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  1. Been asked to write the stages for the monthly match in July - Club is older (don't move well) it will be hot so we want the stages to go fast, we have only one bay (narrow) and don't really want to do much plate moving. These are a couple of stages I was thinking of. stages.pdf
  2. Was watching Branchwater Jack's video on eye dominance (TFL 3: Eye Dominance - YouTube), and was thinking that when I miss it is with the right pistol. From a quick check I am very left eye dominate. So I went out and did some practice runs with my right eye closed and things were very much improved but awkward. Closing my left eye things were about where they were. Rifle and shotgun both eyes open no problem. How do other gunfighters with cross eye dominance handle their pistols?
  3. A little while ago there was some talk about setting up the hammer so it just missed the top of the cone. So I checked my cap and ball pistols. I took out the lock work and only left the the hammer and cylinder in. Moving the cylinder back and forth over the the nipple I felt a heavy drag and little movement( compared to the nipple being removed so I went to work on the nipple (turns out it was bent a little) and took it down until I could just barely feel a drag on the hammer. Tested it with a cap and it worked fine. So I went ahead and did the other nipples. But I got to thinking - is that t
  4. Hey I learn every day here - went out to shoot my new model Ruger Bear cat that I have had problems with it jamming before, and low and behold- It is doing what is shown in picture 2 - Is there a cure?
  5. Make do

    Soy Wax

    I was hoping to get a seal and lube in one application - but I think you are right I will have to glue it
  6. Make do

    Soy Wax

    Melted some soy wax over an over shot card to try it out. It held just fine at a monthly match temp was about 60 - not sure how it would be with summer temps?
  7. Make do

    Soy Wax

    Any experience with using soy wax for lube with black powder. Thinking of sealing my brass shotgun shells with melted soy wax- thanks
  8. Thanks for the video - Eliminated some of the guilt I feel in shooting my Ruger Single Sixs.

    They just fit my hand better. Side note I bought my guns for cowboy action shooting over 20 years ago but it wasn't until a year or so ago that I ran into your YouTube videos on new shooters, which gave me the nerve to try cowboy action shooting for the first time (gunfighter no less).   I hear you are headed to Dayton this weekend hope to see you there. 

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