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  1. Pee Wee, like you I'm a big fan of the tiny .25-20...but I stick with smokeless for this one! My 1892 is a 1912 vintage piece that my father had Winchester re-barrel to .218 Bee back in the '50s. He used it for both deer and (primarily) turkey and I used it to take my first whitetail. I kept it around for close to twenty years after Daddy passed, and then decided to do something special with it in his memory. Gunsmith Robert Shuck fitted a new .25-20 barrel and magazine tube and stocked it with a gorgeous piece of walnut. Before final assembly, he sent the action, lever and but
  2. "The Man Who Would Be King". 1975 adaptation of Kipling's short story. Co-starring Michael Caine and Christopher Plummer (as Kipling). "Ad"
  3. Love that part of the world! Aunt Hada Nuff and I honeymooned in Ouray and we get back up there very few years. The San Juans are beautiful! "Ad"
  4. A buddy in the mid-80s had a Firestar and it did a lot to educate me that "good guns are where you find 'em". Over the years I've had "name brand" pieces that were garbage and "garbage" that worked all day / every day. Example: when I feel like emulating 007, I carry an Astra Constable (a cheap PPK knock-off) that meets the above criteria. Likewise, my "everyday" 1911 says Taurus on the side. I've got Gold Cups and Springfield TRPs, but often as not the "garbage" goes along on my hip. Glad to hear about your Firestar, Forty Rod! Ad
  5. What? The Rabbit? I almost soiled my armor I was so scared...
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