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  1. If .2% death rate scares you - don't look up chance of living to age 65 chance of living to age 70 riding a donor cycle riding horse Farming Chance of a major stroke - a pleasant way to spend your golden years Major heart attack - just went to doctor - no high blood pressure - no diabetes - no cholesterol problems- not over weight etc. - 8% according to his little program Since I am at risk for all of the above - what are my chances to make it through the summer.- May be my last year on earth do I spend it inside hiding? Worrying about death is a terrible way to live especially when trying to live longer you make your life poorer Besides who says what they are doing is the right thing to do after all doctors only account for around 90,000 malpractice deaths a year "The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has offered a more conservative estimate of 98,000 deaths per year due to medical negligence. A large percentage of these 250,000 annual fatalities would undoubtedly be actionable as medical malpractice."
  2. Thanks all for the offers to sell outright - I may have to do that and search for the Ruger but I am going to wait a bit to do that - thanks again for the offers- Make do
  3. I would like to trade this colt in 357 for a Ruger old army fixed sight 7.5 inch barrel stainless steel in great shape. This is a third generation colt 96031SA made in 1978. It has been used only about 7 matches before that only occasionally. I have owned it since new. Only defect I know of is a drop of solvent took some blue off the cylinder ( in pictures). I don't get to the computer often so be patient for a reply
  4. I spent the $$ to get the shell resizing die after the brass shells started sticking a bit too often. I just wished I would of bought it sooner. The shell were very difficult to size to start with compared to once fired brass shells so they must of swelled a bit with firing. I know generally if you fire shells in just one gun they will continue to fit that one gun without sizing. But with my double maybe one chamber was different than the other making it seem like I was firing them in two guns.
  5. I pour about 200 grains of lead into the base - I put a decapping pin into the primer hole to keep it open as a pour in the lead - it adds enough weight that the shells fall out better.
  6. I was playing with my cap and ball revolvers trying to speed up the reloading - so I decided to try paper cartridges- using beauty rolling paper -I made up a bunch and they seem to work well - but when cleaning later that day I noticed a lot of burned paper in the cylinder - I didn't have any problem with ignition at all -what I wanted to know are scraps of paper potential problems with the next paper cartridges put in?. Do you ignore them or fish them out before the reload?
  7. Would this single shot lever action shotgun be legal in FC gunfighter - I have read they have to be of the style used during a set time period, but I have no idea if this falls into that time period. I have one that I would like to play with
  8. Thanks for the replies - Why the rule in the first place is there a safety concern I am unaware of?
  9. I have a bunch (1000's) of hollow base wad cutters and I noticed a bit in the rule book about bullets being flush with the case mouth as being illegal. I typically seat the wad cutter about 1/4 inch above flush - would that be legal - these are for pistol only and typically they shoot very well.
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