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  1. Having a hard time scoring this: The scenario specifies 5 rounds pistol through window A - 5 rounds pistol through window C: rifle 10 rounds through window B ( A - B -C) Shotgun anywhere 2 knock downs. Rifle cant be last. Shooter shoots 5 rounds from window A no misses, makes a mistake and cocks 6th realized the problem and fires it into the berm moves to window C completes the sequence no other misses. Then uses the shotgun and takes both knockdowns. Finally goes to the rifle and no misses. So is it a procedural for the sixth shot from the wrong window or a miss plus a procedural for the rifle being last. Reason I ask is the procedural committed as soon as the round is fired from the wrong window before it missed? From what I can gather from the flow chart it should be just a procedural. And the answer is?
  2. Being a gunfighter and a double cocker, sometimes I pull both triggers at once. I know that you are not supposed to do that but I cant find what the penalty is for it in the handbook. Is it just a warning followed by increasing penalties or what?
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