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  1. I've been loading up the brass shells for a little while now when shooting black. OOC, for the folks shooting brass shells, have they kept them the full 2 3/4 or trimming them down to run them in an '87? Johnny
  2. Well, so far since starting about 2 1/2 years ago, I went from a Stoeger to a TTN, to shooting black out of the TTN, (while flirting with a '97 in wild bunch), so figured time to change again, lest I actually figure out how to run a shotgun...... Johnny
  3. So, the takeaway I am gathering from all of this is that either the Chiappa or the IAC can be a solid base, but all of them will benefit from getting them to someone who has spent enough time with them to learn how to clean up whatever issues they find with that particular iteration of the gun....and from what I am hearing that short list includes Lassiter and Slater. Thanks as always for the input, pretty well confirms the understanding I had been getting from my previous attempts to learn about the options for this gun. I appreciate folks taking the time to share their experience. Shortens the learning curve. Regards, Johnny
  4. So Lassiter, better to hold out for the Chiappa, or does an IAC work? I don't mind investing in my guns since I tend to hang onto them. Regards, Johnny
  5. Kid, still sorting out my schedule. This year I'm spending the entire week on the Salt Grass trailride into Houston since I've had to miss it to make it out for rangering the last two years. Sedalia, I've cleared out my mailbox, so should be good. Dantankerous, glad to hear you've had good results. Looking at the IAC's, but the Chiappa's are pretty sweet on the finish. Johnny
  6. Thanks for the replies! So, on the IAC guns, not way to tell by serial number which version is which? I've seen some stamped 'coyote cap', but haven't been able to associate that with any particular serial numbers. Regards, Johnny
  7. Since I've been enjoying shooting classic, I wanted to ask a few questions regarding 1887 shotgun options. I know the recommendation is to get the gun to Lassiter for the two drop mod, but which gun to start with? In chatting with Lassiter, he's a fan of the Chiappa's, but also mentioned that the IAC's could be a good starting point. The question is which IAC's are considered the 'good' ones vs the not so good? If I understand correctly, the PW 87's are at the bottom of the heap, but in looking at the various articles and forum posts, it seems there were some coyote cap editions, some which were marked as such, and others that weren't. There also appears to have been some that came out of china with a two drop mod already done. Are these the unmarked coyote cap editions? Or am misunderstanding how many iterations there were of this gun? Are there particular years/serial numbers to look for? To avoid? Any input would be appreciated. Regards, Johnny p.s. If anyone has one collecting dust, feel free to let me know
  8. Just wanted to says thanks to Major and all of the Magnificent Seven for putting the dinner together. As a newer shooter, I figured I would end up shooting classic because its the coolest category, so I'm not surprised to find classics are also the friendliest in a group of great folks. Johnny
  9. Thanks, I've heard folks using the 35 grains before, plus I'll get half again as many rounds out of the pound. Time to make some up. Johnny
  10. Thanks for posting the substitution chart, it may explain why I wasn't able to see my target much at CAC... I had settled on a load of 54 grains of APP 3F in the brass 12 ga shells....looks like that works out to 70 grains of black... might trying dialing back a bit...more experimentation ahead. Johnny
  11. We had one posse member who's loaded pistol came out when his slicker caught it as he was pulling shotgun shells. We all knew it wouldn't have happened on anything close to a normal weather match. Johnny
  12. By cold, he meant it stayed under a hundred.......only one day in the last month here when we had a tropical storm blow through.... J
  13. Major, planning on making it, and I'd like to sponsor the BP buckle when you get to ordering them up to make sure we have that sub category again! Johnny
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