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  1. The forecast is now sunny at 57 degrees. Looks like it will be a beautiful spring day!
  2. Howdy Folks, The Sandusky County Regulators will be shooting our next monthly match on Saturday, May 8. All the starting lines for May's match will be from the John Wayne/John Ford classic "The Searchers". The side match (prior to the match) is speed pistol. If you would like to get a preview of the stages, you'll find them on our website. According to the weather app, it's going to be in the 60's and sunny. Perfect Ohio weather! Looking forward to seeing all of you again! Woody
  3. I found them 100 Remington.I paid 65.00 + shipping.I also have 2 boxes of loaded.  


  4. The middle of an ammo shortage is not an ideal time to try to get set up to load a new caliber, but here I am . . . . Just picked up my first Swedish Mauser, and having difficulty finding 6.5x55mm brass. Does anyone here on the Wire have any they want to get rid of? Perhaps someone here sold their Swedish Mauser and has some brass they no longer need?
  5. Five-shot pocket pistols in .32 or .38 S&W are plentiful and relatively inexpensive. You can find examples of them at most every gun show, and frequently at cowboy matches, as well. I enjoy looking for them at gun shows and auctions. There are still a lot of them out there, and there doesn't seem to be a lot of demand, so it's a buyer's market. I like Iver Johnson's and H&R's. Get one that's locks up tights and indexes correctly. You probably won't shoot it enough to ever wear it out, but you can always buy another one. Finish isn't so important if you're wanting to shoot it at
  6. The Sandusky County Regulators are really looking forward to our first shoot on April 10. This month's theme is "Western Movie Clichés". You can find the stages on our website. Just a few reminders: registration is 7:30-9:30 at the clubhouse. Safety meeting at 9:45. This month's sidematch (prior to the main match) is Speed Rifle. We shoot six stages straight through, with no break for lunch. The results are given immediately following the match. Check out our website for more information. See you there!
  7. It’s pure speculation for me to guess what people might complain about. We haven’t had any matches with a .22 class yet. I would say folks could either complain about the lack of recoil, or about people winning with guns that are clearly not allowed in SASS sanctioned events. Our club decided we will allow .22’s for 2021 monthly matches only. If it becomes a problem, we will deal with it at that time.
  8. 11 gauge wads is the standard for brass shotshells. They will work fine. Used them for many, many years with no issues. Have fun!
  9. With all due respect, if this shortage lasts long enough that people start slicking up and short-stroking .22's to the point where they can be competitive with .38's, and you start seeing .22 shooters in the winner's circle, I imagine we will start to hear complaints.
  10. Our club will add a Men's .22 and a Ladies' .22 class for our monthly matches this year, but NOT for our three-day match. And it's only for this year. We will revisit this topic next year and see if we need to extend it. Honestly, I don't see many people shooting this class. I don't know if there are that many people out there that are out of primers, but have a stash of .22LR's ammo (which is as unavailable as primers in this neck of the woods), AND have a pair of .22 single-action revolvers and a .22 lever action rifle. But, at any rate, we are following suit with other local
  11. As others have said, the .380 Auto depriming/sizing die is standard in a Lee .38 S&W die set. This is a very common caliber for pocket pistols. If your club ever has a pocket pistol side-match, I can guarantee there some of them would be in .38 S&W. I have one.
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