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  1. Mask Mandate for Planes, Trains Overturned by Federal Judge (msn.com) Here ya go, UB! For what it's worth, anyway... Ad
  2. And I thought I hung the moon when I snagged a virtually new 1954 model! That ain't a shotgun...that's a time machine!
  3. Sorry that you cancelled, Bob. We were on the DSNGRR back in December and we (along with 90% of others in our car) simply gave the mask mandate a good, general ignoring.
  4. Ahhhh...NOW I understand why one side was stamped and the other left smooth. And the saddle surely don't know or care which side is "out" so either side is fine. Your work sure looks handsome. Unfortunately, all but one of my saddle guns are 24". Tell you what: if you're interested, PM me a quote on this same type scabbard for 24" barrels and smooth on BOTH sides. We might just do business yet! "Ad"
  5. Hey Rube! Tell me a little bit more about that scabbard...specifically what rifle and barrel length you set it up for? Also distance between straps would be helpful. It appears that you'd built this to ride under the right fender, butt to the rear? Thanks, "Ad"
  6. Lawdy, Lawd...where to begin? I was born and raised in Austin. Left 33 years ago. Only go back if there is no (repeat NO) other option. Back in the '70s, the unofficial motto "Keep Austin Weid" was created. They've succeeded beyond their wildest dreams... The old joke is that Texas highways (especially that strip of Hades between Austin and San Antonio) are always either "over-crowded or under construction". A lotta truth in that... Luckenbach? My mother's people (originally from Fredericksburg) used to hold their annual family reunion there (before Willon and Waylie "discovered" it). Old man Hondo Crouch (the owner) still lived there. And Fredericksburg itself was a sleepy little German town that rolled up the sidewalks at sundown. Times change. Luddite that I am, I don't follow that trend very well. Hence, we live far away from those "madding crowds". Old Texas still exists...usually in and around the TINY spots on the maps! Glad you found "most" of your trip enjoyable, Finagler!
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