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  1. So . . . that's what SPF means. Thank you for informing me.
  2. The fabric was pure cotton .... denim. These are some good ideas. I gotta decide which one to try.
  3. Back in 2004 my wife of many years passed away. After 3 years I met and married a cowgirl, and for nearly 12 years we have lived our dreams. Since she liked my brand, a floating R, I decided to brand a pair of her jeans with a very small copy of our brand. The pocket where I applied the hot brand burst into flames and within seconds I knew this would not turn out well. A big patch of damaged denim fell to the ground. My only good luck was: she was not wearing them. Is there a way that I can safely apply a firebrand to denim clothing? Trust me, I will test this time using my denim jacket first.
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