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  1. All good info here, thanks. Another quick question if you don't mind. As far as annealing goes, does it have to be done every reload, or will the annealing process last through 2 or 3 reloads? Thanks.
  2. 6.5 grains of unique with a 200 grain RNFP. Gettin' some good ideas here, thanks!
  3. Been using unique in my 73 rifle in 45 colt. Fouling on the bolt and in the action seems to build up fairly quickly, way lots faster than unique in my 357 rifle. I know that it's the nature of the beast for the 45 cartridge but was wondering if any of y'all have come across a powder that doesn't foul quite as bad as unique. I use this for wild bunch and it's running a power factor of approx. 167 already so "add more powder" isn't really what I'm looking for. If any of y'all have come across a powder that really works for you I would sure like to hear about it. Thanks, Brushy.
  4. Great!!!!! Now, why can't EOT out in Phoenix do this??? Cowboy is bad enough but a lost brass match shooting Wild Bunch really hurts!
  5. As a gunfighter, I shoot a pair of the short stroked running irons. Absolutely love them. Can't imagine it would be any different for a duelist shooter. Since I work on guns anyway, I bought the plain ones instead of the Taylor's polished version. They took a lot of work to get them slicked up. Unless you are really good with the insides of a revolver or have someone in mind to work on them for you, in my opinion, the difference in price for the Taylor's polished version would be money well spent.
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