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  1. Like small rifle and harder than the gates of hell. Not a very good choice for lightly sprung cowboy firearms.
  2. For those who are curious, I have 2 video systems. The one in the "ammo can" is junk IMO. I do like the new Longshot LR3 system I have though. I have 2 cameras for it and an external antenna. The resolution is orders of magnitude better than the other systems I have used/owned. It is great when zeroing as you can put a bunch of shots on target without changing the paper as often. I use it to help local hunters "get on target". It is fine for scoring targets but as mentioned doesn't help with mirage, etc. etc. If all you want to do is see your 22 holes at range it is wonderful. I rarely use it in the field though unless some of us are shooting for score at 500-1200 and no corrections are allowed beyond what you can see in your rifle scope. If you want a camera system I strongly recommend the Longshot LR3 system.
  3. I agree with Lumpy. I've had a MVA on my rifle for about 15 years. Works great for the intended purpose. Target shooting. Not the scope to take hunting. Ihave mil dots in mine which allow me to shoot past the normal adjustment. I use the second dot down as a zero and adjust from there.
  4. Bullet holes in paper at 300yds? You won't see them with ANY inexpensive scope. The Celestron is pretty good, the Vortex RZR is pretty good. The New Leupold is pretty good. The Kowa is definitely worth the money. A step up from it is the Swaro (really nice). Also the Zeis is popular with precision shooters. If you have to have the BESt you get a Hensoldt like I finally bought. Plan on around $7K + for it though. The beautiful thing about it is the FFP reticle so you can call instant corrections for follow up shots.
  5. We have had our 28ft. Airstream for 16 years now. Only thing we have had done is new brakes last year. We bought it a year old as the owner wanted a 30ft. one. It is the BEST !!!! I have towed it with our old Ford Excursion and now tow it with our chevy 250. You definitely get what you pay for. Buy once, cry once. Never cry again.
  6. Williams Sonoma sells 3 different SS presses. Very nice. Easy to order online.
  7. One thing I have learned over the years is that not only does a glass press make the best coffee, but it tastes much better in a glass cup. The only other option when traveling is a stainless steel cup. Coffee taste much worse in a typical ceramic cup/mug.
  8. I agree with buying loaded ammo from Duece Stevens. Good stuff.
  9. 45ACP headspaces on the case mouth. VERY light taper crimp only.
  10. Jabez, I have had an Oehler 89 on order for over a year now. Talked to them at SHOT last week. Still tweaking it so it will even work with 22lr. Should be available by mid summer. I'm only buying it to get accurate BCs on the old BP cartridge lead bullets. I know the published ones are wrong. bullets.
  11. There are some Old Time shooters in the clubs you list. Talk toosome of them. The wire probably isn't the best place for the information you seek.
  12. On short ranges like 300 a flag at 150 or200 would work. There is almost no mirage to be seen at WR. On the 540 a flag at 300 and near the target would be fine. As for flags I have about 12 strung out on my 4 long ranges. (move them around but use 6 on my 1650yd.) To make it easy I made them 1/2 size. Get bright lime green cheap fabric at the store. 42" wide normally. Get a piece 3yds. long. Cut it on a diagonal to a point. Makes 2 flags. Sew a seam along the diagonal cut. On the 42" end sew a pocket about 1" wide and close one end. Then the flag will slide down over a stick of 1/2" conduit. Drive a piece of 3/8" rebar about 30" long in the ground about a foot and slide the conduit down over it. When done just pull the rebar back out. these flags work GREAT and are cheap.
  13. Doc Nelson in UT doesn't post often but he does beautiful small woodwork.
  14. Straight cases such as 45-70 and 45-90 are known to get shorter from multiple firings. The inexpensive Tim-Smith Lyon "stretcher" requires considerable strokes to stretch the cases and only stretches them in the neck area resulting in noticeable thinner necks. That will obviously affect neck tension. The much more expensive kal-max stretches stretches the cases in the middle. Whether the shorter cases result in measurable accuracy loss is the issue. If you can't see any difference in accuracy I would not worry about it. If you can you must decide if it is easier/cheaper to buy new cases or go to he expense and trouble of stretching the ones you have. I you decide to stretch cases it is important that they be properly annealed first. I finally bought a new AMP annealer from New Zealand. It is absolutely AMAZING. I sold my trusty Bench Source machine as I feel the AMP is orders of magnitude more accurate.
  15. I just got a new edition of: "Applied Ballistics for long range shooting" Edition 3 I have editions 1 and 2 also. For those interested in precision long range shooting with modern rifles the series of books he authors are extremely valuable.
  16. You can use saran wrap in front of the screens a bit to solve the problem Lumpy alluded to. That way it is easy to see where you are shooting.
  17. STI Edge pistol in caliber of your choice. You might be able to find one in that price range.
  18. A lot of the top shooters use rigs from Mernickle. Like his CAS rigs hey are hard to beat, but to just try out WBAS many colt clone holsters will work but I really like the Mernickle magazine pouches. They are custom built to the WBAS rule spec.
  19. The reason for allowing the base pads was actually a safety one. We have a number of shooters who work in the medical field and they had occasional problems with bloody spots and couldn't go to work. Also Others (especially ladies and those with small hands) would get blood blisters from pinching their palm when reloading. I KNOW that it is a technique issue but we try to do what is best for the game. Actually for those of us who have shot 1911's for many years a base pad on the magazine is actually a deterrent. You can't fell when the magazine base is flush with the receiver. So anyone who thinks it is a "gamer plus" doesn't really understand.
  20. Talking about killing is easy. In the real world killing a man while looking them in the eye isn't so easy and living with having done it is harder.
  21. NICE !!! We used to sail down there. Are you on vacation or house hunting?? Great place for that boat of yours.
  22. I use an MGW Sight Pro 1000. Expensive, but does a fabulous job even on those almost impossible to move Springfield pistol sights. Doesn't break tritium tubes, etc.
  23. Yul, when we first setup our site 25 years ago I went with Lister Petter diesel generators. The only problem with them is as you noted. They have problems starting in cold weather. Super efficient but a bit noisy. The reason we replaced then 2-3 years ago is they are now bankrupt, no replacement parts are available and the original design engines no longer meet US pollution standards. Replaced the units with Perkins. I agree nothing in the world was as good as the old Listers. Too bad they are gone.
  24. I would recommend a Kohler over a Generac any day. If it will only run on rare occasions Generac is OK, but they run at 3600rpm. You want A 1800rpm unit if possible. I think Kohler makes one. I only use 20-30Kw diesels but I am totally off the grid with solar and generator backup.
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