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  1. We still have some Clays, Solo 1000, and Bullseye left but not a whole lot. Have a # of HP38 from a match drawing that may have to be used. We load 32 HR and 38 spc. Anybody have experience with this powder for loading those rounds for CAS? Thanks, DC
  2. 32 S&W long & 32 HR mag use the same die set. Adjust up or down for case length. DC
  3. Set of four thin rosewood checkered Eagle Gunfighter grip panels for Uberti P-Jrs only. No nicks, very clean. $150 shipped. These would cost approximately $130 per pair purchased new from Eagle.
  5. Most 200s & 280s were made with split extractors. My 10 yr old 200E still has them. Most skb smiths, i.e, Johnny Meadows, now weld them up as part of the action job. DC
  6. Proud to say we got a pristine 280 12g last spring thru gun broker for $765 & shipping. JM did his complete action work so we're in it for under $1,100. Retiring my old 200E with the stupendous wood work by Taz & the 280 will be my match SG.
  7. For those of you that shoot/have shot in the southwest for quite some time, you may have competed in the annual Yuma Territorial Prison Breakout. In 2004, a founding member of the Yuma CAS club was unfortunately killed, along with his best friend, in the hills north of Phoenix, by a crazy young man who snuck into their camp to steal their belongings. The two people killed were KC & Gimpy. KC, aka, Omer Casey, was Squeaky's uncle. When we attended Omer's funeral, we saw many people dressed in 1890's cowboy clothes?? At the memorial, Omer's gun cart & firearms were on the altar with the
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