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  1. Let me get my lawn chair. It's getting interesting.
  2. We've done it both ways. We have six bays at our club, and have an annual two-day match (10 stages). Some years we do not have to move targets at all between day one and day two, while other years we change almost every stage. We plan it out so we know exactly what targets get moved to where and which ones get removed and can get it done as quickly as possible. All targets are repainted between day one and day two, as well. I've never heard our shooters express a preference between one or the other. I think it has more to do with the preference of the host club that has to do all of the labor between day one and day two. I do have to say, though, we always seem to have plenty of help with moving and painting targets -- even from those who are guests at our club.
  3. Howdy folks, Just wanted to let you know the Sandusky County Regulators will be having their last monthly shoot of the year on Saturday, November 14, at the Sandusky County Sportsmen's Club II in Gibsonburg, OH. You can find all the details on our website . The weather forecast is looking great; in the low 50's and mostly sunny. This month, all of our starting lines will be the 1949 classic western "Bugs Bunny Rides Again!". I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's Yosemite Sam impression. The side match will be long-range pistol, using your main match pistols and ammo at some rifle-distance targets. We will be setting up for the match on Friday at 3:30 if you would like to help.
  4. One of our members started a Facebook page for our shooting club. We also have a website, which I guess I am in charge of (although the match director has admin rights to update it, as well). Our webpage is our primary means of communication; all of our stages, scores, important announcements, as well as directions to the club, etc., etc., are on that page. All the critical information is on the landing page. The entire website is updated at least monthly. Facebook is primarily used to direct people to the website when there has been something update, such as scores posted, the next match's stages posted, or something of that nature. Probably the most useful thing we use Facebook for is sharing pictures. We (not me, but others) take a lot of pictures at matches and post them on our Facebook page. We encourage all shooters at our club to share their pictures. We used to upload them to our webpage, but it was incredibly slow, and took up a lot of space on our website that we determined was put to better use for other things. And uploading pictures to Facebook is easy. I've heard from a number of shooters that aren't on Facebook -- that's okay -- the only thing they miss are the pictures, and an occasional joke or cartoon. If there is something really timely and important to get the word out ASAP (such as when a shooter passes away), we send an email to everyone on our email list. Hope this helps.
  5. Agreed. It is mentioned at every match at our safety meeting. Some, if not all of the other local clubs have the same policy, which is why we followed suit.
  6. Agreed. I should clarify—our annual 3 day match is a no-alibi match. Our reshoot policy is only for our monthly matches, and we have placed limits on it. People rarely take a reshoot, they usually take the penalties and move on to the next stage.
  7. At our club we allow one reshoot per stage, two total per match, for gun or ammo failures, so in your scenario above, we would grant the reshoot. People rarely take the reshoot, and we’ve not had anyone abuse it.
  8. The BAMM Match will start at 9:00 AM at Stage 5 (the Saloon).
  9. I now have two different versions of electronic in-the-ear hearing protection devices. I wear hearing aids on a daily basis, and my hearing loss is to the point now that if I put normal ear plugs in my ear, I cannot hear voices. I found I was constantly pulling my earplug out to hear what someone was saying to me, which defeats the whole purpose of wearing earplugs at the range. I have a pair of Walker Silencers, which work well. They take batteries (a different type then my everyday hearing aids, or course). I find with my hearing loss I have to turn them up all the way, which can cause some distortion of voices, but I can live with that. I also get some feedback occasionally, but find that if I turn in down a little bit feedback is eliminated. The left and right have separate on/off switches and volume controls right on the earbuds. They are comfortable to wear. The other set I have is from AXIL. They have bluetooth capability, which the Walker's do not. They have buds for in the ear, then a wire connecting the left and right, and the controls are on two very small boxes between the two (one set of controls for bluetooth; one for hearing protection) Both can be used at the same time. These are comfortable as well, and seem to stay in place a bit better than the Walker's. They have the added benefit of being rechargeable, which I didn't think would be a big deal, but I prefer it over having to replace batteries. The sound quality is comparable to the Walker's.
  10. I forgot to mention the BAM match will be shot at 100 yards at a steel target. Shoot 10 rounds (offhand, although you can brace your rifle on a post), and the most hits win. Time will be the tie-breaker. You can have up to 5 sighters. Downloaded rounds with lead bullets only; gas checks are fine.
  11. Howdy All, The Sandusky County Regulators will be hosting a 5-stage Wild Bunch match on October 31st at the Sandusky County Sportsmen’s Club II, 3950 OH-600, Gibsonburg, OH. We will offer the following categories: Men's Traditional, Men's Modern, Ladies' Traditional, Ladies' Modern, Open (any caliber), Josey Wales (pistol only) and Zoot Suit (Thompsons allowed). The round count is 161 pistol, 44 rifle, and 29 shotgun. You can find all of the details, including the stages, posted on our website. There will also be a B.A.M. (Bolt Action Military) side match prior to the main match. Hope to see you there!
  12. Rye, installing a stock that "required minor fitting" is not difficult if you are handy and have tools, or if you have a friend that meets those requirements. I've replaced a few stocks over the years on older shotguns, including a '97 earlier this year. And it would probably be best to plan on stripping the forearm down to bare wood so the forearm and buttstock will match. Getting a full leather rifle butt cover that will cover all the laser engraving might cost you nearly what you would pay for the roughed in stock. You've got lots of good options. If it's a good deal, jump on it.
  13. How many rounds is the course of fire for the single-shot rifles? I’m assuming it’s 10 for pistol caliber lever rifle, 5 for big bore lever, and 5 for pistol.
  14. I have a backup rifle and backup shotgun that I take with me to three-day matches. I have only one backup pistol, which is identical to my pair of main match pistols -- I figured no need to a pair of backups . . . one will do. It goes to three-day matches as well. I do not take backups with me to monthly matches. In all the years I've taken backups with me, I've yet to use them. Uh, oh . . . I may have just jinxed myself.
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