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  1. Bgavin, there is really no serious change at Mernickle. Bob and Sherri are staying on for at least a year to make a smooth transition. The new "owners" are long time leather makers themselves and do excellent work. You don't have to order $4000 dollars worth of spots and conchos to get a great Mernickle rig. I have 2 and neither went over $600.
  2. Mernickle, Ted Blocker, and Kirkpatric all make belt/holster rigs with the belt contoured for the female body. Look before you buy. Good leather rigs are expensive and last for many years.
  3. Ask these questions over on the Wild Bunch wire. You will get the correct answers.
  4. Depending on where you live in New England that rifle would be illegal.
  5. Copper Queen and I will be there tomorrow.
  6. What is interesting is that Speedy won most of those matches YEARS ago. He was loading his match rounds like all the rest of us Benchrest shooters. With a powder measure on the bench during the match. We didn't even weight them at all in the field. Just knew what our measure threw from a particular setting. Give or take 1/10th or so. At ranges inside 400yds. you can't tell the difference between .1 grains. Unless you are sorting all your brass by volume that sort of accuracy in powder weight is a waste of time. I just finished my 1 mile range for military sniper teams that come here and I can assure you that there are more important things than powder weight closer than .1 grains. They are, however, the only automated powder measure that will stay within .1 grains. All of the consumer ones Redding, RCBS, Pact, etc. will vary .3 grains so every charge they throw must be checked on precision rounds.
  7. The BEST class on Wild Bunch you will ever get the chance to take. Awesome shooter and great guy.
  8. I have used them quite a bit and had excellent results. There are some Chinese knock-offs that I wouldn't trust however.
  9. I don't know about shipping it to headquarters but I think both Ed Cranby and Garrison Joe have received ammo for shooters in the past.
  10. I've had good luck with PACT for at least 15 years.
  11. Absolutely terrible. Those who didn't know him had no idea of his talent as a TRUE pistolsmith. One of only a handful that were really 1911 legendary smiths. A great person and an example of the kind of craftsman we rarely see. I was honored to call him a friend. A sad day indeed.
  12. If he wants to talk to people knowledgable about real BP shooting there is a branch of the n-ssa in Springfield, IL. I made many pounds of real BP back in the 60's and I don't recommend it for amateurs.
  13. Not an unusual occurrence anymore. Unfortunately Quality Control isn't what it used to be. Check every shell for a SXS, in a'97 you can get away with nearly any factory shell.
  14. I hope you haven't tried to anneal the brass cases. Nearly everyone who anneals "by eye" overheats the brass. Once it is overheated it is ruined forever and can't be used.
  15. I agree with Joe. IMO Lonnie is the best kept secret in Cowboy firearms. He has done some amazing work for me.
  16. We all have our preferences. Based on using them for well over 15 years I still prefer Blade-tech.
  17. Been around shooting 1911's for a LOOOONG time. Used every major manufacturers magazines over the years. Now I only use TRIPP. Buy once cry once.
  18. Rafe, I'm sure Johnny Meadows just up the road from you can cut and install a bead for you.
  19. Old Man Graybeard. Not to cause you a problem but IF you make a non-trench model 12 into a trench model by cutting the barrel, adding a heat shield, etc. it is NOT LEGAL for Wild Bunch. Trench guns must be original as provided by the manufacturer. They can be repaired but must be originally issued in that form. Making one is not an "allowable external modification".
  20. For an inexpensive red dot it is hard to beat the ones from Holosun. Not an Aimpoint but work well and cost a fraction.
  21. Phantom, sorry I missed you. I shot the Wild Bunch match but had to return home Tuesday night. Yes, I agree with you a nice range, well though out stages, and good people.
  22. Not so good. They cost more but the ones from Target Cam/Longshot camera are much better. the Caldwell one is total junk. JMO from using all 3.
  23. Bob, where did you get that T post bracket ????
  24. Yul Lose, The reason 16 gauge 97's are NOT allowed in WBAS is because the Wild Bunch made it clear to me when I was writing the original rules that they were NOT allowed and would never be. (I had 2 16 gauge 97's and wanted to allow them.) I also have a custom built 20 gauge 97 that I had made for Copper Queen we cannot use even in CAS.
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