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  1. Question - do you tamp down this substitute black powder - I noticed if I took a rod and lightly let the weight of the Al rod bounce on the powder a couple of times ( like I do with a muzzle loader and the loading rod) that the level dropped at least 1/4 inch - should you take that into account on your seating depth or just figure the depth based on the powder sitting loosely in the case? The loading instructions seem firm on no air space and min compression. Thanks
  2. I have both how much of each are you after - I have to go find the stuff it will be tomorrow before I get to it
  3. First question I know that I will probably get roasted but I got to know. Rule book says "Both revolvers may be cocked at the same time but must be shot one at a time to facilitate scoring" So if telling if you hit or not is not a problem can both be shot at once. Ok here is the set up. 5 knock down plates 10 rounds extra to be dumped on a rifle plate. I figure why not shoot both a once at each knock down (fun to just point and shoot) because I thought I was bound to hit at least once. Similar to what the fast shooters do shooting at each plate a number of times even as it falls. So the scorin
  4. Thanks for the video - Eliminated some of the guilt I feel in shooting my Ruger Single Sixs.

    They just fit my hand better. Side note I bought my guns for cowboy action shooting over 20 years ago but it wasn't until a year or so ago that I ran into your YouTube videos on new shooters, which gave me the nerve to try cowboy action shooting for the first time (gunfighter no less).   I hear you are headed to Dayton this weekend hope to see you there. 

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