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  1. We have a winner Randy Saint hands down that would drive me nuts
  2. Dont want to jump in the middle of this and up set anyone .Doc if you dont get any takers on your 32/20 give me a shout
  3. FYI you cant beat Stoeger they are fairly reasonable and they are almost bullet proof
  4. I don't really have a problem cleaning brass shotgun shells. My problem is, at the range, because I shoot real black, by the time I get home they start to discolor and then I have a problem cleaning them. Sometime I need to run them through my pin tumbler twice. Does anyone have an kind of neutralizing solution so that I can put them in immediately after firing?
  5. I have said this many times the gun was not designed with a stick in it .I have two HENRYS one in 45 and one in 44/40 never use a stick and the 44/40 only shoot B/P in it just saying man up boys
  6. Bottle neck cartridge needs to be shot with black powder just fill the cast up jam a bullet on it good to go
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