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  1. Yer not see'n "short sleeved" shirts, yer see'n long sleeved "Mongo Vests".
  2. It's spelled with a C. And NO, it doesn't all start here. There are a lot of places with far more restrictive laws than Ca! Wyatt Earp was enforcing a "no firearms" ordinance at the OK corral.
  3. What, Mongo no have JB Weld?
  4. Mongo no have sawsall, hammer and chisel?
  5. I shoot these as well. Perfect FC, FCD or FCGF pistols. I also found a 44 mag cylinder too! Works great. Ruger isn't making these any longer and supply is drying up. Sacramento is a stand up lady and I salute her for her "no dealer" policy!
  6. Still looking, it turned out to be the old police model.
  7. Nice pair of big antique spurs. Perfect for Classic Cowboy! $150 shipped.
  8. Looking for a new model take down (not the old "police" model) Must be .40 S&W (not 9mm) PM with info if you have one for sale. Thanks!
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