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  1. One last notification before Winter Range shows up, it's Just around the Bend! Regards Pigpen
  2. Mose; The information here is for the Long Range events, if you will go to this website http://www.winterrange.com/shotgun.html it'll be for Winter Range Shotgun events and what you ask for is there! Hope this helps!
  3. Lunger; Thank You for the offer, If your serious you'll have to go to this thread http://www.sassnet.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=257800 and tell Bill that you want to be a Wed. Volunteer and be assigned to the Long Range. Your offer is great, at least I'll have some good target coverage for a couple hours. All the volunteers work hard and make this shoot and I Thank everyone of them. Pigpen Oh yeah "Pigpen" is one word
  4. On the 500 meter I can't promise any thing but I'll Try to come up at least with a sighter position, maybe an 18 to 20 in. circle out there. Slim sorry no dancing girls or boys for that matter.
  5. Alright Folks just how many sighters do Y'all need and if a 24 x36 inch target was setup at 300yds the day of the event would that suffice? I'm willing to set a 0ne target down range at 300yds and if I have enough volunteers(for Safety) to man it for y'all to have sighters at 300yds, but not on the Event Targets so you would have to move down the firing line to the event spot to shot them. Your opinions and suggestions are welcome but I have to work with what I have and the limited personal available. I'll do my best to do what I can. V/R Pigpen
  6. Sir; A Week Before the match and the week of the match The Ranges that Winter Range uses are closed while we set up (for Safety reasons) and during the match. The Rifle Silhouette Range will be open(as Far as I know) till the Monday before the match (Feb. 20th.). this is where we shoot the 500 meter events. You would have to contact Ben Avery to see if it will be available to public use at that time. The Long Range Side Match Events are only open from 0830 to 1530(3:30) on the Wed. 22, Feb. Sadly There aren't any times to practice during the setup or match for Long Range.
  7. I'm not familiar with all the ranges in the Phoenix area, you'd have to contact the individual ranges for their times and what's available.
  8. Sorry, Because we'll still be setting up so our Range will be closed till Wed. You might consider Cowtown which is about 6 to 8 miles away from Ben Avery or one of the other Phoenix area ranges.
  9. Winter Range is just around the Bend, follow the link to all the Long Range Event Information. http://www.winterrange.com/longrange.html
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