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  1. Forgot to state, these are .22 LR Single Sixs.

  2. July, what might you be wanting these for?  I have a pair of Ruger, SS, 4 5/8 bbl,fixed sight,  Bisleys that I have been considering selling.  These are a limited edition, and not cheap, but are a nice usable investment.  I have fired them about three cyls each, and cleaned and put them up.  They still look like new.  Have original boxes etc.  I bought them to practice shooting with my big Bisleys, but never did.

    They will be priced around $1200 for the pair.  I live in Arlington, so a halfway meet could be arranged, if interested.  I can send pics to your phone, if desired.

    My e-mail is:  textac12@gmail.com


    1. July Smith

      July Smith

      Thanks for the offer but I don’t care for the bisley grip.


  3. OO, we spoke before about the .32s. Glad you finally found two. On all the info on grip frames: If you have a short one, just buy the longer grip panels, and cut a hardwood spacer to fill the overhang, glue it to ONE grip panel and presto, long grip frame. Oh yeah, you will have to relocate the positioning hole for the pin. This works, as I did it for a pard that couldn't find the longer framed ones. (Also before I decided to sell mine) I stress using hardwood, as it won't get soft with sweat.
  4. I have found I have more brass than I can wear out in this lifetime, so I'm offering some up here. I have 530 nickle cases and 490 brass .38 spl, along with a bonus bag of 60 .45 Colt brass cases. I have culled all to remove any split or stepped on cases and run some thru my tumbler, but they could stand a good cleaning. These are fired range P/U, and mixed headstamps. $75.00 shipping included in a one rate box for all. The Brass/Nickle/.45 are all seperated and bagged. SOLD TO BORDERLINE KID. Thank you. Al
  5. Will entertain reasonable offers as well. Al
  6. Back in my beginning reloading, I got a red single stage press and went at it. Over time things broke/wore out/got lost etc. Then I got a Blue press, and assumed the same would occur, so I bought extras of things I thought I might need. Guess what?? Never needed them. Since I am winding down now, I thought someone out there might have need of some of them so I'll offer them here. All for the Dillon 550 presses'. A: 2 complete fail safe rod assys B: 4 powder measure dies C: 2 large powder bars (why I thought I'd wear one of these out?) D: 1 F powder funnel (9mm, do
  7. RW, I have a bag of 60 new Winchester 38-55 brass I'll ship to you for $40.00, shipping included. These are New, Unfired. Al
  8. Heck, maybe I missed that class, but I have been using LP primers in my 45-70 and 38-55 forever. No issues at all. Use them for both BP and Smokeless. Al
  9. I have a Dillon 3 die set for the .32 family (S&W Long, H&R) and a cal conversion kit for same. These are for the 550 presses'. Dillon price is $130 + shipping, I'll send them both to you for $125.00. All are in their Dillon boxes. Thanks Al SOLD to YellowStone Vic. Thanks.
  10. Sam, If Whisky doesn't buy you out, I could use a box of them myself. Al
  11. Looks like the box is yours, Hoss Trader. PM coming with particulars. Al
  12. Hey GR, Know you been busier than that cat trying to cover it on a concrete floor, but had time to check on the High Standard Victor mags yet? Again, send me your phone # or e mail and I'll send a pic of what they look like. Al
  13. Having sold off the last of my .32s, I have some "stuff" left over that the buyers didn't need/want. I have: An unopened box of 500 100gr Missouri Bullet co bullets 280 or so loose 100 gr bullets 60 S&W long cases 680 H&R cases 1 Lee RN mold, in box 1 Lee TCFP mold, in box I have all this in a Med Flat rate box, (Postman won't be happy) I'll ship it to you for $225.00, and I'll be totally free of .32 cal. Thanks Al SOLD TO HORSE TRADER
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