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  1. Depends on the type of birds you are hunting. Out west we hunt lots of desert quail and chukkars in pretty rough country. Probably not the best breed for this.. Eastern Bobwhites, some doves or pheasants, could be ok. Trouble is going to be the training. If you train the dog yourself....OK. Probably have trouble finding a professional trainer to take it on.
  2. Rest in Peace. Used to see him a lot in Downey, Ca at the North American Aviation plant when we were building the Apollo in the early days of the program when I worked there. He was a real gentleman.
  3. You are correct. Thats why we have the Electoral College at the federal level.
  4. Man's ability to fly. Without that , everything else pales in comparison. Of course my view is tainted, as I am a retired aerospace engineer and worked in that industry all of my adult life.
  5. If I mail a letter from Dolores to Cortez (All in Montezuma County, Colorado 8 miles apart. The letter goes to Albq. N.M from Dolores then back to Cortez. Over 500 mile to travel 8 miles. How does that make sense?
  6. UB, You should contact Parks & Wildlife in Durango about the elk situation. They should know about the barrier fence situation. Might be able to somethying about the fence at least. Sorry to hear about the situation, Bummer!
  7. My microwave went out on my builtin over/micro combo. Can't get the exact one as it is 10 years old. Found one the same size at our local appliance store and it had to be ordered. That was in late February, still waiting!
  8. I was a catcher and played that position all thru high school, college, American Legion and service ball in the Army. I could tell you lots of stories abour my conversations with umpires. Lots of good and lots of not so good ones. One time when I was playing for the 4th Army (I was in Special Services, all I did was play football, baseball & Lifer Guard , was my job) and back then everybody had a chew of tobacco . I was chewing and I got a foul ball on the mask and I swallowed this big chunk. In a minute or 2, it came up and I puked all over the umpires shoes and he kicked me
  9. Congratulations! I was drafted in December 1963 and only stayed as long as I had to. Back to my job as an aerospace engineer. Retired in 2000 to SW Colorado.....by the way, still red here! I'll celebrate my 80th BD later this year when I'll be elk hunting!
  10. No on watermelon...why, I don't care for watermelon! Other melons....No . I like the natural taste of melons, they don't need anything to change their flavor!
  11. Thanks. I watched all the videos that show installation of them and I am leaning to one from BAK.
  12. I am going to buy a hard, folding bed cover for my F350 with a 6 1/2 ' bed. I have narrowed it down to 3 different choices and brands. Just wondering if anyone has one and their experience. -Extang Encore Trifold cover -Lomax Tri Fold -BAKFLIP G2 -BAKFLIP Bak I want one that has aluminum skin with composite sandwich between the skins and powder coated. What say you...................?
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