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  1. Your right the handbook refers to alternating pistols for shooting, I took that to mean single cocking instead of double cocking
  2. I have noticed that the rule book talks about double cocking (dc) vs. single cocking (sc), with stating sc is faster. Is it true? I currently dc and have been encouraged to change to sc. This is what I have noticed about the two styles from videos. 1. Most sc seem to cock the second pistol after the first is fired - so they are spending time with two cocking actions. The really fast ones have the second pistol cocked during the time the first one is being aimed and fired. So, a dc is only spending one time for two pistols being cocked which in theory should be as fast as the faster single cockers. 2. The sc I have observed for the most part when there is a change in direction seem to have to cross over the pistols. Whereas a dc can switch direction by just starting with the pistol in line with the target saving a bit of time. Example would be 3 targets sweeping down and back for ten rounds. This crossing over by sc seems to slow them down a bit. I have not been able to watch on video a really fast gun fighter on how they handle a change in direction. 3. A disadvantage I have seen for dc is the shots can happen so close together that they are called for two shots at once. Even the fastest sc don't seem to get this call. 4. From what I can tell many sc cock both pistols coming out of the holsters 5. So, what am I missing that makes sc faster than dc other than the really fast gunfighters are sc?
  3. If I had to do a reload for both pistols - I would shoot both dry - open the gate- set the left pistol down - right pistol to reload - rotate the correct number of click bring the hammer back to full cock and pull the trigger- then it would be safe to set it down and repeat with the left pistoI. Sounds like double duelist would be better in this case.
  4. Well I have had time to practice the advice I have gotten here and have found for myself the following. (See if it is legal) 2 shot reload - my best times were shoot both dry - open loading gate set left pistol down, half cock right pistol eject one and load two and rotate cylinder and fire. If forced to load one in each pistol - shoot both dry- open both loading gates set left down - half cock right pistol - load one round rotate 3 clicks - set down right - repeat with the left - pick both up - go to full cock and fire. For me that was a little faster than doing double duelist.
  5. I am surprised that so many would pack up their gear and leave. So the stage isn’t to your liking, is it dangerous then maybe leave. I feel that someone went to the trouble to drag out all the steel, set up, write the stage, and time me, then i say thank you for hosting today it was great to get a chance to hang out with other shooters and shoot steel.
  6. The reload could be anytime after the buzzer. Didn’t state one round per gun, but most reloaded each revolver.i was the only gunfighter so had no one to watch. Stages were made to practice some different things. It was fun and showed we had gotten into a rut with stages running pretty much the same way.
  7. A monthly match had an odd requirement. It required 12 rounds for the pistol (2 staged and reloaded on the clock). Having never done a reload as a gunfighter, suggestions as to how you would approach it? Assume that you have pistols in both hands. It did not say they had to be one for each pistol although all the other shooters reloaded one round in each pistol.
  8. Trying to get a powder measure setup for black powder and I have a RCBS, Hornady and Lee pro auto disc. The lee is the only one that has plastic meeting plastic the others have steel meeting steel. Is the lee safe to run black powder in it? Thanks
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