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  1. Good luck, Creeker! Had the same surgery in '14. They'll probably supply you with the ice machine and shoulder wrap after the procedure. Hope ya have a good recliner to live in for several weeks, day & night. Huge thing is the rehab you'll be doing, both at the PT place & at home. Had mine in mid-Oct and shot 1st match the following Feb. Talk to Johnny M this wknd at Damn Site. He's both sides done & a complete shoulder reconstruction.
  2. Do you mean X3 Red? That's the original plow handle on Blackhawks & Original Vaqueros.
  3. Just wanna know if the restrictions in your state are as severe as we see on the news. Appears to be really draconian. DC
  4. The Arizona Yavapai Rangers in central Az are canceling monthly matches, including the 3/28 match, until such time as we deem it appropriate to resume the fun. By email, FB, and our webpage we'll be letting our members & guests know when the shooting fun will resume. Please stay safe, friends.
  5. Thanks for the link. What I'm talking about are local monthly matches with 20-35 shooters, all ages but most 65+. No cases in our rural county yet but that will change as more folks get symptoms, tested etc. We trust our members would stay home if they have any sign of illness, even common cold. So far no such inference as to restricting interaction just based on age in our state. Just a note, our daughter & family live in Kirkland, WA & as of Friday their schools were still open. Probably has changed by now.
  6. Just saw the new draconian measures being enforced (close all bars & wineries, etc) by the CA governor, including (highly recommended) that everyone over age 65 stay home in self-imposed quarantine. How's that gonna affect next weeks, & next month's local matches? Curious.
  7. Yup! I agree with Runamuck, Hooters are always welcome at our matches!!!!
  8. Just so ya know, brother smoke shooter, I sure don't have a dog in this fight! I was on Jury Duty during the match. My suggestion as to posting detail re: misses & ps was just that. Seemed to be a way to alleviate the innuendo that WR has been too complicated for "average" , or "older" shooters, the "older" description actually commented on by a WR BD member. It's the WR's board choice to set up the match however it wants, and good luck to you all. Hope we can be back next year. No further comment is required.
  9. I agree with what you are saying... except in this case the big over-riding issue seems to be the very low clean match ratio, which in my opinion is BS. Out of 640 + or - shooters only 37 shot clean. But the question is, how many of the 600 may have had just 1 , maybe 2, misses, or no misses & a P. With more than 290 shots down range in a challenging match, why is that alarming. BT always posts a full accounting of scores & penalties. FYI, Squeaky & I shot EOT in '18 & I had 1 miss but I know why. Won't describe it but it was a brain fade because of what happened to the shooter ahead of me. Why not bebunk the BS that the WR match was too difficult based on the # of clean matches? Again, how many "almost clean" shooters were there? That's all I'm saying. Wish we could have been there.
  10. Joe, my friend, can we have an answer as to why the stats for "misses, p's, etc" are not published for the general SASS membership? Just a question. DC
  11. Does'nt work for me. 1st link trips a 404 error. 2nd one only goes to 2019. DC
  12. Been there, done that, my friend. In Oct. 2014 I wanted to postpone RC surgery for two tears until after Bordertown but I also had a severely detached bicep tendon the OS felt would be unrepairable if I did so. So instead of having fun in Tombstone, I was in surgery that week. What I remember most was the very early PT (7 days) for range-of motion stretching. The PT & the surgeon were both athletic specialists and I was lucky to have that. The initial stretching was pure hell at 1st but by Dec 1, the brace came off except for sleeping or going to the store. As with you, I right handed and problem was in the rt. shoulder. That makes for some life changing adjustments for sure. What helped recovery most was performing the home pt exercises 3 times/day, religiously. BTW, I shot my 1st monthly match 5 months later in March '15. Good Luck, Creeker! You'll love the results!
  13. There are deals out there for once fired STS. In late '17, I scored a real deal of 2500 for $175 shipped found on Guns America! Still haven't got to the bottom of the box. I reload smokeless 3 - 4 times, then load BP, shoot once and discard them. Just look often & those "real deals" are out there. DC
  14. If you change the URL link, dropping the "https" to "http" you get the website. It is no longer as secure as "https", but it works. DC
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