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  1. I am interested in your 38-40. If you still have it let me know. Doc Clint

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    2. Broken Bear, SASS#58418

      Broken Bear, SASS#58418

      The only gauge I have available is listings on Gunbroker ..

      Not really listings but actual sales seems the only real measure ..so I am watching and have found only two which are saying some where around $1500 ..one sold for $1200 but it was beat to heck and one sold for $1800 and it was about like this one except instead of smooth patina it was "splotchy" finish especially on the receiver ..this rifle I believe has been shot little so inside seems pretty much blue but the outside says a working gun with a lifetime in the field ..I bought this gun from a young man from the Oklahoma Indian Nations area ..it was a family hand down from great grandfather to grandfather to dad to the son who I dealt with as he needed college money ..his great grandfather was a Texas lawman on the Oklahoma/Texas border ..he continued to lawman when he moved his family to Oklahoma ..the serial number comes in at 1903/4  ..but I would like a few more real sales to establish a fair price for both me and the new owner ..

      I intend to be a notch below the average pricing

      Is this fair ?


      JB Wilson


    3. dokdoc #61722

      dokdoc #61722

      I use gunbroker for pricing, it is good for that purpose.  More detailed pic would be helpful in establishing condition.  Thanks Clint 

    4. Broken Bear, SASS#58418

      Broken Bear, SASS#58418

      Sorry ..I'm in the middle of remodel on my house and everyone (my boss of 55 years) wants it done







      20220805_151315 - Copy.jpg


      20220805_151347 - Copy.jpg


  2. Withdrawn and on gunbroker.com. If you like it you get it cheaper there. Thanks, Doc
  3. I would like to trade my Dillon conversion 38/357 for your 9mm or 45 Colt conversion
  4. Price reduced to 2,200, make an offer, open to some trades. Doc
  5. Hi Doc,

    Sweet & Sassy Cindy Here from Florida,

    If you still have this Marlin for sale, I’ve been looking for one. Will you please call me at your convenience @ 850-209-3435

    I’ll take it, but first I would like to talk with you via phone.

  6. I will take it if something falls thru. Doc C
  7. Yes, not exactly what I need but please send pics and price

  8. Want to buy a Virginian made by Hammerli to match the one that is pictured. Any caliber considered. Thanks Doc Clint
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