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  1. I will take it. email me at outlawgambler@gmail.com
  2. The TTN is not a very good. There are other "not very good 97s" but I won't get into that list. A good 97, Norinco, IAC, or Winchester, in safe and proper working order can be found in the $450 to $550 price range. CAS action work increases the price from there. Garrison Joe nailed it on the order of quality 97's.
  3. If you still have the gun, does the mag tube turn inside the barrel band? If not, remove the barrel band screws and try to turn it. Sometimes when a replacement mag tube is installed it will not turn once the barrel band is tightened.
  4. If that doesn't work shoot me an email at outlawgambler@gmail.com
  5. let me know if you have one, reply to outlawgambler@gmail.com
  6. Chickasaw Bill, didn't mean to insinuate you were wrong, just stating that it was an original action slide. I am not sure when the actual switch was made from 3 screw to solid action slide.
  7. It is an original Winchester 97. No replicas were made in the take down model, they were all solid frames. Appears to have been refinished, mag tube more of a parkerized finish vs blue on rest of gun. Stock is not correct for this gun. The rest is correct, including the action slide. Serial numbers match. Nice looking 97.
  8. If it is still available, I will take it.
  9. Outlaw Gambler

    97 woes

    When you close the action is the bolt and carrier locked tight together? If not, is the main spring strain screw level with the top of the screw hole in the carrier? Normally the carrier is out of the way and can't block the shell in the mag tube. If your action is closed properly you can load from the bottom. If not closed properly you will not be able to load from the bottom. The action not closing properly, ie carrier not clearing, is the cause. Contact me at outlawgambler@gmail.com
  10. USPS.... shipped a rifle to a fellow gunsmith within the state, about 175 miles away from me. Used a very heavy cardboard cylinder with plastic friction caps, stapled to cyl and taped over for extra security. Fellow gunsmith called and told me USPS had delivered an empty package to him. Staples and tap had been removed not tore out. None of the three, USPS, UPS, or FEDEX are dependable. And God forbid if a claim has to be filed with any of them.
  11. I will take the 97 action slide. Send you an email. I need to know where to send funds.
  12. could you send pics of the 97 action slide showing repaired crack to me at outlawgambler@gmail.com ? Thanks.
  13. GJ, Wouldn't it be illegal to remove Chinese markings and stamps and restamp with period correct markings such as Winchester and serial number 596,395 instead of 04000223? Or am I missing your meaning?
  14. Lumpy is correct. The Uberti rifles are made with the same sized magazine tube for both the .45 Colt and the .38 Special/.357 Magnum. The result is that when the .45 Colts are loaded into the magazine they line up pretty well. However in your .38 Special rifle they look like this: Wedging and hang-ups can occur and that results in the hitch in the action. With the Cowboy Gunworks Smooth Cycle Sleeve Kit your .38 Special cartridges line up like this: This tube is of a smaller diameter that allow's the 38's to align straighter and to feed easier and smoother.
  15. I am a 97 gunsmith. It is the only gun I sell or work on. I get calls and emails regarding my sales and services. Point One: After some discussion with my potential customer I instruct them to go to the SASS wire and check my references. Some do and some probably do not. This forum is a good starting place to determine with who to send, purchase, barter, or whatever. Recommendations can be sent to person asking by P.M. or by not "piling on" on the forum request. Unfavorable recommendations can and should be made by P.M. Point Two: For service work the question is usually how long before I get it back. The answer is difficult. I look at my repair rack and see the 97's there, maybe there are 6 of them and I estimate 2-5 days on each. When wood is refinished it goes to the 5th day easy. So I am looking at 12-30 days. I tell the customer if your gun arrived today it would be about 30 to 40 days before I can get to it. I also tell them that when the gun arrives it goes to the back of the rack and will be worked on in the order it was received. Sometimes I can get lucky and some of those 6 guns are not as time consuming to repair as estimated and I can get to the next gun(s) earlier than estimated. On the other hand some of those guns take longer and I have to notify my customer of the delay. As said in the above replies, communication is key. Point Three: Regardless of what it takes, and sometimes at a loss of revenue on my end, I will protect my reputation as a gunsmith and member of the CAS family. I don't mean to sound like a prima dona but this method of dealing with my customers is a simple straight forward way to do business. It has served me well for 20 years and has kept me in the good graces with the CAS members, and hope it does for another 20. Hmm I guess that's dreaming.
  16. double strong side, what color?

  17. Let me know if you hear from him. He is not answering emails either.
  18. I use the Orange Citrus stripping gel. Has a pleasant odor, doesn't harm your skin, comes off with water. From my experience with old Winchester stocks, the wood only raises very slightly. Don't know if it will be the same on your stock but it is something you can use indoors year round. Can pick it up at almost any hardware or home improvement store.
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