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  1. Last night it seemed like a good idea... The 4 hole turrets are out of stock at all the usual spots, Lee included. Fordyce
  2. I got a Lee turret 4 hole press and some extra 4 hole turrets for calibers beyond need for a Dillon set up. I have several 3 hole turrets from my old Lee press. Won't they work in the 4 hole discounting the auto index function.? I had this thought while lay awake in bed last night. Fordyce
  3. As you can see it took me 1 minute and 47 seconds to load a tube. Just my opinion, to each his own. Randy 15 minutes divided by 6 tubes is 2 minutes 30 seconds per tube for Ol'#4 and Randy at 1 minute 47 seconds for one tube. The aggravation of Randy's method led me to Ol'#4's PALVIK solution and I loved it but the motor went south same as Ol'#4. Back in Randy's method , I need to do what Ol'#4 did. Kajun said: I have the PALVIK and it is the best primer filler I've seen. One thing about it though, I've found that if the battery runs out you can still fill the tube up by just shaking it back and forth quickly and that motion gets the primers to drop quickly. It's a little more work but it fills the primer tubes just fine. I have not tried Kajun's method but it feels to me Ol'#4 has it correct. Fordyce
  4. That's great data to know, exactly what I was looking for. And Griff: a SWAG, (silly wild-azzed guess). is helpful too. Fordyce
  5. Leia Tombstone and I shot with him last year and he is a great cowboy! Heal, get better, and shoot with us again with god's will. Fordyce
  6. Blackfoot and Dusty - thanks for the reply How about using gas checks in 45/70 for long range? Foordyce
  7. The handbook for Long range competition reads: Regardless of category or caliber, bullets used in long range and precision rifle matches must be made of pure lead or lead alloy having a plain base, gas checked, or paper patched configuration. A simple BAMM rules set: These are the official Rules for the Bolt Action Military Match "BAMM" "Must be an original caliber bolt action rifle issued by any country to itsMilitary Forces through the end of WWII. It must be as issue with originaliron battle sights and no external modifications. Internal modifications allowed.Faitful reproductions are allowed"Distances are usually from 75 to 125 yards. Targets and Target placement is decided by the Match Director. Most of the time we all shoot lead bullets. Match director can allow jacketed bullets if in compliance with range rules. The match is standard with at least 10 rounds. You start with 5 rounds in the magazine bolt open an a empty chamber. You reload on the clock as needed. You can shoot up to 15 rounds. It is scored with the most hits in the fastest time. I have a Colombian crest FN Mauser 98 in 30/06 to try in BAMM and need to reload some cartridges. Question : Is it an advantage to use a gas checked bullet in SASS long range? Can it be surmised to use a gas check in BAMM ? Are stripper clips allowed in BAMM? Fordyce
  8. 4 (or 3) wheels is the answer, guns pointed straight up at all times me safely behind pushing. Compliant to number 2 and 3 of the 5 gun safety rules above. Fordyce
  9. I double cock but I am not sure I could single cock. I change leads at will, single cock shooters have to cross over to stay in alternation. I think everyone is different so you make your choice but ether way it is much funner with a pistol in each hand. If I need to shoot only 5 I pull both pistols and single cock the pistol on the side of the stage I am on, move to the other side and shoot 4 then single cock the remaining round. Fordyce
  10. MB Fields

    Found something else.


    Fordyce Beals

    SASS # 73338

    AKA Jon Powers

  11. spf?  I am interested if still for sale.  It would be much more economical for me if they were shipped in two shipments then to FFL in my home state of CA



    1. Cheatin' Chamberlin

      Cheatin' Chamberlin


      Sold Pending Funds. 



    2. Fordyce Beals
  12. Fordyce Beals


    I don't see the "recommendation" as an absolute. I read the WTC's on the wire and print out and note the yearly changes in yellow in the three handbooks. My RO pins predate the ones with a year date on them. Condemn me if you will. Fordyce
  13. Yes this is what I did. I just fill one tube and load 100 then refill. Hand pecking 10 tubes full at a time would not be my idea of fun. Fordyce
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