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  1. I'm in northwest Ohio -- I have my reloading area in the basement (it's finished) and use a dehumidifier with a drain going to the sump pump crock. I use a small, wall-mounted gas heater for heat. I keep the humidity set at 45-55%, as the basement is also my music room, and all my guitars hang on the wall. 45-55% is ideal for guitars. It's very comfortable and no musty smell.
  2. "Leatherman", who shoots monthly with the Sandusky County Regulators, has made me many custom items, including recently a loading strip for Wild Bunch and a 10 round belt slide for .45-70 rounds for the Plainsman event. He does beautiful work and his prices are good, too. He can custom make anything you want. His shop is pretty close to Sandusky County Sportsmen's Club.
  3. I post our monthly match stages on our website (www.ourcowboys.org) a couple of weeks ahead of time. Quite honestly the biggest reason I do it to generate some excitement among our shooters ("Hey, did you see all the lines are from 'True Grit' this month?"). People seem to enjoy seeing the scenarios ahead of time, and it does generate some enthusiasm and talk. They do review them, as I occasionally have someone point out a small error or clarification that I can correct prior to the match. I only see an upside to doing this, so we will continue the practice. For what it's worth, our scenarios are archived on our website, so anyone is free to go there and download our stages. I do this as a service to other stage writers. Feel free to borrow or steal any stages you want. I've done the same with other clubs' stages for years.
  4. Hey pard, I'm definitely interested in this shotgun. Let me know the answers to my questions and we'll talk. I won't be back on the wire until tomorrow, though. Thanks!

  5. I have some questions about your shotgun: It is a 12 ga, right? And did Cap do the drop two modification to it? Is the barrel choked or cylinder bore? Thanks.

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