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  1. I have a backup rifle and backup shotgun that I take with me to three-day matches. I have only one backup pistol, which is identical to my pair of main match pistols -- I figured no need to a pair of backups . . . one will do. It goes to three-day matches as well. I do not take backups with me to monthly matches. In all the years I've taken backups with me, I've yet to use them. Uh, oh . . . I may have just jinxed myself.
  2. Ruger Ray, can you tell us what the round count will be for this match?
  3. I'd like 500 of the .380 brass and all the remaining .30-06, please. Send me a PM with details on where to send funds.
  4. Thanks to everyone that came out to play today! We had 20 shooters, and the weather was beautiful! We had such a great time we decided we will host another Wild Bunch Match on the 5th Saturday of October (31st). Congratulations to our overall winner Blackjack Beeson, 2nd place Sinola Kid, and 3rd place Blastin' Brad! The scores are posted on our website www.ourcowboys.org.
  5. The registration deadline for our annual three-day " Shootout at Stoney Bottom 2020" is this Sunday. Just in case you forgot to send in your form, we will have registration forms available at the registration table tomorrow (Saturday) at our Wild Bunch match. Hope to see you there!
  6. This was an excellent match! Enjoyed shooting with you, Indy Kid Big-un Bruce, and Parson Remington and everyone else on Posse 11.
  7. It's been a few years since I last attended Guns of August -- I am so glad I went again this year! The weather was wonderful (thank you Deadwood Stan!) They had great stages (as always) and it's a great shooting range in the woods. They have Boy Scouts on duty that are ready, willing and able to push your gun cart up the hill. They will also help you get your gun cart on and off the wagons that run a constant loop between the campground, the parking lot, and the range. You can always get to where you want to go easily. The outdoor cookout on Saturday night was informal and fun. The awards for main match and side match were very nice quality, too. Congratulations to all the winners, and a big thank you to all that helped to put on this wonderful match!
  8. Good question, Blackjack! There will be a Wild Bunch mini-match match at 9:00 Friday morning. On Friday from 12:00 - 4:00 we have: Speed Pistol, Speed Rifle, Speed Shotgun (Double Barrel Hammer, Double Barrel Hammerless, 1897 & Lever Action), Pocket Pistol (single and double action), and Derringer. For Long Range events, we have: Pistol-caliber Rifle, Big-Bore Lever rifle, Big-Bore Single Shot rifle, B.A.M. (Bolt-Action Military with reduced loads), and long range pistol. There is also a .22 pistol side match and a .22 rifle side match. You can bring your own .22 guns, or borrow ours. At 4:30 on Friday we have a "Snake Shoot". (ad hoc teams are formed to use their main match shotguns to move snakes (12” sections of garden hose) a short distance as quickly as possible. The team that takes the shortest time to move their snakes across the designated line wins). At 5:00 on Friday we have our "Heaven or Hell" tournament: Two water bottles are tied to a rope (one at each end) and suspended over a pulley. Using .22 pistols, at the buzzer, two cowboys will shoot their bottles as many times as possible, causing the water to leak out. The lighter bottle will move upward (toward Heaven), the heavier bottle downward (towards Hell). The “Heaven” bottle is the winner and will move on to the next bracket in the tournament. This is a particular favorite with the Stoney Bottom Regulators, as most of us are running side matches and don't get to shoot much -- this tournament takes place after all other side-matches are completed.
  9. Howdy folks! Just wanted to let you know that there is still time to register for our annual three day match "Shootout at Stoney Bottom" on September 11-13 in Gibsonburg, OH. If you're looking for a fun two-day match with friendly folks, fast and furious stages, a side-match extravaganza (with side matches you've probably never heard of!) and great food, then this is the event for you. We have plenty of dry camping on our level, gravel parking lot. You can find the application on the home page of our website.
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