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  1. Make do

    Is it legal

    Sorry for the late reply- Make do
  2. Make do

    Is it legal

    Is the new Ruger single seven (in 327 magnum) a legal main match gun - plan to shoot 32 long- I can't seem to find a reference - Thanks
  3. Make do

    Rifle question

    The rifle still has the safety notch-I appreciate all the suggestions and cant wait to try them out -thanks
  4. Make do

    Rifle question

    Lately with the rifle I have been ejecting a live round during the string - I can't figure out exactly (I have been trying to go a bit faster) what I am doing - any ideas or exercises to help - I shoot a 66 in 38 special- thanks
  5. Well I ordered the 20 gauge die from cH4d and it came today - Man the shells that had been sticking in the gun were very difficult to run through the die- smeared them profusely with Unique lube and it was impossible to get the shell all the way in, in one pass. Switched to a different lube and it was a bit better but still difficult. But they now drop in with ease. I will have to shoot them to see it they shuck any better
  6. As you know at times the shot shells get stepped on and the mouths bent. When I get them back to round it creates a bit of a flair, so they no longer fit the gun easily. I have run them through normal shot shell sizers but they don't seem to touch the mouth and bring it back to fitting - any suggestion as to a fix? thanks
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