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  1. I bought my self a SDQ by putting down (staged on table) both cocked pistols to insert my ear protection after the first two gunfighter shots and re cocking. I didn't think of anything but not shooting more shots with no ear protection. SINGLE ACTION SHOOTING SOCIETY Shooter’s Handbook Page 23 STAGE DISQUALIFICATION PENALTY (SDQ) … A cocked revolver leaving the shooters hand … Reflecting on what I should do if it ever happens again are these responses a no call? 1. Ask T.O. if I can de cock each pistol 6 times hammers down on spent chambers and stage revolvers while reinserting ear protection, pick up revolvers and continue. This will take a lot of time. 2. Place one cocked revolver down on table but before removing grip hand contact revolver with other hand that has a revolver in hand, reinsert ear protection, grab revolver with free hand remove hand contacting staged revolver and continue. this will take a lot less time. 3. Stop shooting and take time with 22 misses. I was amazed at how loud revolvers are with no ear protection. Fordyce
  2. It is not done to be easy, it is difficult. When a cap jam or what ever ties up one gun shoot the other dry, holster and resolve issue with two hands then finish with no P, you are a cap and ball gunfighter aren't you? Fordyce
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  4. I have brought this up before when the ACES and Simplified scoring programs started. New short run manufacturing methods make this economically possible: The re imagined timer does it all! The TO points it at he shooters face as he approaches the firing line and it identifies the shooters face. At the beep "Bang : Ding" software times the shooter, the "Ding" signature identifies which target is hit and in what order, "Simultaneous" software roots out those gunfighter issues. The time, misses, procedural is combined with the TO issuing any MSV, SDQ,MDQ then linked to the scoring computer. Next shooter! Fordyce
  5. spf?  I am interested if still for sale.  It would be much more economical for me if they were shipped in two shipments then to FFL in my home state of CA



    1. Cheatin' Chamberlin

      Cheatin' Chamberlin


      Sold Pending Funds. 



    2. Fordyce Beals
  6. Fordyce Beals


    I don't see the "recommendation" as an absolute. I read the WTC's on the wire and print out and note the yearly changes in yellow in the three handbooks. My RO pins predate the ones with a year date on them. Condemn me if you will. Fordyce
  7. Yes this is what I did. I just fill one tube and load 100 then refill. Hand pecking 10 tubes full at a time would not be my idea of fun. Fordyce
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