVERALL, NO BUTT PLATE INCLUDED. NO CRACKS. $25.00 shipped. (most of this cost is the one rate box I'll ship it in. Al SOLD to Smoke wagon Grampies PF
  4. For that size trailer, look for a used Nissan Titan, with the 5 liter Cummings, Ideal vehicle. 5/8 ton. Lots of power. I know, mine is a 29 ft bumper pull, 2018 Titan XD. 13 mpg towing, 20+ unloaded. They will sell for less than the big 3. MHO. Luck with the search. Al
  5. Having had two Tiffins, I can say you can't find better quality, and Bob Tiffin backs his product 100%. This is a NICE coach. Luck with the sale. Al
  6. Why didn't I think that info was important? I used it for a 6" bbl S&W K38. FWIW, The SafariLand is also for a 6" bbl. (He who forgets, AL)
  7. Die set is still available. Send your info to PM, Thanks Al
  8. One last round for the weekend. I will entertain reasonable offers.
  9. I'll get a photo tomorrow AM. Thanks Send Add by PM Personal check is legal tender for me.
  10. Don't know if they're brass, but they are gold colored. PM your address and I'll package em up. Al
  11. More stuff from my shop I don't need no 'mo. SOLD: RCBS 44-40 Cowboy die set incl Lee factory crimp die and shell holder. $50.00 del (SOLD TO PeeWee PF) SOLD: RCBS 44 mag/spl die set. N0 shell holder. $40.00 del. Now 35.00 (SOLD to GVC PF) SOLD: NIB Lee .45 Colt Taper crimp die. $20.00 del (SOLD to Turkey Legs PF) D: Used, but very servicable Bianci Holster (Brown) Marked 5BHL S&W "N" for 6" bbl $50.00 del $40.00 E: Like new SafariLand Holster Marked&W Med Fr 6" bbl $50.00 del Both these holsters are very heavy leather, W/snap straps over hammers. SOLD: B-Square Ruger Mini 14 Dovetail scope mount. Blue. Complete w/instruction sheet. $20.00 del(SOLD to Flattop Lucky PF) Should you desire photos, PM your Phone # and I'll send'em. Thanks Al ALL THE ITEMS ARE ON THE WAY OR THERE BY NOW. THANKS TO ALL!! BE WELL AND PRAY FOR BETTER DAYS AHEAD. Al.
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