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  1. It’s pure speculation for me to guess what people might complain about. We haven’t had any matches with a .22 class yet. I would say folks could either complain about the lack of recoil, or about people winning with guns that are clearly not allowed in SASS sanctioned events. Our club decided we will allow .22’s for 2021 monthly matches only. If it becomes a problem, we will deal with it at that time.
  2. 11 gauge wads is the standard for brass shotshells. They will work fine. Used them for many, many years with no issues. Have fun!
  3. With all due respect, if this shortage lasts long enough that people start slicking up and short-stroking .22's to the point where they can be competitive with .38's, and you start seeing .22 shooters in the winner's circle, I imagine we will start to hear complaints.
  4. Our club will add a Men's .22 and a Ladies' .22 class for our monthly matches this year, but NOT for our three-day match. And it's only for this year. We will revisit this topic next year and see if we need to extend it. Honestly, I don't see many people shooting this class. I don't know if there are that many people out there that are out of primers, but have a stash of .22LR's ammo (which is as unavailable as primers in this neck of the woods), AND have a pair of .22 single-action revolvers and a .22 lever action rifle. But, at any rate, we are following suit with other local
  5. As others have said, the .380 Auto depriming/sizing die is standard in a Lee .38 S&W die set. This is a very common caliber for pocket pistols. If your club ever has a pocket pistol side-match, I can guarantee there some of them would be in .38 S&W. I have one.
  6. I have a Uberti 1876 in .45-60. For brass, I cut down .45-70 cases (they work perfectly). For dies, I use a set of .45-70 dies that I modified (I shortened the bullet seating die with a cut-off wheel). I cast my own bullets with a Lyman mold that throws a 293 grain bullet. Pretty reasonably priced shootin' if you do it the way I did.
  7. Have you slugged your bore? You should do that so you know what size lead bullets you'll need. You'll want .001" over your measured groove size.
  8. Thank you for making the above points (which I highlighted). You CANNOT use Paypal to pay for firearms. It is against their policy. I buy and sell on Gunbroker, and USPS Money orders are by far the preferred method of payment there. Of course, many sellers on there are businesses that can process credit card transactions (plus a 3% processing fee), but many sellers on there are not retailers, so USPS is the way to go. I'm going to have to re-think my method of payment now. Thanks for sharing with us.
  9. If you have a drop-two mod installed in your ‘87 you will no longer be able to use the magazine tube.
  10. Let me get my lawn chair. It's getting interesting.
  11. We've done it both ways. We have six bays at our club, and have an annual two-day match (10 stages). Some years we do not have to move targets at all between day one and day two, while other years we change almost every stage. We plan it out so we know exactly what targets get moved to where and which ones get removed and can get it done as quickly as possible. All targets are repainted between day one and day two, as well. I've never heard our shooters express a preference between one or the other. I think it has more to do with the preference of the host club that has to do all of the
  12. Howdy folks, Just wanted to let you know the Sandusky County Regulators will be having their last monthly shoot of the year on Saturday, November 14, at the Sandusky County Sportsmen's Club II in Gibsonburg, OH. You can find all the details on our website . The weather forecast is looking great; in the low 50's and mostly sunny. This month, all of our starting lines will be the 1949 classic western "Bugs Bunny Rides Again!". I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's Yosemite Sam impression. The side match will be long-range pistol, using your main match
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