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  1. Neighter does nm I love my 100 rnd stick at mags from surefire iirc. But they are heavy.
  2. We get a door prize or lately it is tickets to put into a raffle for different items. It's better than getting a shirt four sizes to small or a box of ammo you can't use or a can of bp when you shoot smokeless. I shot a regional that had the raffle thing but each shoot got a choice of a brass bag or a towel both with the matches logo great idea. I tookthe towel as I'm stocked in bags and the towel can alternate with the one from my rugged gear cart instead of me buying a golf towel. Really a great idea the towel is. For plaques I used to like to get them but they stack up after a while one of the best awards I got was a scarf slide with the place category and match on it. I've yet to use it yet as designed because it been on my old brass bag with my clean match brass from the early years.
  3. What no 87? I agree get it from Johnny and you'll love it I've gotten baikals and a skb from him and they all work great between the two the baikal is heavy and a tank the skb is light the browning is exspensive I prefer the double trigger mechanical setups over the recoil cocking setup less to go wrong never had a stoeger but I read a lot had cracked receivers from the abuse we give them. I like the skb for sass loads but the recoil with anything heavier is felt whereas the weight of the baikals absorbs a lot of it. I'm shooting cc so both are out for me I shoot my 87 or ttn.
  4. I had my revolvers out back in 2015 and noticed that between the om ruger bisley 45 colts, ruger old army's,,and my usfa saas in 38wcf that the grips were different on every set of revolvers the roas had the standard grip for ruger sas, the usfa s had 1860 army grips so that they fit my hand better and the ruger bisleys had bisley grips. So I decided to add a forth grip to the mix s&w no3 sa some call scholdfields but my caliber is smaller 38 doc and 38 s&w. So I guess I'm missing the Remington sa now but most others sa of the follow the saa grip style as far as I know. So it's possible to ad the saa grip and the Remington to the mix but I don't like the saa at all too small for my hands. So I guess if you wanted to you could try to shoot a different set of revolvers each month that used a different grip but it would get exspensive. Or you can shoot the different model colts each month start with the navy then the army, then a saa then the Rugers, the Remington s then go to the different grip frames for the ruger like birds head, and bisley it you wanted to it could be done.
  5. In the lowland of sc it was almost 80 today after getting down to the 30s last week
  6. I have two of the Buffalo something brand the rest are ruger bx-25 mags the two non ruger would not fit in my ruger takedown lite the stock wasn't open enough so there are differences in fit. I like those because they were molded to allow them to snap together opposite of each other so you could eject flip over and reinsert and continue to fire if the zombie horde was advancing on you.
  7. Do a search for other posts like this where I've explain what not to do. The best advice I have is go to local matches before you buy anything and try what's out there the best price isn't always the best deal. I too had a coach gun when I started bought a half a dozen sets of revolvers before finalizing what fit me three in the first month lost a lot of money trading them in on the next set, the rifle is good to start and depending on where you live a fair dear rifle. Just try different guns and leather before committing and spending your money especially if money is tight Classic cowboy require a hammered double or an 1887 shotgun, two sass legal revolvers in .40 cal or above unless cap and ball and a rifle of the 1873 and earlier design. Repos are ok it's just the design. Your leather also has special limitations the butt of the revolvers must ride above the top of the belt and your required five items or more from the list of cc appropriate accessories like a vest , arm graders, Spurs, chaps, scarf, etc. in the beginning it's best just to learn the cas way then worry about fitting into a category your ideas may change mine have over the years from traditional to gunfighter to frontiersman to duelist to classic cowboy but I had the guns for classic before trying it so I just had to concentrate on the additional items needed. But if money is tight cc guns are legal in all other categories except b-western. So keep that in mind.
  8. Very nice job mike did you have help in designing the sets or layouts for the images or was it free range
  9. I'm thinking that they might be a difference in the thickness of the holder not much but some so some size the brass further down than others iirc
  10. I usually make double loop/pocket slides and belts for myself. I bought myself the mernickle belt at eot and received it right before the se regional and really enjoyed the fact that the shells didn't fall out like pockets and even when only one shell was in it it still had enough tension to hold it I got the double loop belt and do not regret it. I'll probably order a three holsters at wr this year.
  11. Blackey Cole


    If you have been shooting nonstop and follow the rules I would continue on and take the next available class if not then use your judgement. I quit taking the classes since I'm not usually timing or spotting because of my physical abilities and I usually man the ult when not shooting or loading, I normally prepare between shooters.
  12. If some one can find me a leather sticher I'll make all the leather items needed as time allows and materials last. I used to make holsters and leather items a decade ago before my hands gave out as I hand stitched everything and I can no longer do that.
  13. T-Bone I just put the check and app in the mail earlier today.
  14. T-Bone put me on the list it will take me a couple days to get the app in the printed, a cashier check and it put in the mail. I'm in sc still
  15. As I understand it you can still position a r/p ammo slide over the loops on a sh belt
  16. I'd have always wanted to shoot it but it's rules differs from sass as I recall like shooting while moving which is a no no in sass I would shoot using the sass rules so I don't develop bad habits
  17. My Lassiter 87 almost runs it self I load it sometime nice but most of the time I'm clumsy with the shells, pull the trigger and flick the lever and it takes off without any help from me ejecting the hull, I reach out and close it loading the second round then pull the trigger, flick the lever and start the process over or ground the gun depending
  18. No gun = none of my business weather I'm packing or not
  19. Wild willi are you goning to be at winter range or eot this coming year? If so you sold it
  20. My advice is show up help out meet everyone. Guns and gear will get pushed on you to try out take advantage of it try out the widest variety of items you can even compare them if you can smith guns vs non smith guns. If I was going to write a guide for new shooters I would build a matrix of the gear we use. Having every item in the different stages that we use it in and a go nogo undecided box for each that would list saas and the different makes available what's normally done to them etc. example Ruger Vaqueros Stock Action job Short stroked Full race job Bch SS SS matte Brass/gold front sight Bisley vaqueros List from above Birdshead vaqueros Etc Bearcat vaqueros Leather belt Buscadero Hunter style belt Tapered belt With or wo loops Holster Standard high holster Drop loop holster Cross draw holster Huckleberry rig Leather finish Brown Black Other color Plain Spots Tooled Other Rifle Marlin 1894 List of items Winchester 1860 1866 1873 1892 Colt Lightning Shotgun SxS Hammered SxS 1897 1887 Single barrel This is an abbreviated version on the list but the one in the guide woul have all options legal the note if restricted to from certain categories but it would also include the sh belt and gun cart options. Not every model but every type . It would probably over Weald the new shooter much like the handbook has in the past o some. But it would give them the info to choose wisely and once instead of like many myself included who went through at least four sets of guns before settling on the ones I've used for over the last decade and selling some that were to be rebought not same guns but same models. There are less than half a dozen guns left t o buy that I've not own and sold that about doubles the list. Some I want original models and not modern clones others I'll take the first model I can afford. I need three holsters not to include the two on a buscadero belt.im wanting three of merkanile holsters for my usfa saas /Rugers andbelt. Got the Sgt belt and like it, got his wb rig also.tried Kirkpatrick long hunter holsters and belts for about five or more years tired of repositioning the holsters everytime. I went from home made golf type gun cart to homemade oversized wagon cart that fell apart to pro made wood cart hooligan wagon for electric scooter to the best of all Imo the rugged cart gun mover. Over the years I've shot traditional (starting out), gunfighte, frontiersman, classic cowboy, duelist never could go back to two handed grip but with my hands doing what they are if not repaired soon I might have to try it again, used to best with left now barely can hold a gun in it.
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