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  1. You should be able to buy crushed walnut hulls for ~$1 per pound. Some predatory sellers are asking five times that price.
  2. The bolded text is my experience. With subs there is often a perceptible delay between a cap firing and the powder igniting. I don't hear a delay with real black powder.
  3. I'll send you a PM. No club is moving to FR. Clubs resident there are looking for new ranges.
  4. Yesterday was a warm, windless winter day at Founders Ranch for a Buffalo Range Riders match. We had a very large turnout - not surprising given the circumstances. The club voted to remain intact and seek a new range. There are some possibilities but nothing immediately available. After the match ten of us migrated to the 5-stand range to challenge the clays. We were busting the flying clays pretty well (especially Tex and Mica McGuire) but the rabbits largely eluded us. On the 28th before the farewell party there will be a 6-stage CAS match. If decent weather we should have another rec
  5. I bought RCBS sizing equipment used from someone who quit casting. I have a .310 die surplus to my needs. I'll PM you with an offer to sell. I already have dies in the calibers you offered to trade.
  6. The warnings for pets were needed. The area has packs of coyotes and a resident mountain lion. There have been human cases of the plague in the same county as FR. The props were suprisingly simple for a major match. However, their open design made it easy for photography and for black powder smoke to dissipate. Local shooting clubs suffer the most. Three CAS clubs, a Wild Bunch club and a USPSA club no longer have a home. A regional USPSA match has to relocate. The best Sporting Clays range in the area is closing. Many concealed carry qualifiers need to be relocated.
  7. I agree with others that Google can show toll-free routes. Safe travels to EOT.
  8. The Brits made tea from rose hips in World War II since they could not import citrus fruits as in peace time. This provided them needed Vitamin C. I've tasted rose hip tea and found it bland but not bad tasting.
  9. Where I grew up a neighbor lady had a Manx that ruled the neighborhood. I watched that cat put a new German Shepherd in its place. That cat loved people but would not tolerate any harassment by anything. I think that Manx could have whupped a bobcat.
  10. I do the same and sometimes get feedback. In the summer perspiration builds up under the muffs and sometimes shorts out the hearing aids. I frequently remove the muffs to keep my ears dry to avoid this problem. However, this is only a problem in hot weather.
  11. Decades ago in my climbing days, Westcliff was a destination for climbing the nearby, 14,000+ ft Crestone Peaks. There was a rough jeep road that went up part way up South Colony Creek then a trail that led to a lake between Crestone Needle and Humbolt Peak. The Needle is a technical climb. If they hike this is an option.
  12. Such lenses shaved seconds off my average stage times. However, with you shooting right-handed and left-handed I have no advice how to set them up. Perhaps both lenses at the distance of your front sights might work. It takes about twenty minutes to adjust to the glasses. Readjusting to my regular bifocals is almost immediate.
  13. I shot a Wild Bunch match at the ranch yesterday. The club president says next month is the last match for the club. The ABQ City Range is too far a commute for him. (He lives far south of FR and already has a long commute.)
  14. I buy some commercial bullets from Missouri Bullets and Bang and Clang that are BH12. I also bought some soft cast bullets from Desperado. There was no leading problem with any of these softer bullets. Now that I am casting I am using softer alloys. I did have a problem with my .44 mag Marlin used for WB leading. Using coated bullets eliminated that leading. That's another variable you can try if experiencing leading.
  15. I'd reload the AAs and toss the Fiocchi and Herter hulls. AAs have thick plastic walls and do not buckle when reloading. I've had poor luck reloading Fiocchi hulls. I shot some Herter shells today. They too seem flimsy. If you find green Gun Club hulls they reload well too. If you shoot BP in a pump shotgun I'd use 777. The residue is less corrosive than real BP fouling. Personally I don't use BP in a pump shotgun.
  16. We have one shooter who uses these shells. I don't spot for him and stay well back of the shooting line when he shoots.
  17. You could easily exceed SASS rifle velocity maximums too. Lyman's Cast Bullet Handbook indicates you could get ~1860 fps using a 158 grain bullet and H110 (an excellent choice for a hunting load).
  18. Agree with skipping the Pyrodex. I load with 777 as well as APP. They both work well. I trust real black powder more than the subs in muggy weather.
  19. My wife shoots SKBs. They are quite light weight. There are used 20 gauge SxSs for sale. Johnny Meadows fit both her SKBs to her. She shoots Winchester low noise, low recoil AAs when she shoots smokeless. She says trap loads give her a concussion.
  20. Sidebar: I was at an action pistol match where one shooter had a Glock. He snatched his cell phone off his belt and tried a reload. I wish I had a video. It was most entertaining.
  21. This is one of my wife's Ruger Single Six .22s she uses for practice and side matches - action job by Longhunters. Her main match revolvers are .32 H&R mag Single Sixes so these feel about the same. Should we run out of small pistol primers these revolvers will be used for local, main matches if allowed. I will switch to firearms using large pistol primers and cap and ball revolvers if needed.
  22. DJ, if you want to get filmed shoot black powder. One producer told me that he prefers filming black powder shooters because they provide a better visual experience for his viewers.
  23. Windex multi-surface cleaner with vinegar is a good cleaning solution for Pyrodex fouling.
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