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  1. I've never had any problems flying domestically with firearms. Internationally can be a different story. Our last trip to Argentina (2016) had us flying Dallas to Cordoba via Santiago, Chile. I had all our paperwork from the Argentinian embassy, but nothing from the Chileans as we were only transiting Santiago and would never take possession of the guns. Long story short, the black-pajama-ed Chilean Security Forces didn't share that opinion and I was really beginning to believe that I was gonna get to see what the inside of a third world Santiago jail looked like (it was on Sunday and I didn't know if the Embassy could do anything til the next day). Thankfully (just before our flight departed) they decided that we weren't a big enough security threat and ought to be sent along to the Argentinians! Same hassle on the return leg, just much more low key. Needless to say, it'll be a cold day in Central H3LL before I go thru Santiago again! "Ad"
  2. Lawdy, this may take awhile. When a gun nut and a hunting nut are combined in one body for 60 years...well, you get the idea. Rimfires: .22 Short, Long Rifle and WMR - small game up thru wild turkeys. Centerfire .22s: .218 Bee, .222 Rem, .223 Rem - turkeys and varmints primarily, but I killed my first whitetail with that Bee. 6mms: .6x45, 6 TCU, .243 Winchester (the 6x45 (6-.223) is my favorite do-all Central Texas cartridge) .25s: .250 Savage, .25-06 Rem - deer and hogs .277: .270 Winchester - deer and hogs .284: I was slow to the 7mm party, but a 7x57 is a new favorite deer and hog toy .30 cal: .30 WCF, .30-06, .300 Win - deer and hogs, red stag .338: .338-06 Ackley Improved - deer, hogs, elk .357: .357 Mag (revolver and carbine) deer and hogs .366: 9.3x74R - deer and hogs .375: .38-55, .375 H&H - the .38-55 for deer and hogs, the 375 for deer and hogs, various African plains game and Cape Buffalo .416: the .416 Rigby - deer and hogs, African plains game, Cape buffalo, elephant .45 cal: .45 Colt and .45-70 - deer and hogs with the Colt, deer, hogs and Leopard with the .45-70 Shotguns: .410, 28 and 12
  3. Folks, I don't have a dog in this hunt...but this is a SMOKIN' deal for someone. Two reasons: 1) Sam Andrews does top quality work. I've got several examples of his work and they're all wonderful. 2) This rig lists on Sam's website for $800... Do with the information what you will. If I could figure ANY reasonable justification for owning this, I'd be all over it. Somebody is gonna be very, very happy. "Ad"
  4. The .25-20 is a sentimental favorite of mine. Back in the '50s, my Dad had a Model 92 in .25-20 re-barreled by Winchester to .218 Bee. It was a favorite saddlegun of his that he hunted the Texas Hill country with. When I was big enough, I carried it and killed my first whitetail with it. Years after Daddy passed, I resolved to put the rifle back into top shape...and return it to its original chambering. Here's the result: wearing a 24" barrel and sporting Doug Turnbull CCH work, gunsmith Robert Schuck really made this an heirloom. I run it with both factory 86 grain softpoints and 85 grain cast. I'll regularly pick this up for an evening stroll thru the pasture...coyotes beware! "Ad"
  5. For folks with large hands (like mine), those Herrett stocks make a world of difference!
  6. In today’s world of double-stack, whiz bang polymer wunderkinds, there is still a place for the classic steel, snubby wheelgun. These are guns made when hand-fitting was still a thing…and the velvety DA stroke and the crisp SA pull of this Detective Special will take you back to the time when revolvers still ruled the world!This “True Detective” package consists of:• Colt Detective Special 2” Blue (1981 manufacture date)• Craft Shoulder/Belt Holster (almost new condition) see info at https://www.craftholsters.com/leather-shoulder-belt-holster• Galco paddle holster (good condition but shows its age)• Custom Herrett’s walnut stocks (perfect for larger hands)• Original Colt DS stocks• 2- HKS speedloadersPlease note that my pipe, vest, magnifying glass and ammo aren't part of the deal!This revolver shows normal light bluing wear at the muzzle and cylinder. Tight lock-up with no timing issues. If you have enough gray in what’s left of your hair to remember how revolver actions were MEANT to feel, this little piece of history will put a smile on your face! $700 plus actual shipping. Must ship to an FFL who will accept shipment from an individual. Thanks for looking! Adolph "Ad" Vancinghand
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