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  1. I noticed a pop-up ad where they were selling .223 rounds for $2/each!
  2. I too have mild arthritis in my one of my hands. Protect those thumbs! Shoot light 38 Special loads with 125 grain or 105 grain bullets in your revolvers. Avoid factory ammo (as if you could buy any now) and reload for minimum recoil. You may need a separate load for your rifle.
  3. Bogus Deal will run the state Wild Bunch match at FR at the end of August. It was an interesting match this year and should be fun in 2021. Largo, you attended many major matches at FR. You set a good example for many other local shooters.
  4. Years ago a group of neighbors sued the ranch over noise from the shotgun range. They lost their suit. This is all history now. A minor correction to some preceding posts: the shotgun range does not have a trap field. It has 5-stand and sporting clays. There are good trap and skeet ranges elsewhere in the ABQ metro area.
  5. I bought a Costco fruitcake once. It was extremely sweet. There seemed be much corn syrup in it. My late mother made brandy soaked fruitcake with walnuts. It was great cake. I've had Collins Street fruitcake with pecans. I hope someone brings one into work so I can have a small piece. (I no longer dare having large quantities of sweets in my house.)
  6. Classic Cowboy garb can get warm in the heat of the summer. However, you can shoot most other categories with .45s on hot summer days and wear a straw hat if needed. Smaller calibers are cheaper to load than .45s and have less recoil (important for older shooters like me with arthritic hands). I lose plenty of .38 Special cases in the weeds and under props at matches. However, since I only paid $0.03 each for once-fired cases I really don't care. I do care about losing .44 cases I paid much more for. BTW, my wife and I are back powder shooters and have done well in costume contests. We
  7. I think we'll see more cancellations for matches early next year. I'm hoping to start traveling in April. However, I'm not making any non-refundable reservations for lodging.
  8. Both Rossi and Marlin lever action rifles come in stainless steel models. These are desirable for hunting in rainy weather. I shoot a stainless steel Marlin with the cross-bolt safety intact in case I want to hunt with it.
  9. My employer informed me I will be offered the vaccination in early February. Like a Black Friday shopper I hope to be near the front of the line. I'm retiring early next year and want to travel to matches without concern about the Wuhan virus.
  10. My local practice range opened up on the 30th so my wife and I spent the afternoon practicing with 22s. We will save our center fire ammo for matches until the current primer shortage ends.
  11. Load those '58s with minimum charges of BP (15 grains) if you want the brass frames to last. Also, be prepared to replace the nipples with quality, aftermarket nipples. The factory nipples often have dimensional flaws that affect reliability. I think Slim Jim holsters look good with those revolvers.
  12. My local Costcos have plenty of paper goods - if you are willing to stand two hours in line to enter. My wife's nurse's ID gets her to the front of the line, so she is doing the shopping for the immediate future.
  13. See Jax Leather. Her website says she has some in stock for 45-70. I have one of her loading strips and am quite satisfied.
  14. This is very close to my technique. I don't use stoppers and just set the barrels horizontal. When shooting a sub I use any discount store house brand window cleaner without vinegar. Oiling after cleaning is essential otherwise the plastic adheres quite well and is hard to remove. Any oil works. I've used Ballistol, Rem Oil, spray cooking oil and synthetic motor oil all with equal success.
  15. I remember this outfit from the '70s. My recollection is that you could be ordained for $5 but a Doctor of Divinity degree cost $20.
  16. Locally one Wild Bunch shooter uses small primer 45 ACP cases. I give those I find to him as a way of thanking him for the leadership he's shown the shooting community over the years. I don't trash any brass since a local metal recycler will buy it.
  17. A co-worker's late husband was a reporter present when Ruby shot Oswald. When the shot went off, he froze, dropped his mike and didn't move his hands. Seems like he did exactly the right thing.
  18. Thanks for posting early so that my wife and I can adjust our 2021 travel plans. We will only lose an $18 non-refundable campground reservation fee. Many Americans are losing their lives. I expect other match cancellations for the first half of 2021.
  19. In the 6th grade in line at the cafeteria Principal Kraxberger announced the assasination. I ate my lunch but had no appetite for seconds. After lunch no one played on the schoolyard. Everyone stood around stunned.
  20. Strange that APP would publish load data for an Evans cartridge and not a 38 Special. Apparently an Evans rifle would hold 34 short rounds. Would be fun to shoot a handgun/rifle/shotgun stage with a single firearm. The Evans Rifle Shooting the Evans
  21. There is a large variation in quality with .22 ammo. The very cheapest promo ammo has about a 5% FTF rate in my firearms. In semi-autos the powder burns so dirty they quit cycling after a few hundred rounds. I get large groups when shooting a rifle. Quality, target grade .22s always fire, burn clean and make tight groups. For hunting or competition bring quality .22s. Save the promo .22s for children who want to plink for hours.
  22. Pick up a single shot rifle to go with the cap guns and you can shoot a Plainsman side match (my favorite side match).
  23. The bottle I bought from Scarlett directs one to Shooterworldpowders.com for load data. This is what I found:
  24. I have a 24-inch '92 with a tang sight for these side matches. I removed the buckhorn sight entirely. All I have to do is look through the peep sight and place the front sight at the desired location - just two things to line up. My wife shoots the same rifle and finds it easy to ring the targets. I use ammunition that is too hot for main matches. It's fun to ring targets at 260 yards with a .357 round.
  25. Just came home from WalMart. With the governor's health order starting Monday there will be long lines for grocery shopping. I bought everything on my list. Eggs were sold out though I didn't need any. I wish the governor didn't close outdoor recreation facilities. Golf courses, tennis courts and outdoor shooting facilities are not super spreader sites.
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