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  1. That I’d go for… would still prefer that they released each model on its own date… :-}
  2. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard him referred to as “Mr.”!! We’re looking forward to seeing you in TN!! Our Head Honchos put on a fantastic State match… us little honchos love to shoot here!! TB
  3. Thanks! I’m still of the nature that if you’re celebrating a Sesquicentennial, it should be specific to the date of or release of that item!! We didn’t celebrate our Bicentennial in 1975… TB
  4. I’m not following their logic… 1866, is not the same as 1873… so why offer an 1873 on anniversary if the 1866??? Just sayin!! TB
  5. Hey Sarg, Any chance you’d be coming down to Wartrace TN State Championship?? I’d be very interested!! 2nd in line of course… Pictures? Your PM says you can’t get messages? TB
  6. What is the length of the pants & is there enough material to lengthen 1-3”??
  7. I’ll take it. PM me know where to send the gold dust. TB
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