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  1. Here's a reminder about our upcoming five stage Wild Bunch Match at Sandusky County Sportmen's Club in Gibsonburg, OH on Saturday. You can find the details, as well as the stages, on the landing page of our website, www.ourcowboys.org. No pre-registration is necessary; just show up July 31 and register like you would for any of our monthly matches. Don't forget about the B.A.M. (Bolt Action Military) side match which takes place prior to the main match. Hope to see you there!
  2. I registered for this a LOOOONNNNGGG time ago . . . one of my "must attend" events of the year. I can't say enough good things about this match, folks. You'll be glad you attended.
  3. I just put my application in the mailbox. Looking forward to it!
  4. Registration 7:30 - 9:30, safety meeting at 9:45. This month's side match is single-shot big bore long range, with a generously-sized target at 100 yards. Five shots. Shooter with the most hits is the winner -- with time being the tie-breaker. You can take up to two spotter shots. Shooting will be off-hand (kinda) -- you can use a window or door frame as a brace if you like.
  5. Sorry to hear that Rye. We will miss you. I won't be at Rochester next week, as I'm headed to end of trail. See you next month.
  6. I've shot with Two Guns Tim for 20 years. A veteran and retired Toledo Police Officer, he was always smiling -- always a gentlemen. It was a privilege to watch him shoot with his son and grandson. My sympathies to his wife Kris, his son, Rowdy Ryan, and his grandson Wild Gun Willie, as well as the rest of his family and friends, including his many, many cowboy friends that will miss him so much.
  7. Many years ago, a miss on a shotgun target was counted as a miss -- no shotgun makeups. At least that's the way it was around my neck of the woods in the late 90's - early 2000's. I'm guessing it changed for a reason. On rare occasions, I will write a stage where shotgun misses are counted as misses, but it's clearly spelled out in the stage instructions. We don't do it very often.
  8. The primer shortage hasn't affected me, as I went through the 2008 shortage and have a good supply on hand. The number of shooters at our local club (where I'm assistant match director) has increased very slightly over last year. We have not changed how our stages are written (still 10-10-4 for the most part), but for this year we are allowing a Men's .22 category and a Ladies .22 category. We have two shooters that have been shooting that category. I have noticed that very few people are participating in our side matches prior to the main match (we do this just to give folks so
  9. Well, we will miss you, but have fun with your .22’s. I’ll see you at Rochester next week.
  10. The forecast is now sunny at 57 degrees. Looks like it will be a beautiful spring day!
  11. Howdy Folks, The Sandusky County Regulators will be shooting our next monthly match on Saturday, May 8. All the starting lines for May's match will be from the John Wayne/John Ford classic "The Searchers". The side match (prior to the match) is speed pistol. If you would like to get a preview of the stages, you'll find them on our website. According to the weather app, it's going to be in the 60's and sunny. Perfect Ohio weather! Looking forward to seeing all of you again! Woody
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