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  1. I'm left handed and have shot an SKB SXS for years. No problem opening the gun. I also shoot a 97 in Wild Bunch. Definitely a left hand friendly gun.
  2. NO. That is an external modification that is not listed as allowed.
  3. Tough day for me too. I lost some friends on FDNY on 911. Used to go into the city after the NY Fire Chief show and do the ride alongs with the rescue squads. Lost friends on 2 different teams. Haven't flown commercial since. Still really PISSED OFF !!!
  4. Bob, we set formal tables here all the time. Keeps me in practice. No other items of flatware on the placemat. Coffee mug handle facing left. I'm just being a bit anal. Freezing over here. Supposed to be 91 not 41.
  5. Bob, you just showed the whole world that you are left handed. The interworld already knows too much about us. Be more careful. Incidentally it is 40 and spitting snow/rain over here on the West side of the Abajos near the lake.
  6. Induction stoves require ferrous (iron containing) material in contact with the stove top. That is why cast iron, Stainless steel, etc. work fine. Copper and aluminum do not work.
  7. All-Clad !!!! You get what you pay for. Copper Queen has about 6 pieces. Been using them for at least 20 years. Still as good as new. Her original ones have copper on the bottle. Won't work with induction stoves. They make ones with a ss bottom over the copper. I keep offering to buy her new ones to add to the set but she says Why?? These are still like new and I don't need another size. She takes very good care of her utinsels. As a cook they are like tools. Buy the best, take care of them and you get the best results. No metal utinsels in them even though they don't have non-stick coatings. Clean up super easy. (we have a dishwasher but it hasn't been used in over 20 years. Actually never turned on since being installed) I am the dishwasher. She does have a 20 quart commercial stock pot with a huge aluminum bottom. Must weigh 10 pounds. Also a couple of those French porcelan coated cast iron casseroles. Uses the All-Clad pans every day for the past 20+ years.
  8. I get banded money at the bank all the time when cashing checks or making withdrawals. Usually 50's or 100's. They go in the vault and bring it out to me. No big deal.
  9. I looked over the Mark 7 at SHOT. Have been thinking about one for 3 years. Decided I don't load enough to justify it. BUT if I were starting over I would have one. LOVE the automatic primer system.
  10. There are a number of companies that use acoustic systems to determine shot location on a target. They ALL require the bullet to be supersonic at the target. I have 8 of the Longshot LR3 cameras (made in TX) 2 sets of 4 as they only support 4 cameras per frequency. They are WONDERFUL !!! At 1 mile you can see hits on a 4X4 target with bullets as small as .224 as clear as day. I use my 11" iPad as a viewer. They are the only target cameras that are worth buying in my opinion. I plan to buy another set of 4 next year.
  11. Steampunk is normally combined with B-Western/Silver screen at Costume Contests. It has been a standalone costume category the last 3 years at EOT. There are NO official rules as to what constitutes a Steampunk costume. If the wearer says it is Steampunk it is judged by what normal Steampunk outfits look like. Copper Queen has bought a few Steampunk books with photos and history in order to properly judge costumes that are similar. As for shooting categories Steampunk costumes are worn in all categories except B-Western and Classic Cowboy/girl. Some local clubs actually have a Steampunk category.
  12. IF you want a flip phone style AND a smart phone the new Samsung Galaxy Z is both. As for me, I am sticking with old dumb flip phones. My Samsung Convoy will be dead at the end of the year BUT I am going to get a new Kyocera Dura Extreme (I'm with Verizon). Like my old one military tough, waterproof, no GPS and can get it with no camera to reduce issues in restricted areas.
  13. I seem to recall that Coyote Calhoun(RIP) started that category a few years ago.
  14. They don't post signs but in our school district (San Juan, UT) Many of the staff carry concealed.
  15. Try Imperial Sizing wax for a lube. If that doesn't help you need to anneal or buy new brass. Annealing brass without the right equipment ruins more cases than it helps. Be aware of that.
  16. NO, but my wife Copper Queen has been running the Costume Contest at EOT for the last 13 years.
  17. Not meaning to put a damper on this discussion but as PaleWolf has stated several times "discussion on facebook are NOT official rules declarations". I personally agree with the gist of the statements but the Shooters Handbook as quoted is the Official statement. I noticed that some TO instructors have posted their positions on this thread but they don't totally agree with each other. Interesting. You could send a copy of the photo to PaleWolf for the RO Committee's official position on the matter.
  18. At the IDPA and USPSA Championship matches they list the most popular powders in use. For 9mm Titegroup is used more than ALL other powders combined. I think the reason we don't see it a lot on this forum is it isn't listed in the lyman pistol reloading book. But every other reloading manual except VV lists it.
  19. To the best of my knowledge Kirkpatrick only makes one style holster for the 1911. It is called the "Wild Bunch Holster" and it is a straight drop holster. I know of no-one ever showing up at a WBAS match with an FBI cant holster. If that is a picture of the Kirkpatrick holster my guess is the camera angle makes it appear canted but it is not. "Holsters ......... must be of traditional or military design made of canvas or leather." WBAS SHB page 15 Traditional and military design holsters for the 1911 were of straight drop design. The FBI cant is NOT of traditional design. (we are talking about the early 1900's when discussing WBAS design.)
  20. As Silver Sam noted, Trump has appointed several judges to the 9th. Circuit. Probably the case went before 3 of them. If appealed before the entire court the current judgment will probably be reversed.
  21. Bummer you ordered some Bob, I am going to CortezTuesday. I have hundreds. Let me know.
  22. Sadly descent thermal is still expensive. Consumer add ons like video, etc. just take money from the real purpose. Quality components. You are much better off getting a scope without all the stupid stuff. All you really need is something to look through, not something to post your stuff on youtube, facebook, etc.
  23. Do you want a viewer or a weapon mounted scope?? I am sure you don't want to spend the money for an L3 or the like. Probably the best optics for reasonable money $5-7K are from: IR Patrol IR Hunter MK III or the HALO LR. High end thermal runs about $10-13K still.
  24. I've cancelled 3 straight 3gun matches here at my range as the majority of our shooters can't get enough 9mm/223 to shoot. We use about 200 rounds of pistol, 75 rounds of rifle, and 40 SG shells per match. Some still shoot .40 or 45acp but no-one wants to burn up ammo right now. Even those who reload are not wanting to shoot much.
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