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  1. I noticed that aquarium hose fits snugly over percussion nipples (use to use it for cleaning a rifle) and I got to thinking maybe they would fit over caps and hold them. What I was trying to do was to make a cheep capper which didn't work so well ( the caps wouldn't come loose from the tubing) - But I had another bright idea maybe if I cut a bunch of small pieces it would help me handle them when capping. So I cut a bunch of small pieces and placed them over the caps. I then ran them through a cap sucking 1860 of mine. Lo and behold all the caps were easy to put on and held the caps onto the nipples intact after firing eliminating any cap jams. The tubing is just barely smaller than the cylinder nipple area and held the caps in place. I ran through 6 cylinders and not a cap came off and stuck in the action. This was surprising because the caps were #11 instead of #10 that fit a little tighter, with the 11 notorious in my gun for falling off and jamming the action. Any one try this and if so how did it work for you?
  2. Make do

    To fix or not

    Good idea to check the pin - I will do that - checked it with another base pin same result - off about 1/16 of an inch
  3. Make do

    To fix or not

    I have a old Navy Arms 1858 stainless -the base pin has been difficult to remove and for some reason I looked at it last night (I have shot it many years) and noticed that the base pin is slightly off the hole in the rear of the frame requiring a good knock to get it in, My question is can it be fixed or is it even worth it? Other than not be able to easily remove the pin it seems to shoot fine- thanks
  4. Make do

    Fixing a jam

    Question: If I am shooting gunfighter and one of the revolvers (cap and ball) has a cap drag requiring a second hand to rotate the cylinder how do I do that - can I stage one of the revolvers and use two hands to rotate the cylinder or am I out of luck?
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