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  1. An update. A million thanks to Roger Rapid, and Yul Lose for taking the time to send me instructions to work on the rifle. I was actually amazed how easy it was to disassemble, and reassemble my Lightning. It was FILTHY inside. Took me about an hour from start to finish. Well worth the effort. It feels like a completely different rifle. Really slick now, and my feed issue is gone. Trump was inaugurated, and I went shooting. A great dayy all around. Again, than you!!! TJ
  2. Roger I sent you a pm with my email address. I have some directions that Yul Lose had sent me, but I suppose you can never have too much information. Regards, TJ
  3. I actually have detailed instructions for disassembly of the Pedersoli. Some time back, Yul Lose sent them to me, along with a short primer from Lee Shaver. It looks like its time to dive into this rifle. Im a bit anxious about it, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. I will post the final outcome.
  4. Caliber is 45 Colt. I know exactly what little finger you mean. I did try to clean it and press down on it to see if its sticking. It didnt seem to be, but im inclined to believe you assessment is right. Thanks to all who posted a reply. Much appreciated
  5. I have a Pedersoli lightning rifle that has developed an odd problem. Hoping someone may be able to shed some light on it. With the mag tube loaded, it wil chamber the first round fine. After firing, I rack it hard, but the carrier comes up empty. No cartridge on it. I then can drop the hammer, repeat the racking motion, and the next round from mag tube is there. Fire again, same scenario. No cartridge, rerack and its there. Any thoughts as to what may be causing this? I've been running this gun for a while, and never an issue. I did just disassemble the mag tube and cleaned it w
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