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  1. Hey, Kid. I have two in the closet that I have had for about 5 years. IIRC I made a similar post back then and you sent me these. You want 'em back?
  2. Could I see a picture of the forend from the bottom, please?
  3. My new pet peeve is all the pistol caliber rifles carried by cowboys with bandolier full of rounds that would never cycle through the action. Worst of all is War Wagon
  4. Yea Haw!!! l just got my refund for cancelling due to surgery. Now I can send it back to them
  5. Just today, I saw the two styles advertised as full and 3/4 design
  6. I believe the SASS r/p targets are 12x16, plate racks are all 9”(except the one at 100yds which has 3 in the center that are 6”), and the tombstone racks step down from 6” to 2” in one inch increments
  7. Standard size SASS (9) targets, 4 plate racks, 2 22Lr tombstone racks, 2x3 200 yd long range and miscellaneous novelty targets Clay thrower and 3 shotgun kds
  8. Got to start paying more attention to the classifieds
  9. No Penalty should not be based on an assumption. What is it if you “think it is a hit”?
  10. I only have the store number and they are closed today

    1. Yusta B.
    2. Mack Hacker, #60477

      Mack Hacker, #60477

      Thanks but Goody beat you to it.


    3. Yusta B.

      Yusta B.

      I saw that - he beats me shooting too !!  :D

  11. Some interest in the Ruger Amt potential trafe interests?
  12. Sounds like your crew has about 46.23% of the 44SP guns used in SASS competition.
  13. This was not really intended to be a legal, ethical, political or religious issue. Yeah, I know it is the SASS wire, so you get what you get Thought I would respond to Blackey since he and Grizzly Dave were the ones interested in addressing the original post. BG states that both "can" have the same number of steps in the reloading process which would be so if the answer to GD's question is "comparable". So, the original question becomes, if all that's being swapped is the labor involved and the number of operations performed are the same, why isn't X=1000? The number of rounds required to shoot a match would seem to be irrelevant.
  14. Has anyone ever worked a reciprocal agreement with another shooter where one loads a given number of rifle/pistol ammo and the other reloads shotgun ammo? This question came over me this morning while cranking out some ammo for Winter Range. The real question is: If shooter A gives X number of brass and all the required components to shooter B and shooter B gives 1000 shotgun hulls and all the associated components to Shooter A; then they reload the hulls/brass and return. What would be the acceptable value of "X"? I just love algebra.
  15. Is Winter Range a "lost brass" match? Just thought I would ask before loading.
  16. Yes, but if any of the original arts are part of the problem, then if returned to original configuration, I will still have a non-functional gun.
  17. If sent back to Ruger, they will not work on it without converting it to a transfer bar system
  18. I don't think a new shopkeeper model would add anything to my collection of Alpha Cats, As a collector, however, I don't want anything in my collection that is not functional.
  19. Recently purchased an alpha(1959) Bearcat with significant timing issues Who would you recommend? Self nominations welcome
  20. Don't have time to read all of this but I did notice one comment that said something like. If you are not going to reload, you might want to reconsider the choice of .45 cal. I would come at that from a different viewpoint and say that if you do not intend to reload, you might want to reconsider that choice. Reloading equipment will pay for itself in one reloading session. Everything after that is just gravy. Starting on a budget without reloading will very quickly turn out to be a bad decision
  21. Certainly no apology necessary. Never considered that you might think I was being serious
  22. I have always heard how well the 1878 is made, but when I opened mine up, it appeared that every part was made in a blacksmith shop. It was absolutely crude I may have just been the unlucky one. Wouldn't be the first time
  23. The primary benefit to participation awards,as named in the OP, is that it provides one more way for shooters to associate a face with an alias; especially those thAt were on another possee
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