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  1. I’ve been buying Sportsman’s sale primers for a few months. They only allow 1,000 of any type purchased. I stocked up on Federal small pistol magnum primers, W209s and both Winchester and Remington large pistol primers (for my WB 45s). Since there is a Costco next to Sportsman’s I don’t mind making small purchases at Sportsman’s.
  2. Might be time to shoot different cartridges in ,your revolvers and rifle. Many shoot 45 Cowboy Specials in their revolvers. This short case with less internal volume than a 45 Colt case allows for clean burns of reduced powder charges.
  3. At the last EOT a fellow on my posse shot a Big Boy without a jam or breakage. However, he worked the lever slowly and methodically. He did not place in the top ten in his category but had fun. If you want to stand up with the winners pick a rifle off the top off the preceding lists.
  4. This thread should be pinned. New shooters frequently ask what OAL and bullet profile will work in their rifle. This is one of the first issues they must resolve in developing their CAS loads.
  5. The filing was under Chapter 11 so the business should continue. I am interested in having parts for my firearms.
  6. We send two to three painters downrange along with those setting up shotgun targets. For a small posse of say ten shooters one would not have enough workers. With larger posses it does work. Fortunately that club does not have many slackers and painting is done before the brass is picked up. With too many slackers or a small posse I would not paint after each shooter. You are right - every situation is different.
  7. One club locally does so at its matches. They shoot in bays so going downrange is safe. It does not slow the match and makes scoring more reliable.
  8. Some clubs offer introductory sessions. Check with a local club. Long Hunter's training videos are posted on YouTube. This is his introductory video.
  9. WC's posts show a useful way to get cast bullets less expensively - pickup your bullets at the casters shop and avoid shipping. Some casters deliver to nearby matches. Buy from them too and avoid shipping costs.
  10. My local Sportsmans was well stocked with Federal small magnum pistol primers when I visited yesterday. However, they were out of most common pistol caliber ammo, .22 LR and .223 rifle rounds. I didn't need any but noted the shortage.
  11. In one of my SASS-U classes the instructor advised never having live ammo in the room where you dry fire. He also advised never using your pets as targets for dry fire practice. There are probably some unfortunate experiences behind this advise.
  12. I have shot CAS, WB and trap where masks were required. Fortunately all ranges allowed removal of the mask while shooting since glasses fog when wearing a mask. Spotting is inconsistent since spotters sometimes cannot see targets clearly. In windy conditions I see little need for a mask but will do what the range requires so I can shoot.
  13. Ruger Single Six .32s are no longer made but available used. Cimmaron sells Lightning and Model P Jr. revolvers. I know ladies that shoot the Ruger and the Cimmaron models. If your wife can hold and shoot these she will find her preference. BTW, the .32 H&R mag cartridge can be easily loaded to take down properly-calibrated knockdown targets.
  14. My '92 deer rifle I hunted with as a youth now belongs to my niece as her deer hunting gun. Since it once belonged to her grandfather she cherishes it as a family heirloom. My heirloom firearms will be handed down and not sold by my estate.
  15. Ruidoso, NM is five hours from Midland and is a popular mountain tourist area for Texans. You can ski there as well as hike. Fall would be best for hiking but wear blaze orange as this is an elk hunting area. I've hiked the ridgeline trail along the crest of the Capitans and enjoyed it. Be conservative in your choice of hikes as the elevation is likely to challenge your stamina. Link: day hikes in the Lincoln Nat'l Forest Palo Duro is worth visiting even if you don't hike. The Davis Mountains are a couple hours southwest from Midland. The state park has some hiking trails. This park would be good for winter hiking as the trails are unlikely to be closed by snow.
  16. The pandemic drove some panic buying too. After all, those hoards of toilet paper need defending.
  17. My Laser-Cast Reloading Manual quotes 4.1 grains of Red Dot gives 961-fps out of a 6-inch revolver barrel. That gives you an upper bound on an acceptable load.
  18. I know where you live. I bought these beans nearby on my return trip from the Revenge.
  19. I'm sure glad he's near a major medical center and was not in some remote location in the Southwest Desert lacking cell phone coverage.
  20. That plague is endemic in the Southwest. Ground squirrels also carry the disease.
  21. WalMart still sells Winchester AAs at the best retail price around. I've bought five cases of featherlights from them this year. I'm not anti-Wally World. I visited Sportsmans to pick up 1,000 primers yesterday. Ammo and reloading supplies were quite sparse. The last twenty years has taught me to keep a few years of supplies on hand.
  22. In case you have not discovered it already, here is a link to the Hodgdon Reloading Center. For CAS I shoot minimum published 7/8 oz loads. All your supplies are useful for CAS except the wads. Save them for other shooting. BTW, if you wear out your STS hulls, you can reload Gun Club hulls with the same load. I get all the Gun Club hulls I need for free on clays ranges.
  23. Regarding .32s and the smoke standard, Capt. Baylor and I tested some rounds against the smoke standard. Baylor later published the results in the Cowboy Chronicle. My wife's .32 H&R mag rounds loaded with APP and 100 grain bullets met the smoke standard. Those cases won't hold 1 cc but APP being a very smoky sub made the difference. We also tested some commercial .32 S&W rounds loaded with Triple Seven. These failed the smoke standard. One can meet the smoke standard loading with less than 1 cc of APP.
  24. Don’t count on CAS ammo being available soon. We are in the middle of another ammo shortage driven by panic buying.
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