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  1. James personality on the show has peaked my interest in it during the past couple weeks. Most of all, I enjoy how he bets on those Daily Double's and the Final Jeopardy question. He ain't afraid to bet 'their' money. Last night (Tuesday, OPPS I mean WED), he bet $30,000 on the final question.... and of course, he got it. I wonder if they've (the show personal) have checked him out to see if he's wired. I think they need to ask him who shot Kennedy...... heck, he knows everything..... ..........Widder
  2. That would probably be a lot cheaper..... I found some YouTube videos, which still doesn't make it look much simpler. ..........Widder
  3. Good pics. Whats the story on the lock? ..........Widder
  4. Any of you Saloonaholics familiar with the engine on the 2017 Toyota Tacoma? In particular, the oil filter, etc...... Thanks ..........Widder
  5. Thanks Whiskey. I will be getting with you soon again to see about another Henry giveaway this year at the TN State 2019. Talk with you soon. ..........Widder
  6. Well, I doubt if I go sub 4 ..... IMIS: its just a ploy to make Red Knee relax and feel over-confident. So, don't tell him. Just be sure that everyone at Wartrace welcomes him with a Snickers candy bar. ..........Widder
  7. You can let me win again in October if you want..... I'm retired from speed events, so you should do very well this year..... ..........Widder
  8. If you keep looking long enough, you might find one you know how to use..... ..........Widder
  9. Using your own words to describe the match and shooting proficiency of participants, Looks like only 3 Cowboys were worth their leather...... . .........Widder
  10. RED CENT: thanks for posting that pic. That is a beautiful rifle you got there. BUGLER: I hadn't noticed, but no doubt the 39 is a classic. I once owned the 39M and its probably one of my most 'I sure miss that little rifle' memorable little rifles, along with my High Standard Victor. ..........Widder
  11. TN, Your Golden Boy model has a Length of Pull at 14". The Evil Roy has a Length of Pull at 13"..... BUT, the Evil Roy also comes with the factory big loop lever. I think Slim's Evil Roy has the standard lever installed. Maybe he will chime in to verify. My Evil Roy has the standard lever and she is welcome to borrow it anytime. You can't..... but she can... I also have a lever wrap on mine..... and it is the gold standard of 'slick and smooth'. ..........Widder
  12. I understand. You've given it a good honest effort and hopefully sparked some new interest in the Marlin. There will be some who buy it for Cowboy shooting, but there will also be others who will now look serious at getting one for other reasons, such as hunting, etc..... The success of these latest Marlins also means continual availability of parts to ALL Marlin owners and for that, they should be grateful. Congratulations on your 'new arrival'......... .......and again, THANKS! ..........Widder
  13. Howdy Ranger. Honestly, I didn't post this topic to drum up work, although I do welcome folks that want to send me their Henry .22 rifles. But I was recently given on of these 'Silver Eagle' models, by one of our fellow Cowboys, to slick up and I think its one of the prettiest rifles there is. Even Slater (the trigger man) is being tempted to get one for himself. We've had some nice Henry rifles to work on before, but this particular model is really nice. If you get one, feel free to give me a shout. I've never owned the Browning .22 lever rifle, although they have a great reputation. But I have owned (and still own 1 of them) several Winchester 9422's..... and I can tell you without a doubt the modified Henry .22 is noticeably better, slicker and faster than the 9422. PLUS, it will have a shorter lever working throw. ..........Widder, The Bad Man!
  14. Its known as a Southern expression of something being smooth, slick, 'glass-slick'. Basically, the expression was originally..... "slicker than snot on a GLASS doorknob", because snot is slick, as is a glass doorknob. You are correct in that it ain't slick once its dried..... but once its dried, it's no longer snot....... it booger residue..... Other expressions that are credited to Southern phrases (true or not) are: 1. Colder than a Witch's TTTTT in a brass bra 2. Hotter than 2 rats in a wool sock 3. Fling a cravin on ya 4. knee high to a grasshopper 5. lower than whale poop 6. meaner than a junk yard dog etc................. ..........Widder
  15. TN, Henry has 2 different style stocks for their rimfire lever rifles. One is the 'Classic' style, which is the style shown above in the video by Smokestack. The other style is the 'Golden Boy' style, which is a style similar to the '66/73' style rifles. If your Youth style stock is of the same 'style', it is interchangeable. For more info, check out 'Henryusa.com' ..........Widder
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