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  1. Used Pedersoli 12 ga SxS 28" barrel percussion shotgun. Nice shape except for a few nicks in the wood, and some old rust spots on the barrels which show in the pics. The bore looks perfect, and the action is tight. Neat old firearm, No FFL required. Credit Cards add 3%. $750 plus $50 shipping with insurance. Thanx for looking. Now $650
  2. Hard to find reloading components for the Remington Rolling Block pistol. CH4D dies, shell holder, Seven loaded rounds, eight pieces used brass from 50-70 govt cases, and 44 black powder lubed bullets. $160 plus shipping. I can dissasemble bullets, and deprime cases, and ship for $20, or if shipped UPS as ammunition $35 shipping. Paypal okayl. These pistols are a hoot to shoot.
  3. Bertram was the only brass available before Hornady started making brass and ammunition. It shot just fine in the originals. I also have dies and bullets.
  4. Browning BSS 12 ga, 24" barrel with choke tubes, large bead, beaver tail forearm, single trigger. Action work by Ol #4, decelerator recoil pad, 14" length of pull. It has been used. Shipped from a private party, FFL required, $1,400, plus $50 shipping.
  5. 405 bertram reloads jacketed for original rifles
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