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  1. A few years back I was on a guided elk hunt in the Teton Wilderness and I got to spend 2 days there. It was awesome.
  2. Many years ago I shot a Darne shotgun at the trap range. It was smooth as silk and the fit and finish was second to none. I really wanted one until I found out the price, way above what I could afford back then.
  3. Thats for sure, we were only 15 or 16 years old at the time.
  4. One of my high school buddies was Thell Reed, who also taught many of the Hollywood crowd how to shoot and handle guns. He was also a fast draw ace. His daughter was the armorer who was involved in the Rust movie situation unfortunately. Used to go over to Thell's house after school and watch him practice in his garage.
  5. Didn't say whether you are shore fishing or from a boat, trolling or still fishing. They all require slightly different tackle.
  6. I shot ATA Trap for years. All I shot was a Remington 870 TCMC trap gun. Still have it and shoot trap occassionally. Great gun.
  7. What type of "failure" are you talking about and in what situation?
  8. Sorry....my checkbook is just a little short to be bidding on these. I would love to have any of the long guns!
  9. UB, Stop by Net Force in Cortez. They are just north of the Hospital on Mildred Rd. I bought my wife a new one from them last year. They are very helpful and answered all our questions.
  10. I have several trailers (26" Travel Trailer, 20' covered utility trailer, 18' boat trailer and a 20' tilt bed gravel/dirt hauler) and I am tired of all the BS out there about tire life. Everywhere you look everyone say replace them every 5 years. I think it's a marketing ploy by the sellers to get you to buy new tires sooner. My travel trailer is a 2012 26' Denali that I bought new. It is always stored indoors when not in use. I just returned from a 600 mile round trip for a weeks fishing. The state highway was being repaired for about 20 miles. It is gravel and rocks and I drove no faster than 15 mph. I blew a trailer tire that I think a sharp rock punctures. I run Maxxii 10 ply tires that I bought new in 2014 (yep 2014!) and they have a little less than 35,000 miles on them. The remaining 3 are in great shape (about 60% tread remaining, no bulges or sidewall cracks) and I am going to replace the ruined one only. Heaven forbid!!!!!
  11. When I was working for Rockwell on the Shuttle, we flew to Palmdale (where final assembly was taking place) to fix problems and help with the assembly process 3 or 4 times a week for months. The company had a DC-3 that it flew parts and people from Long Beach to Palmdale, 2 roundtrips daily. Supposedly the plane was owned by Cary Grant and had low hours on it (whatever the hell that meant). They used to put big drip pans under each engine to catch the oil that leaked. One afternoon we were taking off to return to Long Beach when the port engine started sputtering after we had climbed to a couple of thousand feet. The pilot said we were returning to Palmdale and landing and he shut the engine down. As we were touching down the starboard engine started smoking a little! We ended up taking a bus back. We had another plane we used also, it was a Fairchild twin engine, but a lot smaller. I told my secretary that I was never taking the DC-3 again. When she made my reservations, she specified the Fairchild. It wasn't to long afterwards that we got another plane and got rid of the DC-3.
  12. I have been rv'in for over 50 years. Other than my first camper that had an ice box, all have had a propane/110v refer. I have always ran with the propane refer turned on. Never had a problem...ever.
  13. I played a lot of baseball (LL, HS, College & military) and I was a pretty good catcher. I think pitching it 100 mph with all the stuff they have today is pretty difficult too. Just sayin...............
  14. The Shuttle was retired for purely political reasons. It could be still moving passengers and cargo to the space station. The 2 shuttles that were lost were NASA's fault for not listening to the contractors and engineers who designed and built the system. I worked on the shuttle system and if NASA would have listened to the warning the engineers had, the accidents would not have happened. The President of the Rockwell division that designed and built the shuttle (my boss), wanted bail (rent) the total shuttle system when Nasa stopped operations. He said we could operate it and charge NASA a lot less than they it was costing them currently. Too much politics to let that happen !
  15. My Dad had macular degeneration in his master eye and had his shotgun done just like the picture. Dad owned a duck club and hunted ducks and geese in Imperial Vallet in California 3 days a week for almost 4 months every year. He was 85 when he got MD and just couldn't change from rh to lh. He shot fine with this, once he got it "sighted in" and got used to it
  16. Depends on the shooter's physical makeup. These were professionally done and made to the exact physical makeup of the shooter it was made for.
  17. What does the spark plug look like? Have you changed it recently. A different heat range plug could cause some of the issues,
  18. I too have read and enjoyed all the books....but I am not paying for any any computer downloads for movies. I live rural and my download speed is way to slow. I get lots of breaks so the computer can catchup.
  19. Here's my hot rod....no blue spots on these original tail lights.
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