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  1. Our club recently invested in a plasma cutter. We purchased several 3/8”, 4’x8’ sheets of AR500 and cut our own targets. My question pertains to some older 3/8” AR500 targets that have become warped. The surface is in good shape. Could a press be utilized to flatten these old targets or is it time to take them to the scrap yard ? We will be monitoring the new targets for warping and reverse the mounting bolts when appropriate. Thank you in advance for any suggestions.
  2. Since last March I take my Rotties for a lot more Gator rides than I used to.
  3. Several good suggestions have already been made. I would emphasize not buying anything until you have held it and preferably shot it. There are numerous quality options within your budget. Continue your research regarding caliber which leads to several options and many opinions. Ideally, locate a gun shop that has an indoor range where they would allow you to shoot the guns you are considering. A knowledgeable gun shop sales representative would be helpful. The larger their inventory, the better. My most recent acquisition is the Sig Sauer P365, 9mm, 10+1.. This is not an endorsement.
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