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  1. I normally call cowboy shooting supply and pick them up at wr and eot
  2. Best thing you can do is show up to the monthly matches in your area and try out the different guns and leather setups. Even other shotguns. I speak thisfrom experience. I bought the first set that was available when I started and quickly sold it at a loss because I didn't like them I had ordered some guns that I thought I wanted but the order was screwed up and I was given a great deal on them so I would take them.then I found the pistols I wanted ruger bisleys so I bought another set in 45 since the first was in 357. I gotrifles go with each caliber but I got tired of carrying twice the ammo in. Case of having to switch guns. So I did some test to see which caliber I liked best I settled on the 45s. So sold the 357s off to buy 45 versions thena decade later sold the backups off since I never shot them for357 versions.because I wanted them back. The two rifle I sold early I wish I would have been able to keep. One was a navy arms 1892 in 357 the other was a Henry big boy in 45 coltboth shot wonderfully. Also learn the game by helping out I'm sure you'll be shooting in no time as cas has wonderful helping shooter who even atthe top level help each other out. Someone will have some gear for you to try out and useso I bet by the second or third match you go to you'll be shooting
  3. I called bond got their competition spring for the derringer and that was about all that was needed
  4. My first stamp went thru in a couple of months I'm getting ready to buy my second can. The tax fee will give a $200 tax credit if the law does pass yes they get the money in the mean time what the heck I'm wanting my new can
  5. Widder will you be at winter range or eot this year?
  6. I had a pair of usfa saas that I bought but didn't think to order them with the army 1860 grips but I had shown alchemista some cand b guns that were swap out to use the 1860 army grip setups so when he came out with the alchemista pistol he gave me credit for that feature and gave me two frames, triggers and grips because of it and I bolted them right on the trigger needs to be reworked some but it works for me.
  7. I have a s&w 38 s&w that I picked up last year before eot that I like da
  8. The buckles and plaques are nice but how many end up in a box personally I like the award , or a challenge coin, something small that shows the event, place, and category. After that the crying towel or gun cover with the event, category and place would work. I got a towel with my cart was going to buy a couple more but never got around to it at the se regional this year the entry included your choice of a towel with the event logo on it or a brass bag with it I took the towel as was full on bags.
  9. Larsen if I bring my tower of power to wr you think you can modify it by eot with compensation of course
  10. Unless it's during a match where I loop around the push bar to my cart it's in the range bag that I got at wr 2016
  11. I try to at least twice a month when I'm home sometimes I practice with my carry gun a s&w m&p 45 other times it my rimfires with the silencer still other times I shoot my 300 blackout when I can find ammo lastly I shoot my ruger Presision rifle in 308 long range and then they're times when I shoot my other cas guns that I don't shoot during matches
  12. Scarf slides was one I lied receiving the best had match, category and place. Other than that maybe a badge with the same info.
  13. I gave up on a spotting scope when I got my vortex scope for my ruger Presision rifle. I looked and to get one better than my scope was going to run several grand. I looked into alternatives and went with the bullseye long range target camera system
  14. I use trail boss in my 38wcf rounds
  15. Barrels are cheap around a hundred a peice.
  16. this is the one I use I bought several so I can always find one. I have both the one for Rugers and the one for tresso nipples
  17. Everyone of my experiences ended positively
  18. If I'm up to it I'll shoot it as I've got everything needed.
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