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  1. Hey I learn every day here - went out to shoot my new model Ruger Bear cat that I have had problems with it jamming before, and low and behold- It is doing what is shown in picture 2 - Is there a cure?
  2. Make do

    Soy Wax

    I was hoping to get a seal and lube in one application - but I think you are right I will have to glue it
  3. Make do

    Soy Wax

    Melted some soy wax over an over shot card to try it out. It held just fine at a monthly match temp was about 60 - not sure how it would be with summer temps?
  4. Make do

    Soy Wax

    Any experience with using soy wax for lube with black powder. Thinking of sealing my brass shotgun shells with melted soy wax- thanks
  5. Question- APP site lists using the volume for 20g FFFG for 38/40. That is approximately 1.39 cc. When I use that amount of APP it is maybe 1/4 -5/16 inch below where the bullet would seat to. So should I add filler or wad or just forget about it and shoot? Thanks
  6. I had an interesting event last weekend - I shot my shotgun with regular smokeless loads for 4 stages and tried out some APP loads for the last two, for a total of 6 shells. Well when I went to clean my shotgun it was bad and I started with my WD40 and it didn't touch the fouling. Then I switched to a ballistol mix of 1 to 10. It worked but I started to get little lead flakes (a lot of them) and it took awhile to get every thing out. I haven't had any lead problems (none at all) with smokeless or real black loadings with the gun before. I was thinking maybe it is a mistake to switch to APP (
  7. Make do

    Holster fit

    I am having a problem with my 1862 navies (5 1/2 barrel). The revolvers tend to hang up on the wedge when returning them back to the holster - any solutions, techniques or styles that work better with cap and ball revolvers having a wedge? Currently I am using El paso saddlery holsters. I tend to like the slim Jim style of holsters. Thanks
  8. I have a truncated cone mold 86g but it is gas check - I have heard you can shoot them just fine without the gas check - guess I will give it a try.
  9. I use cast RCBS mold cowboy 90 grain - I size them to .311 - I will try going down a bit because it takes more than a gentle push to get them to exit the cylinder. Thanks
  10. I want to head toward FC gunfighter but I am having some problems with loading - I am using APP powder and a RCBS 90 32 cal bullet in a 32 magnum case. My revolvers are two Ruger Single Sixes. I am having two problems - 1. after the first cylinder the shells wont go in all the way and jam - I have tried just a brush but nothing short of taking the cylinder out and brushing with water/solvent will restore fit (cartridge head sticks a smidge out). Should I switch to 32 long cases? Which brings up problem 2 - the load doesn't seem to produce a lot of smoke. and the 32 long would be even less pow
  11. Question - do you tamp down this substitute black powder - I noticed if I took a rod and lightly let the weight of the Al rod bounce on the powder a couple of times ( like I do with a muzzle loader and the loading rod) that the level dropped at least 1/4 inch - should you take that into account on your seating depth or just figure the depth based on the powder sitting loosely in the case? The loading instructions seem firm on no air space and min compression. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the video - Eliminated some of the guilt I feel in shooting my Ruger Single Sixs.

    They just fit my hand better. Side note I bought my guns for cowboy action shooting over 20 years ago but it wasn't until a year or so ago that I ran into your YouTube videos on new shooters, which gave me the nerve to try cowboy action shooting for the first time (gunfighter no less).   I hear you are headed to Dayton this weekend hope to see you there. 

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