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  1. I have SKB's in stock goatneckclemgunsmithing.com
  2. The Marlin Model 93 Rifle are good solid rifles. I have one I shoot in Long Range Cowboy and NRA Cowboy Lever Silhouette. These Rifles are extremely accurate. The one I shoot was made in 1093. In my experience with these rifles they are under sized in bore diameter. I shoot a 32-40 cal. My C Sharps and my Winchesters and other rifles use a .323 bullet diameter. The Model 93 we use a .320 bullet diameter, This rifle will group 1 MOA at 100yds. I won EOT with it last year and some of the EOT's in the past also a few of the Winter Range Matches also. The 38-55 is no exception under sized bullets work. Of course it is a good ideal to always slug your bore to determine what bullet size to use.
  3. How many 5 gallon buckets full do you need. These are used shoes we have taken off the ranch horses. Give me your address and I will send you what ever you need Goatneck
  4. Great Video..............Well done Skinny
  5. Keep in mind the GAMM is only a side match off shoot from BAMM. It is not an official Wild Bunch Side Match. It was started in Cleburne, Texas as a side match in with our monthly WB & BAMM side matches. There are several local clubs that do shoot these side matches. We shoot the same distances as BAMM. It is shot with 8 rounds. The local clubs decide what course of fire. No set rules as Garrison Joe said earlier in a post it has to look like an M1 with Battle Sights. It is shoot off hand or from a rest Match Directors choice.
  6. Grand Action Military Match.........................M1 Garand
  7. Good Bullets been using them over 15 years. Have won many National and World titles with their bullets in 45ACP and big bore rifle bullets.
  8. His SASS Number would put him joining in 1997. He is just a few numbers off from mine
  9. RS Canby I was shooting next to the shooter at EOT that year when he blow up his 45-70 Marlin Lever Action Rifle when the wooden forearm exploited I have wooden spiliters in my left arm for weeks. He was very lucky that day. He spent 8 hrs in the Emergency Room at the Hospital. I have seen two issues in 22 years of SASS Competition.
  10. BB if you have a M97 that works good and is reliable by all means keep it. You never know the next shotgun you buy be a 97 or m12 it might not be as good as the one you sold
  11. I have Buckets full of the old Lyman and Polychokes that I have cut to make Wild Bunch Shotguns. The Winchester model 12's have about half the moving parts of a model 97. Nearly all the shotguns I build for WB the barrels are cut over 23". My son and I shoot factory length M 12's at 26". Our shotguns have over 20,000 rounds shot in each of them in WB and WB Clays. We have not had any breakdowns or hickups at all.
  12. A 44-40 in a pistol or rifle will kill you a hog. I killed them with my 1911 and even with a 22 cal pistol. Now I don't recommend using a .22 , this hog was at the stock tank when I came over the dam. He was standing broad side at about 20 yds. Capt Sam Evans just killed a hog in our costal field behind the house less than an hour ago with a 223 AR.
  13. Length of Pull does not have any effect on an inertia trigger system on any make of shotgun
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